[TW] A Dire Transformation
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In their bedroom, Brandon was enjoying himself. His wife has been gone all week on a business trip and he has been able to dress up in his hidden clothes. This is something she didn't know about because she has made it very clear that she feels it's wrong that any man should look feminine. She's supposed to come back tomorrow so he wanted to get his last day in. He decided he would dress in some of his more slutting clothes. He put on a lace bra with some nice D size cup breast forms, lace panties, thigh-high stockings, a black pvc minskirt, a pink mesh top, and a pair of ruby red platform pumps with about a 6 inch heel and 2 inch platform. He was still getting used to the higher heels and didn't want to hurt himself.

After he finished getting dressed, he started doing his normal cleanup around the house, making sure things were in order. The normal bill paying, food check to see if he had to run to the store tomorrow, and such. About halfway through he heard the garage door open and a car pull in. He quickly ran to the bedroom and was just starting to take off the heels when the door opened and closed.
Life with Brandon was as life should be. They enjoyed quiet dinners and had soft sex, each worked their own jobs and brought their own money home. He wasn't abusive or drunk, he wasn't even particularly lazy in any way shape or form. He was everything that a man should have been... Until the day he wasn't. The red flags had been less of flags and more of tiny hints that were sprinkled in her everyday life, such as the times she'd caught him lingering too long in her underwear drawer or the new pair of shoes that had arrived that were quite obviously not her size.

She'd thought he was having an affair. It was the only thing that made sense in her mind, that he'd decided to bring some whore into their lives to spice things up. How else would he explain the whore heels she'd found and the fishnet shirt? Though there were many things Elise would do that was demeaning, she would never dress herself in such uncomely clothes. Her mother had raised her to be a woman of strong faith and stronger convictions.

The plan had hatched quite nicely, her little white lie about the length of her business trip delivered quietly one Saturday when they'd enjoyed brunch together. She wasn't even sure now he'd been paying attention to her, and now he was expecting her to be away another day. She'd planned it and played it over in her mind a million times now, what she'd do when she saw him with the other woman. It would feel deliciously good to confront them both and kick them out into the street to show the neighbors the type of man he really was. It would feel even better to call the cops.

Her expectations, like her face, came crashing down the moment she opened the door to the bedroom, swinging it wide with a flourish to reveal the whore... Her husband. And him alone.

His miniskirt barely concealed his body and her eyes moved from the platform heels and up his legs to the mesh shirt she'd hated, up over the swells of his fake breasts and finally to his face. Words spawned and died in the back of her throat as she tried to come to terms with what was before her, a scene that was almost too surreal to process.

When they finally came, they were quite out of character for her typically conservative tongue, "What... The fuck... Are you wearing?"
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"E...E..Eliza! What are you doing home?! I thought you were going to be away until tomorrow!"

He had no other words, none that would make sense anyway. How could he describe these types of feelings, especially when he knew how she already felt. His throat closed up as he tried to look away and go into the corner feeling embarassed. This was EXACTLY the reason why he never said anything. He tried to do a better job of hiding the stuff. Unfortunately, he should've known she would think something when he was going a lot of mail recently that were boxes instead of the normal envelope junk.

With a heavy sigh, he finally had an answer. "You've finally found out about me Eliza. I love women's clothes. The softness and silkiness to them, the tightness, even the heels...they make my legs look..." Trailing off at her stare, he knew that no matter what he said it was going to be useless so all he did was sit down on the floor, knees bent with his head against them thinking about how much he hated his life right now.
Eliza sputtered for words, choking over all of the emotions that were fluttering through her chest. She primarily felt betrayed, not only because he had broken her trust and lied to her, but also the fact he seemed so... Happy to do so. Her hands clenched into fists and she wanted nothing more than to strike him, to lash out at him in a way that would make her feel better about the entire situation, but even that she feared wouldn't be good enough.

"I knew you were up to something. I thought I would find you here in bed with another woman but I... I don't even know if this is better. Look at you, Brandon!" She gestured at his torso, struggling to even look at him in that disgusting garb. She almost wished there would have been another woman that he was with, something easier to fix than... Whatever this was he was doing.

"You don't look good, Brandon. You look like a damn tranny. Is that what you want? Do you want the neighbors to know I have a fag husband?" She was nearly screaming, her face red as she tried and failed to calm herself down and make sense of this. "You need help. You're obviously sick. You're just.. You're sick. Do you even want to be married anymore?"
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"Of course I want to get married!" he yelled back. "And I'm sorry! I'll do whatever you need me to do to make this better. I'll see a doctor, go to "rehab" classes, anything. You can even pick who if that'll make you happy. I just don't want to lose you over something like this. I hid it because I knew, of course, you wouldn't be accepting of it, but I still love you as well."

He knew deep down that he still wanted to be with her. It was just the outrage she had over it that was making it worse, rather than trying to talk to him. Just yelling, yelling, and more yelling. But he also knew she was right. He needed to get this fixed. He stood up, undressed, and walked out of the room to the couch.

"I'm going to the living room to sleep. You clearly don't want me in here with you right now. Goodnight." And with that, he was out the bedroom door, slamming it behind him.
"You're damn right you'll go to rehab. You're sick. I shouldn't have to accept something like this. You should be man enough to dress like a man and act like one, damn it!" She wasn't done with her tyrade just yet, tempted to follow him out the room to continue to berate him. Instead, she let the slammed door hang silence in the room, the only sound her own heavy breathing as she fought the urge to scream in her frustrations.

They'd had such a good relationship together and now... Now this. She'd come to the conclusion she would have much rather had another woman in their bed because that would have been an easier fix. A cleaner break, if you will.

Instead, she sat herself down onto the bed and let her head hang into her hands. What had she done wrong as a woman to make him do this? Had there been signs before this she had missed? She was busy going through everything in their relationship, struggling with this discovery and the view of him in such... Disgusting a form.

Eliza let out a soft sigh before she called a therapist, a doctor that assured her with a cool and silky voice that all of Brandon's eccentricities would disappear if he stuck to the plan she formed for him. She gathered herself after a long moment and stepped out into the doorway, holding onto the door knob still. "I've made you an appointment for tomorrow at 1. If you... If you want to salvage our relationship, you... You need to go to it. Are we agreed?"
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"Fine. And I never said anything because I knew this would happen. Gave you everything that I could. Sorry if a MAN needs to be perfect and an asshole to make you happy. Forget what goes on behind his own inner walls, even though I always helped you through yours. But it's fine, I'll go. You can come if you want. I don't care right now. I saw the look that you gave me. I'm not perfect anymore and you can't handle it. That's what I feel it has come down too."

Once Brandon was done, he turned off the light on the end table, pulled the blanket over him, and went to sleep. What little sleep he got that is. All he did was toss and turn for the most part, eventually just sleeping on the floor where he had more room. His dreams were that of being chased, but never knew by what. Waking up in a cold sweat, he just laid there, in the quiet, thinking about tomorrow afternoon...
She wanted to snap back at him for his stupidity, to put him into his place for all that he had done to her. Didn't he know how hard it was for her to deal with this, too? They'd already been through so much in their relationship and this... This was just icing on the cake. Instead, she scoffed at his miniature rant and rolled her eyes, enjoying the shut door between them. At least like this he couldn't see how badly it affected her, couldn't see her anger turn into trembling tears as she settled onto their bed.

Eliza turned her attention instead from tears to action - action would be what fixed this broken thing, not crying. Her voice was nervous as she contacted doctors, leaving message after message on their after hours line. The only one to respond was a therapist whose website promised a complete change in personality. Her heart blossomed with hope as she wrote down the details of his appointment.

Unlike Brandon, Eliza slept wonderful knowing the issue would be fixed.

( Left it open so you could go ahead and transition into him going to the doctor appointment.)
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Upon arriving at the therapist's office that Eliza had gotten a hold of, they went in and registered at the front desk. It seemed like this was a single office as opposed to a group of therapists. He knew it was for behavioral changes and was going to try and save his relationship. The side had said "For All Your Behavioral Needs"

The doctor finally came. Apparently, this was a female therapist with long black hair, at least a D size chest, toned legs, in a form-fitting dress and white lab coat like every doctor wears. He was so busy watching her move that he didn't even catch her name. Barely even caught his. She had to say it again before he realized he was the one being talked to.
From the moment she stepped into his line of sight she could feel his eyes upon her, hungry and needing more than just a therapy session. With her back turned, her lips curled into a soft smirk, letting her legs flex just a bit and teeth nibble at her own lip to draw out a more natural rosy color in them. She turned then to approach him, his file held in the crook of her arm.

"Brandon, I assume?"

Her voice was soft as velvet, her eyes remaining on his as his own still wandered over her body. This was behavior she would have expected from a teen, not from a man grown. She cleared her throat, "I'm Dr. Alvarez, could you follow me?" Her eyes ticked to the woman sitting next to him, watching as she started to lift herself from the seat.

"Apologies. These sessions are private. I'll ask for you to remain in our lobby." There wasn't a question in her voice, her cool dominance over Eliza unspoken as the woman lowered back into her seat wordlessly. The doctor was the more intimidating of the two women, her strength and power visible in her physically and in her tone. "Follow me."

She reminded, turning on her heel and leading him down the hallway. Her office was the last door on the left, a cozy enough room with a plush black couch placed across from her desk. She set his file down onto her desk and stood by the door, waiting for him. "Please, have a seat. I'd like for you to start by telling me why you're here." She closed the door behind him softly, the click of it falling into the latch a seal on their privacy.

"And not the reason your wife brought you. Why are you here?"
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Following her down the hall, watching those hips sway back and forth the whole time, he almost didn't realize when the doctor stopped, holding the door open for him. He went inside as asked and sat down on the couch. Her question did startle him though. That she asked why I was here as opposed to why my wife brought me here. He really couldn't take it anymore and really need to talk to someone. He figured this was going to be the best opportunity he could get, since they are supposed to keep everything confidential.

"okay doctor. Part of the reason I'm here is because of my wife. The other part of me is here because I really did need someone to talk to and I was too scared to make an appointment myself with anyone. To be honest, lately, I've been crossdressing...a lot. But only when my wife has been going on long trips of at least 3 days or more. I'm starting to feel more comfortable in women's clothes, no matter how plain or sexy it is. From the basic jeans and shirt all the way to lingerie...bras and panties.

I really have been wondering if something is wrong me. Then when my wife walked in and started yelling, I just had no words. Nothing that would make sense. We've been through hard times before but this is a different level of it. I wish she could understand but I don't think she ever will."

There. Brandon had gotten at least some of it out that he's been holding in for at least a year and waited for the doctor's response.
The doctor was quiet as he went through his explanation, her eyes roaming over him and trying to read both his body language as well as picturing what his wife must have seen. She could imagine it would have been a shock to see one's husband dressing in such a way if you didn't expect it, though her lips curled into a tender smile. "I understand what you're going through," She commented softly, tapping his file gently, "It seems that you have never been to a session before, and I definitely think you will need to continue to see me."

Dr. Alvarez picked up her pen, fiddling with it for a moment as she turned it around in her hands, her fingers stroking slowly down its length slowly. "I would like for us to discuss what it is that you enjoy when you wear women's clothing. Is it the material? Is it the excitement?" She asked, her head tilting just a bit as she watched the way he reacted to her questions.

"And tell me this -- did you secretly want to be caught? It must be so exciting for you to be caught so... exposed and put on display. Do you agree with that statement?"
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