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Greetings together,

I search for new RPs. Please note that I´m from Germany and that my English might not be as good as the English of a native speaker. Nonetheless I play RPs since many years (10+) and have an idea what I do – just the expression and spelling might not be so good.

In those RPs I play the dominant Roles - no switches or subs! Straight and lesbian couples are possible. If straight couples are desired, I´m playing the male part. The RPs can be sexual but the sex itself is not what I´m searching. What I really want to discover are BDSM related dynamics in a relationship. How does this relationship change, if it goes from usual to BDSM? Is there a difference, whether the sub or the dom gets this BDSM-Ball rolling? Those are some questions I´d like to be answered through RPs.

Usually I play only with human beings, but I´m open to science fiction and all its possible (and legal!) results! So, if you have a wish and can explain to me how a vampire can be a clone-fairlure, I´d be willing to play as a vampire.

BDSM (especiallly D/s) should obviously be core of the RP. With other themes I´m very flexible, as long the RP is set in the present or in the future. I have different Ideas for future worlds. Those aren’t yet translated to English because I have way too much respect of that task right now and I´m somewhat frightened to start there and that I could partially fail.  In my RPGs I´d like to play out a hair fetish (deciding how sub has to wear their head hair and styling it (partially against her will?)). Besides that, if you tell me what you want to play especially out of the D/s section of BDSM we can fit this in. Several subs would be the icing of the cake for me.

For my RPGs I am looking for subs who actually want to serve the dom. If there are several subs, the grade of individual obedience can of course differ. Too much education on BDSM-basics is NOT desired, because I want to play the dirty / hard things. It would be cool (no requirements), if my play partner are knowing and knowledgeable about hairstyling and related themes, devoted, and finally, able to tell me what other things they want to include in the RP.

The following couples come instantly to my mind (sub named first and combinations are possible and desired):

hairdresser x boss
hairdresser x custome
boss x secretary
secretary x boss (lawyer)
stepmother x stepdaughter
stepdaughter x stepmother
celebrity x fan
celebrity x celebrity

experienced x unexperienced
old x young
tall x short
rich x poor

Alternate couples can be suggested.
I have two special lesbian pairs in mind with very extreme kinks. One can be found in the Harry Potter universe and the second in the StarCraft 2 universe. If you are interested, please let me know, but be warned, when I say kinky I might mean kinky - those ideas are nsfw and would deserve several tags. Nonetheless I have some hard limits too and those are: Characters under 18 years (characters between 18 and 21 years are a soft limit). Additionally I don´t play rape or real non-consensual sexual / BDSM scenes and sexual scenes with animals.

I have a few  women which I like as avatars for the subs. My absolute favorite is Scarlett Johannsson. Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Anniston are the next on my ranking. However, I'm very open as to what your wishes for what the dominant would look like. I hope many people are interested in RPing with me and write me a message. Sadly, until now there weren´t so many people interested.

Right now I´d be interested in a futuristic RP where the society works different and some people are degraded. Usual settings would include degradation of the poor or degradation of submissive people who are alleged to be weak and unable (or unwilling) to compete with all the dominant humans. With the first I´d like to spin a tale with a poor counterpart who´d like to improve her living conditions. For both settings I have a world created, it "only" must be translated in English language. Please note that both settings might include extreme things like bodymodification and other stuff.
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