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Greetings! RLD is currently accepting all types of sites to add to our affiliation. We do require that your site be active with regular posting. We have plenty of open static slots, but please keep in mind these will be prioritized to sites of similar genre. Due to the adult nature of our site, we cannot accept any proboards at this time due to their strict Terms of Service. Please make sure to post your link in code tags.
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Our Code
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Red Light District Roleplay - 18+" /></a>

The Code
Site Name:
Affiliation Type: Static, Scrolling
Button: [*code][/*code]


Hello! We would love to affiliate with you! Our site is please contact admin Jocelyn at either her site inbox, her Kik (SoullessMoreau) or email (


Site Name: Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse
Affiliation Type: Static
<a href="" title="An 18+ non-canon Potterverse AU RP set in Australia"><img src=""></a>
Affiliates are udpated. Heart