Girls' Boarding School
<t>Mythrel of the Glen's Fjord, 16, yawned and stretched as she sat up in her bottom bunk in her freshman dormroom and looked around, blinking her eyes and scratching her head. Slinging herself to the side, she rolled right out and landed on the hard tiled floor face down with a thud, chocolate coloured hair falling over her face. She cussed her idiocy quietly in Norse, and stood up. The elf princess stood 5-6, with soft Hispanic like features, and marched herself to the dresser, with another Nordic epitaph. She looked in the corner where her trusty bow and quiver of arrows were. She really needed to make a few more shafts as she had plenty of arrowheads, thanks to her Native American friend a floor above... At least Miranda Rights said she was from a Western Tribe called the Cheyenne, but the 17 year-old had an odd skintone, and snow white hair. A deep pink, nearest to rose would be her guess. She'd also seen the odd dark brown birthmark on the upper thigh near the hip in the public shower. The princess had no odd marking or tattoo anywhere on her skin, yet it was plain as day on the rose coloured girl... And unmistakable as she had seen it in the security office during the tour. The silhouette of a lie detector. Miranda had shrugged and said that ever since she knew she wanted to be a police detective that specialized in finding the truth, it had been there. It hadn't changed in shape or gotten bigger, so she wasn't concerned.<br/>
Mythrel was from a tribe of sorts, herself. The wood elves that populated Scandinavia was her tribe, and she was the daughter and only child of the king that ruled an area known as "The Glen's Fjord", hence her presumed last name. A civil war had broken out, and instead of allowing his well versed daughter to combat fellow elves; wolf riders to be precise; he had shipped her to the States... The New World... To finish her education. So here she was, in an odd school about an hour north of a human city called Duluth, Minnesota, close to the Lake called Superior, full of strangely pastel coloured girls, strangely powered girls, and just plain strangers, doing her princess duty, which she prayed had not been her father's final request and action to keep her safe.</t>

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