╔════════════════ Can I write (insert taboo here)? ════════════════╗
Yes. The only content that is 100% not permitted is:
- characters younger than 16 years of age
- questionable items related to sexual acts with children (shota, loli, mentions of pre-pubescent bodies)

╔════════════════ Can I role-play off site? ════════════════╗
Absolutely. You are not required to role-play in your threads. However, we are not responsible for any items that happen off site. This does not mean you can advertise for characters under the allowed age and have the content off site.

╔════════════════ How do you move a thread? ════════════════╗
You cannot move your own thread. Contact a member of the staff to have it handled for you.

╔════════════════ Can I use dohtml? ════════════════╗
No. HTML is disabled.

╔════════════════ Can I write bestiality? ════════════════╗
Yes - with restrictions. The characters has to be mentally of age (no cubs, etc) and no pictures are to be used. This includes in private role-plays. Pictures of bestiality is illegal content and is not permitted on this site.

╔════════════════ How do you make a new thread? ════════════════╗
When you enter a forum there should be a pencil icon towards the top left corner. Click the pencil and you will make a new thread.

╔════════════════ Can I join the staff? ════════════════╗
All members interested in joining the staff need to speak with daedric prince.

╔════════════════ Can I delete my account? ════════════════╗
You cannot delete your own account. Please contact a member of the staff to have your account deleted. if you want it deleted, please understand that we cannot recover information once it's lost.

╔════════════════ Is there a guide on how to navigate the site? ════════════════╗
Yes. Every member is sent a PM upon registration from the Administrator account. This PM includes a link to our Newcomer's Guide, which covers everything you need to know about the site to get started. If you are still confused, please contact a member of the staff with your question.

╔════════════════ I haven't gotten my verification e-mail. ════════════════╗
Check your spam folder. Please make sure you mark our e-mails as "not spam".

╔════════════════ Do I have to roleplay sexual content? ════════════════╗
No. You are not required to roleplay anything you aren't comfortable with. We allow and promote adult content since it is not typically available on other sites but it is not a requirement.
Please do not PM this account. This is a generic account for administration purposes only. If staff attention is needed, please contact daedric prince or Machiavelli.
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