[Male] Random thoughts of a mad man
Now first and foremost. I love the way this site seems to look and the people here. I hope to see a lot of roleplays come my way and to get to roll with a lot of you down my favorite Genre.

Now a few tings to note.

1: If you are underage. Do not try to rp with me. this is an 18 + site and I will report you.

2. I love romances, Twisted and fucked up ones that can go as taboo as anyones comfortable with. Incest, Polygamy, Serial killer couples and Non con is stuff I will do.

3. I don't do Verbal abuse in my Rps. It's a trigger and I will ask for an edit and will expect it before we continue. If not done I will have to separate ways with you hopefully on a Mutual manner.

4. Please tell me you're triggers. I don't want to hurt y'all and if there is something I need to know.

5. I will Do MxM, MxF and MxMxF. FxF Is too hard for me to do being that I have no experience IRL being a Man.

6. I play Dominant Characters only. 

Now for plots.

1. The first plot involves a CIA agent on a Mission to bring down a cartel leader and his organization and he goes to the slave market to buy a slave to make a case thought his or her testimony. Little does he know the slave was planted by the man to get the CIA agent to turn. He or she would seduce him, Use the fact that he's doing shit work for the US of A and maybe the prospect of power and freedom from his own sorrow filled life to turn him. Maybe this twists him up into becoming a Joker like personality or maybe he just becomes the next Pablo Escobar. The possibilities are limitless.

2. The second is of two warring cults in a post apocalyptic world. One is lead by a man with Nordic beliefs and the other is lead by whatever beliefs you choose. But the Emphasis is that guns have been destroyed during the first few years of the war and they are back to the old wars of iron and steel. Horses and carriages and calvery. One day my character and yours would meet to talk a truce and well maybe it's because they have underlying feelings or a greater evil is threatening them. I was thinking a romance for this one and hope that you and i could hash a great one out in this.

3. The third is more about a Man that seems a little dull and a couple that are killers. This man is bullied at work and pushed around and yet out of work he walks with dominance and pride. This is because deep down he knows that he would kill his entire department in the place he works at if he decides to go off. The couple could coerce him to do so leading to them being his family and asking him for that dominant man that they know he is. This could be fun because we have all had those bullies and to see them get the shaft for once is always fun ^^

4. My character is a part of a serial killer family, he's a law abiding citizen and yet keeps his families crimes a secret while they tell him he's a soft little shit. One day people start to disappear, people attached to my character and the family might or might not start looking at him in a different way. This is an incest plot and I  was thinking that your character can be the brother or sister that finds out that he had gone off the deep end and started becoming that man that the family had wished him to be all those years ago. I will allow a little verbal abuse in this as long as its not from the character that's with him.  

5. The plot is of a slave that's thrown out by his or her master. My character would find the slave and give it a new home. Little does the slave know though is that he has a darker side that dwells inside and that he is in for the ride of his or her  life. There will be murder, even that of his own master will die for hurting the poor slave. Can he calm the beast through submission or will he die trying.

Plotless pairings 


Vampire x Serial Killer
Master x Pet 
Master x Slave 

Serial Killer x Stalker 

Joker x Harley OC 

Devils Rejects type OC

Rambo type OC (First Blood setting)

Also, if you got a plot. Please don't hesitate to PM.

updated: Non horror plots.

Now there are a few non horror plots I have thought up for those with an little weakness of the stomach. I understand that I can't have all horror so here it goes.<br/>


1. This story is of a man in college would hides behind a mask. This mask is hiding a dark past and abuse from his parents and war. He just got back from the war and now he feels useless before meeting a woman or man  that has an abusive boyfriend and maybe steps in beating the hell out of him. through saving him or her maybe they start to be friends and through that friendship they become lovers. Maybe curiousity on what is behind the mask gets him or her to make a deal that he or she would go out with him if he shows his face. Come on down and try this concept with me. Could be fun. ^^

2. Thenext story i have in mind is that of the punisher and daredevil. This could be a genderbent daredevil too seeing how this is going to be totally different characters. But here we go. My guy has lost his family and yours is his psychiatrist. He or she doesn't know he's a vigilante and my guy doesn't know that he or she is by night either. One day they meet, he or she would see him and it would be revealed that my guy was a murderer. Maybe this sparks a need to push him further after they tussle or beat eachother to a pulp, but he or she doesn't know how to stop him without my guy knowing. Will the woman or man be able to save my punishers soul.
Hi, I'm interested in plot number five if you are still looking for an rp partner.

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