Who wants to be a Barbarian slave?
<r>Greetings! <br/>
I'm currently looking for <I><s></s>just one more partner<e></e></I> - you know the deal. <br/>
I usually write pretty involved stories with lots of worldbuilding, psychology et cetera - but this is not quite what I'm looking for right now. Don't get me wrong, I still want good writing, but I'd rather keep it simple and smutty this time. <br/>
<B><s></s><U><s></s>The Idea<e></e></U><e></e></B><br/>
MC is a former military leader in a Fantasy realm (with a Roman feel to it). He has done his 15 years fighting barbarians and he's now earned his manor. What he needs is entertainment, so he decides to buy a barbarian girl for his pleasure - or maybe he captured her on his last campaign. <br/>
<B><s></s><U><s></s>Themes involved<e></e></U><e></e></B> (among others)<br/>
- Master/Slave<br/>
- Humiliation<br/>
- Training<br/>
- Pleasure/Orgasm Denial<br/>
<B><s></s><U><s></s>The Characters<e></e></U><e></e></B><br/>
MC isn't going to be a complete monster, but he thinks he rightfully owns YC and will break resistance. If you make her super-tough physically and mentally, completely defiant and unbreakable, then he'll just sell her at some point as useless - so please don't do that. Wink Other than that, I'm open to various things. She could try to please him out of fear initially, she could be fighting her own desires, she could be uppity but breakable... Just talk to me. I'm also open for fantasy races here, but <I><s></s>exclusively<e></e></I> humanoids. Elves are okay, non-human skin colors and other such traits are okay, but no animalistic races, no fur, no demons etc. <br/>
<U><s></s><B><s></s>The Requirements<e></e></B><e></e></U> (which I will fulfill in turn of course)<br/>
- I will want to see some writing sample (looking for good grammar and strong writing)<br/>
- I'm looking for something rather fast-paced, preferably a reply each day or more. <br/>
- Not every post has to be long, but a constant stream of one-liners is unacceptable. <br/>
- No gappy style (several lines of dialogue/actions in one post for me to "fill in" the responses after the fact).<br/>
- Add to the story.<br/>
- Telling me when you don't like something, are dropping the story, etc.<br/>
- I'm 30 and married. I won't creep on you. If you want to talk OOC, I'd like that, but if you'd rather keep it to RP talk only, I'm good with that too. <br/>
- I think I'm a little nicer than this post sounds. Wink <br/>
- I say no to ideas a lot, but I DO like them, and you obviously have the same right. <br/>
- I'm on Discord and I like to do my plotting via live (text), but it's not a requirement.</r>
<t>The vacancy has been filled.</t>

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