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  1. Welcome to Red Light District Role-Playing. We are an adult writing site that is dedicated to those in the community that are seeking an open and inviting environment to write in. Due to the mature nature of our content, you must be 18 years of age or older in order to be a member of this site.
  2. We allow only one accounts per person. Please do not use multiple accounts to attempt to trick people or coerce someone into role-playing with you.
  3. We do not allow illegal content on our site or pictures of illegal content on our site. This includes: child pornography, bestiality, and questionable content. Do not use our site for the purposes of this. Anyone posting this will be banned immediately and reported to appropriate authorities.

  1. This site is for adults only. Please act like adults. While drama and fighting are great for stories, they are not great for a site. If you cannot act civil with someone, don't interact with them at all. We will not tolerate harassment, racism, bigotry, or bullying on this site. If you see any of these, please report it immediately.
  2. Respect is key for a site. Respect staff. Respect other members. I will not tolerate someone attacking a member and I will not tolerate assholes.
  3. Do not post your own or anyone else's identifying information. This includes: real name, address, phone numbers, contact information, photos, and family members. There will be zero tolerance of posting someone else's information.
  4. This site is meant for writing. This is not a sex site, cybering site, or hookup site. Do not use it as such. If you are found to be using this site to meet up with people, you will be banned. Additionally, do not use the site for therapy, dump your real life problems on others, or beg for attention. These actions are considered inappropriate behavior, and will result in one warning.
Warnings & Moderation

  1.  Moderators will issue warnings to basic violations of rules, or to violations that may have been simple error.
  2. After one warning, violation of rules will result in a ban from the site for at least 7 days for minor offenses, and perma-ban for major offenses.
  3. Bans, except those for child pornography, underage accounts, underage roleplaying, or harassment, may be contested by an email to The Admin team will consider contests on a case by case basis.
  4. Over-bumping a request thread, posting on another's request thread, or other minor offenses will earn warnings. If repeated offenses occur, posting rights may be restricted to roleplaying forums only.

  1. Please post your role-plays accordingly. If you are unsure of where your role-play is to be placed, contact a member of the staff and they can assist you. Do not post role-plays in the request area. Do not post requests in the role-play area.
  2. Please tag the names of those participating in the thread. This helps the staff identify who is participating and notice any disruptions.
  3. Trigger warnings are required for all threads that may contain triggering content. Popular trigger warnings include: rape, incest, murder, domestic violence, and child abuse.
  4. All characters in sexual role-plays must be at least 16 years of age or older. In the case of fandom roleplays which include characters younger than the acceptable age, please specify the characters will be aged up appropriately. This covers RLD in cases of questionable content and prevents unnecessary wastes of staff time and attention.
  5. Limit three request threads per section.
  6. Request threads can be bumped once every 24 hours.
  7. Do not post in other's threads. If you are not a part of the one x one role-play, do not post. If you are not the original poster of the request thread, do not post. Do not post in other's request threads. To respond to a request thread, please private message the user.
  8. Please remember that guests can view this forum. Do not post your contact information publicly as we are not responsible for anything that happens off site. There is an option in your user profile to include your discord tag. Please use this as this section is not visible to guests.
  9. Request threads and roleplays are archived if they have not had a post within 2 months. To have a thread taken back from the archive, please contact an administrator or global moderator.

  1. Avatars are to be no larger than 250x350 and cannot be NSFW. Items that are NSFW are:
    - sexual acts
    - genitals exposed
    - breasts exposed
  2. NSFW images are allowed if the thread is properly tagged to state NSFW images are within. Although NSFW images are allowed, we do not permit:
    - NSFW images of people under 18 years of age
    - Loli, shota, or chibi images
    - Questionable age content. If the character is a flat-chested and very small female or very small-framed man, I strongly advise against posting it. This is considered to be questionable content and is not allowed on the site.
  3. Signatures are not to stretch the page and likewise cannot be NSFW.
  4. If you will have NSFW imagery in your thread, please tag the title with NSFW to be courteous to others or place it in a link with a warning.

  1. Your discord nickname needs to match your RLD username. Your discord ID and your nickname are different things. Please tag @staff on the discord if you need assistance with this.
  2. Do not spam the chat with messages.
  3. Do not post NSFW pictures in the general chat. NSFW pictures need to stay in the NSFW channel
  4. Site rules apply to our Discord.
  5. Keep it civil.  No fighting. No arguments. Take it to private if you need to and don't forget the use of the block button.
  6. Our Discord has expanded to allow private role-play channels. To use these channels, please post a request in #channel-requests. Site rules still apply to these channels.

These rules can change at any time for any reason, with or without notice. It is your responsibility as a member of the site to check back in and read the rules again.
Please do not PM this account. This is a generic account for administration purposes only. If staff attention is needed, please contact daedric prince or Machiavelli.
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