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  my secretary is MINE
Posted by: Hellrunner - 4 hours ago - Forum: One x One Roleplays - No Replies

[Image: 6550da0d5b74f9b1cee76da1b66baddb--brendo...-smile.jpg]
Name: Dr. James Carter
Age: 31
Profession: Lavyer

he actually has a heart - but nobody has found it until yet

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  hearts turned to gold
Posted by: andraste - 12-14-2018, 06:12 PM - Forum: Link Back - No Replies

[Image: z9PWfco.jpg]


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  Plenty of Spice, Zero Chill
Posted by: Gelato Jellyfish - 12-14-2018, 07:19 AM - Forum: Seeking Females - No Replies

Well. New to site. May as well test the waters.

Some basic preferences: 
1) Looking to play female characters, against female characters. (I'm down with any character using she/her pronouns, so if you want to play a transwomen or what have you, that's super cool).
2) Looking for something fantasy, for the most part.

A quick list of some stuff I find inspiring.

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Empowered
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  • Quest for Glory
  • Shin Megami Tensei
  • Cave Story
  • Black Lagoon
  • Planescape: Torment
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Samurai Jack
  • Panty & Stocking
  • Mega Man
  • Read-or-Die
  • Spice & Wolf
  • Outlaw Star
  • Kino's Journey
  • Shantae
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Kill la Kill
  • Soul Eater
  • Adventure Time
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Warhammer 40,000
  • One Piece
  • Skyrim
  • Record of Lodoss War
  • Slayers
  • Xena: Warrior Princess

And now, into some general preferences for stories:

Things I Like in Stories
  • A mix of light and dark, and a range of emotional tones. I like edginess as much as anybody, but when there’s nothing but pointless darkness and depravity, I find it really boring. But when I say I want a lighter story, I don't mean I want it to be all happy-slappy-go-lucky. Drama is created by the clash of comedy and tragedy.
  • A sense of mystery and wonder. Strange and surreal environents, hidden secrets, and the feeling that anything could be possible.
  • Adventure and exploration.
  • Intriguing aesthetics. I'm inspired by a lot of artwork, as well as real-world cultures.
  • Eclecticism and mashups that freely mix influences from a variety of sources
  • Over-the-top characters and settings. Glam rockers on motorbikes fighting cyborg monsters from hell on a mountain of coke and unstable ordnance. I have yet to have anyone take me up or pitch something really surreal to me, but I'm holding out for it.
What I'm Seeking in a Partner
  • My central desire in roleplaying is to make a new friend. If you have the same outlook, that's super awesome. In any case, I want someone who is willing to talk a bit before jumping into the rp so I can get to know you and make sure I understand what you're looking for.
  • Someone who prefers more concise posts (i.e. doesn't write or expect like 10+ paragraphs per post). Not one liners, but as concise as is feasible would be much appreciated. I've been craving something more fast-paced and it's just not possible in a more typical format. (And honestly, if you're interested in doing something via chat, I'd super be down for that too).
  • Someone who is easygoing about post rate. I'd love to post everyday, but it doesn't always happen.
  • Someone who wants to have a plot, not just smut. As much as I like sexual content, sex scenes themselves can get burn me out quickly if I have to do them constantly. It's the build up, the flirting, the creation of an erotic atmosphere with minor sexy details and moments that immerse me in an erotic story, not just a ton of sex scenes.
  • Someone who doesn't want to play a submissive or passive character. I generally get along best with people who aren't super obsessed with D/s dynamics. I have no problems with shy characters (some of my characters would prefer them), but they shouldn't be overly coy or obstinate regarding sexual matters.
Re: Sexual Content
I'm like 99% vanilla, so I'll need someone okay with that. BUT that doesn't mean I'm against any kinks you might have, so, feel free to ask. Worst I'll do is say I'm not into it.
I'm being concise here and only highlighting the important stuff.
A few specific preferences I will make note of are:

Likes - These aren't mandatory, but they're elements I really like, and have been craving. If you're comfortable including them (or really like them yourself), please mention it!
  • Banter - Snark, teasing, flirting, playful insults, even outside of sexual subjects I like dialogue.
  • Exhibitionism. Just about anything revolving around the idea of public nudity/sex.
  • Outdoor sex scenes in general.
No - These are elements I don't feel like trying to write with at the moment, so please don't come in with the expectation of including them.
  • Anal. Just not a fan of it.
  • Anything to do with pregnancy. 
  • Anything non-consensual, dub-con, abuse, whatever. I will not RP this sort of thing with someone I don't know.
  • 99% disinterested in anything that isn't human form (minor cosmetic stuff like ears are dandy).
  • Anything grotesque. Bodily waste. Weird anatomical stuff. 

I have one specific idea at the moment (apart from just any general fantasy).
Some of sort of primal, primordial setting. 

It's... Barbarian World!!
[Image: MvIrtnP.jpg?1][Image: ekEGr2q.jpg?1]
It's a savage world. A world suitably unfettered by "civilization". I recently got into a binge of terrible Sword & Sorcery/Sword & Sandal flicks, and have been craving something along those lines (probably a little more emphasis on the sorcery than might be expected, though, since I do like my magical nonsense). I have a few variants on this setting:
1 - The standard. More or less the kind of thing you see in a Conan flick.
2 - Something more prehistoric. No metalworking. Dinosaurs and other huge critters. Possibly lizardmen that are somewhat more advanced than us filthy monkeys.
3 - One of the above, but after an apocalypse of a magitechnologically advanced society. Some Breath of the Wild kinda vibes.
4 - A setting where the surface world is mostly stone age/borderline bronze age, but is ruled over by powerful sorcerers dwelling in flying cities. Think Zeal from Chrono Trigger.
Plot Ideas:
- I mean, it's some thud 'n' blunder junk. You want a friggin' plot? You have a weapon, a loincloth, and a huge chest, what more do you want? Go kill a wizard and take his stuff. Seriously though, we can work out the specifics together. I just want to do something in a setting like this.

Miscellaneous Other Interests
1) Platonic sibling/cousin pairings. (We can still include sex via side characters).
2) Superhero stuff, but only on the quirkier end of the scale. Something like Empowered or One Punch Man.
3) Multiverses. Anything with many different, often surreal, worlds to explore. Always up to do one of these, never can find the right person to do it. I'd probably want to start this in a version of the real world, and then take off from there. 

Imagine I'll be updating/expanding and such, but that'll be a good start for now to see who might be interested here.

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  the princess' pet
Posted by: daedric prince - 12-13-2018, 01:02 PM - Forum: Open Roleplay - Replies (3)

The Princess' Pet

In a society where anthro exist, they are viewed as pets for the wealthy, so it was no surprise for the princess to have been gifted a handsome young pup to have as a playmate. But the princess isn't a little girl anymore and her pup has grown into quite the large beast. They are as close as ever, but the relationship is different. Even though it is forbidden, the princess can't get him out of her mind. They already share a bed together and she can't help but wonder what other ways her pet could serve her...

Taken: Grimgrinner

The princess was a pampered soul from the day she was born, a sweet creature that had been born into the lap of luxury and truly belonged there. As a child, she had been blessed with everything she could ever want. But money could not purchase a friend for the lonely child.

At least not until she was seven. On that birthday, she was gifted her closest friend, a young anthro pup that was to be her pet. The creature was older and taller than her even at that age, but was still pampered enough that there was play left in his heart. The princess had found what true happiness was at last. The first few years were the best, with days full of play and laughter. As she grew older, the play turned to hours of talking. He was her closest friend and only confidant.

After a while, the two had become inseparable and it seemed only natural that the anthro be permitted to sleep in her bedchambers -- first, on a padded bed on the floor, then later at the foot of her bed. It wasn't long before the two were found nestled together in innocent embrace, the epitome of close friendship.

Even with the years of play behind them, she found it impossible to let her friend go. She had blossomed into a woman, and he from pup to full canine. The years had changed them but had not separated them. At the age of eighteen, she still refused to have her pet sleep anywhere besides her bed.

The cuddling had remained innocent. For a while.

In the quiet of the night, Elle slid her hand over to find him, her fingers brushing softly through the fur on his chest. He leaned in to her touch, their bodies so close she could feel the heat of his breath on her neck. He nipped at her gently, bringing soft little gasps from her lips, her body arching up into him. His hand moved on her body, first grasping her breast, fondling her through her silk nightdress. It moved then, following the curve of her side until his fingers found the edge of her dress.

Her breathing was ragged, electricity thrumming through every inch of her skin. His hand formed a trail of static, moving from her outer to inner thigh then finally cupping her sex gently. Elle blushed. She hadn't been aware she didn't wear panties. He pushed up her night dress to her stomach, sliding his hand away from her just enough to tease at her clit, making her press up to him in eager anticipation. Her breathing had grown heavier, body absolutely aching for him now.

His tongue was on her neck, followed by another nip. He worked his way down her body in slow motions, finally stopping between her legs. His tongue brushed her slow, teasing before he began. It wasn't long before her hands were on his head, her teeth biting into her lower lip to stifle her sounds of pleasure. He stopped just as she was on the verge of orgasm, grinning from between her legs. As he leaned up, she glanced down at him. His cock was erect, the tip almost dripping with precum.

"I'm ready." She whispered, watching as he leaned over her, slowly letting his tip rub against her virginal opening. Her arms wrapped around him, enjoying the heat from his body as she anticipated her virginity being broken. His muscles tensed, his tip entered, she gasped and -- and woke up.

Elle awoke feeling an odd mix of excitement and embarrassment. Her sex was alive with need over her dreamed fantasy of sex, her legs clamping together to try and stop the electricity. Her pet, her /real/ pet, lay next to her still. Her cheeks were hot and her body cold with a light sweat. The dream had come before, but never so intense. And as always, it was so hard to shake.

She propped herself up on her elbow, steadying her breathing as she touched his shoulder. "Hey... Are you awake?"

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  true crime story
Posted by: daedric prince - 12-13-2018, 12:20 PM - Forum: One x One Roleplays - Replies (4)

World Building


Demon Class

Immortal || Female
Description: A succubus is a classification of demon that has domain of sexuality and sexual desire. They feed off of lust and can influence it, though are just as influenced by lust. A succubus will feed on the sexual desire of their prey and can at times tap into their life force. An overly hungry succubus will adapt to become more desirable in order to lure in prey -- they will find the nearest source of sexual desire and physically change (sometimes against their will and without their knowledge) to meet the prey’s ideal form of beauty. A succubus is always a female. When feeding, their eyes tend to emanate a soft glow. They are weakened by the sign of the cross and killed by a silver stake to the heart.
Weakness: Silver stake to the heart, mild aversion to the sign of the cross.
Political Stance: Typically overlooked by the government, handled similarly to humans.

Immortal || Male
Description: Male equivalent of succubus. An incubus is a classification of demon that has domain of sexuality and sexual desire. They feed off of lust and can influence it, though are just as influenced by lust. An incubus will feed on the sexual desire of their prey and can at times tap into their life force. An overly hungry incubus will adapt to become more desirable in order to lure in prey -- they will find the nearest source of sexual desire and physically change (sometimes against their will and without their knowledge) to meet the prey’s ideal form of beauty. An incubus is always a male. When feeding, their eyes tend to emanate a soft glow. They are weakened by the sign of the cross and killed by a silver stake to the heart.
Weakness: Silver stake to the heart, mild aversion to the sign of the cross.
Political Stance: Typically overlooked by the government, handled similarly to humans.

Lower Demon
Extended life || Male & Female
Description: Goes here
Weakness: Goes here
Political Stance: Goes here

Upper Demon
Extended life || Male & Female
Description: Goes here
Weakness: Goes here
Political Stance: Goes here

Wizard Class

Extended life || Male & Female
Description: Mages are often thought of ageless wise individuals who can be counted on at all times to know the right course of action.  In reality mages are just as flawed as any other person.  Their ability to bend the primal forces of nature is viewed as a danger to global stability in the same way an atomic weapon is and as such magic is a highly regulated and monitored thing.  Even the most powerful mages are scrutinized by Government oversight.  In the case of mages who have turned to Police work their use of magic in the line of duty is monitored using charms applied to their badges, all magic use in the line of duty requires authorization from a superior officer and failure to get authorization can lead to suspension and even termination depending on the severity of the infraction.
Weakness: death. Mages are still   mortal and can be killed.
Political Stance: highly regulated but accepted. Treated like regular humans.

Extended life || Male & Female
Description: A shaman is a lower class of wizard. They have minimal capabilities to perform magical stunts and are often more aligned with herbal remedies than actual curses or witchcraft. They are capable of increasing their magical powers with the use if magical aids such as wands, athames, or crystal balls, but have faulty magic at best. They perform minor rituals and commune with lesser gods.
Weakness: Human, able to be killed by human means
Political Stance:

Extended life / possible immortal (unproven claims) || Typically male
Description: The highest class of wizard, a warlock is capable of performing extreme acts of magic. They are often turned evil by the use of dark magics and are easily influenced by the pulls of selfish deeds. Warlocks are rare and are typically found to be socially isolated and self-motivated. There are rumors that some have achieved the ability to become immortals, though the rumors have not been substantiated. The oldest known Warlock is Redrick Coltrain, whose last known location was in Indiana. Once the supernaturals truly came to light, he disappeared from the magical community though evidence of his activity and coming rise to power have been left behind.
Weakness: Human, able to be killed by human means. Protections enhanced by warding spells.
Political Stance: Legally, they are not required to be registered with the government but they are strictly monitored by special task forces. They are considered to be extremely dangerous.

Monster Class

Immortal || Male & Female
Description: As a member of the undead, it’s intensely hard to get good information on vampires. It has been confirmed that they do feed on human blood in order to continue to provide their bodies with the oxygen and nutrients needed to survive, but scientists have as of yet to understand how their bodies work without a beating heart. They have extreme strength and heightened senses that allow them to move a inhuman speeds as well as process at a higher rate than a human, however they lack things like table manners and social skills (this is joke Alpha, hiii).
Weakness: Sunlight/extreme heat - Their bodies are sensitive to the sun. Though they will not catch on fire, they are not able to withstand it. Most vampires prefer the night because of this. They can be killed by a stake to the heart or by removing the head completely.
Political Stance: All vampire are documented and monitored. They have monthly check-ins they must submit to. When a vampire goes rogue, they are hunted down by the special races task force to prevent loss of human life. Repeat offenders have their fangs removed.

Extended life || Male & Female
Description: The most prolific of the monster class is by far the werewolf, as the weres can be either born, bitten, or made. A born ‘wolf is a werewolf whose parents are both werewolves. A bitten werewolf is someone who was once human and was bitten to become infected with the lycanthrophe virus. A made werewolf is someone who has been cursed by a warlock to take on the lycan form. Born wolves have the highest control over their abilities and are able to shift naturally back and forth between human and werewolf form. A bitten werewolf is volatile and needs training from their pack in order to become accustomed to the werewolf lifestyle and controlling their urges to hunt. A made werewolf is completely erratic and has minimal control over their beast nature. With all werewolves, they are weak to silver and can be killed much like a typical human. Werewolves, even in their human form, have heightened senses, sharpened teeth, and a yellow tint to the iris of their eyes. All werewolves in their best form have yellow eyes. They can be forced to turn under the influence of a full moon and are at their weakest when the moon cycles into a new moon.
Weakness: Silver, death by human means
Political Stance: All werewolves are required by law to be tagged and registered with the government. Born wolves are documented much like humans, a bitten wolf must submit themselves for verification of the receipt of lycanthrope virus within 30 days, and made wolves are typically captured and studied.

Immortal || Male & Female
Description: Born from a steady diet of human flesh, a wendigo is a creature that has become nothing but hungry. They have lost their touch with their humanity and as such adapt to their surroundings. They are creatures that will feed off of anything that resembles a human. They have extended hibernation periods when food supplies are low and will come out to hunt every few years. Extremely intelligent and crafty, a wendigo can still mimic a human’s voice in cases to lure victims closer. They typically reside in caves and underground tunnels and prefer night time. They can be killed by fire.
Weakness: Fire
Political Stance: Death on site

Extended life || Male & Female

Standard life || Male & Female

Harmless Class

Extended life || Male & Female
Description: Goes here
Weakness: Goes here
Political Stance: Goes here

Extended life || Male & Female
Description: Goes here
Weakness: Goes here
Political Stance: Goes here

Extended life || Male & Female
Description: Goes here
Weakness: Goes here
Political Stance: Goes here

Immortal || Female
Description: Goes here
Weakness: Goes here
Political Stance: Goes here

Extended life || Male
Description: Male equivalent of a pixie.
Weakness: Goes here
Political Stance: Goes here

Extended life || Male & Female
Description: Goes here
Weakness: Goes here
Political Stance: Goes here

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Posted by: Indio - 12-13-2018, 08:42 AM - Forum: First Link - No Replies

[Image: Advert.png]


A small city in Massachusetts, Tempest Harbor has found itself at the epicenter of supernatural living for quite some time. With an established distaste between the two werewolf packs, the rise in tension within the vampire community, and two witch heirs that are coming into their own as leaders, much remains distressed within the harbor. As tourist season comes and goes, the supernaturals see an ever occurring flux and wane with their population, although this season, their population took an even greater hit. The joining of forces is needed as a new extermination organization has started to infiltrate their haven. But with their own mess of problems, who will look at the looming threat on the horizon? 

Tempest Harbor is a modern supernatural fantasy roleplay for mature players (18 years and older). With two application forms, 6 species to choose from, and a wonderful community, all are welcome to join us.

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  Pairing Announcements
Posted by: daedric prince - 12-12-2018, 10:07 AM - Forum: Partner Roulette - No Replies

Pairing Announcements

Please check this thread for announcements on pairings for partner roulette.

Pairings are announced every Sunday.

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Information What is Partner Roulette?
Posted by: daedric prince - 12-12-2018, 10:06 AM - Forum: Partner Roulette - No Replies

Partner Roulette

Partner Roulette is a feature exclusive to the Red Light District.
You will be paired - randomly - with another roleplay partner to write with. In order to participate, you simply have to fill out the below form and PM it to me.

Pairings are drawn every Sunday. If we do not have enough participants for that week, no pairings will be announced.

I write as: male/female/nonbinary/any
I want to write with: male/female/nonbinary/any
Pairing Times: This is how many times you wish to be paired.

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  Winter Masquerade Ball
Posted by: daedric prince - 12-12-2018, 09:54 AM - Forum: Winter 2018 - No Replies

For our Winter 2018 site event, we are hosting an in-character Masquerade Ball.

To participate in the Ball, you must PM an admin or moderator for the password to the forum.

You will log out of your account and post as a guest.
Your "username" should be your character's "alias" during the ball.

Site rules for age apply, characters can be human or fantasy-based creatures.

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  MxF - Various plots/starters within - Prefer long-term
Posted by: Stoicwriter - 12-12-2018, 04:37 AM - Forum: Seeking Females - Replies (1)

Hello, and thanks for reading!

I will add story plots/prompts to this thread as I come up with them. I've titled each appropriately so that you're able to read through only the one's that may interest you.

Generally speaking, I'm interested in romantic RPs, with a mashup joining into other genre's, that are highly detail driven. This means that I'm an experienced writer (in 1st and 3rd) and am looking for someone that is interested in developing a story, not just 1 liners.

I'm open to chatting with anyone (experienced and inexperienced) and have many different mediums that I can use (ex. PMs, Email, Messengers, etc). If you're interested in either creating something fresh/new or discussing one of the plots from my list below, then please send me a message (keeping in mind it doesn't have to be ONLY about one of my ideas. I'm very open to yours too).

If you've made it this far, don't be shy...
Talk soon, I hope!

Each of the following are links (hover over the words and you'll be directly linked to a starter). I've tried to identify the approximate content that I expect in each RP.
For example:
Smut 70/30 Plot = Smut is 70% of the content, while plot is 30%
Plot 70/30 Smut = Plot is 70% of the content, while smut is 30%
Each of these ideas are just that... ideas. If you want to change an idea I have, no problem; I'm looking for a partner, not someone I dictate to.
I have about a hundred plots/starters but will just put a few here that are currently of interest to me.

Enjoy reading:

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