[Writing] Yuri Possibilities
Abigail (no last name for reason) hated school. There was nothing exciting in it for her. Homework was usually finished before she even got home! Classwork might as well had been for a ten year old (that just HAPPENED to be in eleventh grade) in her modest opinion. The brunette yawned, tapping her pen rhythmically on her desk until Mrs. Johnson snatched it away. "Be respectful of others. If your classwork is done, do your homework."

With her hazel eyes half shut, she whipped out a piece of paper from her pink and white plastic binder with "History" in purple block letters on masking tape. "Oh? You mean this?" she asked bored, waving it around. "Done."

The teacher took it, looked it over, let out a humph, and moved toward the front, where the cheercaptain sat, who said something Abigail didn't catch, but apparently Mrs. Johnson did. "Bored li'l hot nerd needs WHAT, Tiffany?" Snickerers around the class got a cold glare from the teacher.

Abigail perked head and ears, looking toward probably... Easily... The hottest girl in the school. The redheaded hourglass figured girl with cantaloupes (in Abigail's opinion) in comparison to her own grape tomatoes (okay... They weren't that small, but a girl who is 17 with A-cups might think her own were that size compared to a 16 year old girl with Ds) only shrugged while glancing back with a flirt Abigail's way; green eyes seemingly dancing an Irish jig. "She heard me." The audible collective gasps from the others who heard her seemed almost deafening, before a dead quiet. A couple pens were heard clattering to the floor.

Abigail felt the lump in her throat. One she couldn't seem to gulp down. She uneasily looked at the faces of the other students frowning and glaring at her. How dare Abigail catch the eye of the smartest... Or maybe only the second smartest... Student in the school? Bad enough Tiffany was a popular and incredibly athletic brainiac, but did she have to basically just claim the quiet, frumpy, plain Jane nerd as a possible love interest? Some girls' looks softened... But not by much. Mostly fellow nerds and a few jocks including the star basketball (and volleyball,too) player. The rest? Oyy.. If looks could kill, Abigail was a dead girl walking.


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<r>As the bell rang signalling the end of class, one of the angry girls, a rich snob with blonde curly locks named Bianca purposely knocked Abigail's books out of her hands with her own books, causing all to fall. "Pick up my books, klutzoid." Bianca ordered. "And watch where I'm going." Some populars that hung with her snickered. Abigail did nothing, and another blonde with a woefully out of date (for even the <I><s></s>20th<e></e></I> century, little alone the 21st) glared at the rich snob who derided Abigail with "Well, come on, Cinderella. Pick up my books you knocked down."<br/>
The other blonde glowered at the rich girl, as she stomped towards her to get in her face. "She'll do nothing of the kind! You should be picking hers up you knocked out of her hands with yours! And I'll thank you not to use that name in such derogatory terms as it's mine, and I'm proud of it. It's French... Like moi."<br/>
Tiffany raised an eyebrow as she stood at the door in total disbelief. She wanted to warn Cinderella she was playing with fire, and it would get both her and Abigail in deeper with Bianca. Realizing what she said may have sparked this, she pointed to Bianca and her posse with her head as she looked at Mrs. Johnson who nodded, already eying the situation.<br/>
Angered by the other blonde's insolence, Bianca grabbed both Abigail and Cinderella and forced them both to their knees in front of her. "Pick up my books... <B><s></s>Peasant<e></e></B> <U><s></s>maids<e></e></U>!" Then she grinned evilly, shoving their faces into her skirt front, with an obvious show of force, and what she <B><s></s><I><s></s>REALLY<e></e></I><e></e></B> wanted from them. After all... If she forced Abigail to do THAT... Tiffany wouldn't want her, thinking nerd was a slut. Cinderella she was just pissed at for interfering.<br/>
Mrs. Johnson had Bianca by the arm, yanking her away from the two kneeling girls. "That's enough, you. Let's take a walk to the principal's."<br/>
Abigail looked up gratefully, but her soft smile faded as one member of Bianca's girl posse pointed at her and made a slitting motion across her neck, the other glared daggers, and Bianca mouthed, <I><s></s>You're dead, slut.<e></e></I> as all were led out.<br/>
Abigail lowered her head as Tiffany came over. What she muttered barely audible caused Tiffany to drop her books in surprise as she wore a goofy grin, and Cinderella to stare at Abigail wide-eyed and mouth open. The words? "How can I be a slut when I've never done it?"<br/>
<r>Tiffany knelt down near the two looking for Abigail's name on the card just inside the front cover, among the cluster of books. "Ladies, might I recommend we leave the spoiled bitch's books where they lay?"<br/>
Abigail thought that was a brilliant idea, but Cinderella stacked them on a nearby chair. "Then we'd be just as bad as she." the blonde stated emphatically.<br/>
Tiffany and Abigail exchanged surprised looks. "Correct me if I err, but didn't you just get a faceful of spoiled cunt as well, Cindy?" Tiffany asked.<br/>
Cinderella gave Tiffany a warning glare, before her features softened. "I did. And I'll thank you to use my proper name, please, Ms. Tiffany."<br/>
Tiffany finished separating the books as Abigail gathered her pile. She held out a hand to Cinderella. "We're all peers here. You're probably 17 as well, technically making you older than me, so please dispense with the 'Ms.', if you will."<br/>
Cinderella took the offered hand as an help up. "You're correct. I am 17. But you heard my counter." She smiled.<br/>
Tiffany nodded. "Done, then... Cinderella."<br/>
The two turned to look at Abigail looking at both of them as she stood pigeon toed, books clutched tightly to her chest, grinning ear to ear... And unmistakable hearts for eyes.<br/>
Tiffany asided to Cinderella, "How adorable. I reiterate (which wasn't written in chapter one), that bored li'l hot nerd needs a strong dose of girl on girl <U><s></s>sex<e></e></U>. She's already full of <I><s></s>shoujo ai<e></e></I>*."<br/>
Cinderella had no idea what Tiffany had said, but nodded in agreement just the same, before helping her lead the lovestruck Abigail out the classroom door.<br/>
*-girl love. The... Milder version. Yuri as described in title, is lesbian love, involving girls making out with each other.<br/>
<r>"So..." Cinderella said, quietly. "I'm fully aware of what girl on girl sex is..." She had to take a look at Abigail who whimpered excitedly. "It's lesbian love." A stupid, shy giggle now came from Abigail.<br/>
"Or <I><s></s>yuri<e></e></I>. If you like Japanese anime." Tiffany explained, before stopping to open the cafeteria doors for Cinderella, so they could get Abigail in and seated. "I think the term is nicer than calling us homosexual or lesbian, truthfully."<br/>
The cutest little whine that sounded like "errrhh?" and a cross between a dog whine and cat purr, caused her to look over to see Cinderella with her head tilted to the side and a questioning look written all over her face.<br/>
"Damn... That is so adorable I wanna give you such a kiss." Tiffany sighed, both sigh and words coming dramatically. <br/>
She and Cinderella both put Abigail in a chair and Tiffany got another surprise. Cinderella looking flirtatiously at her and saying, "Now you're speaking my language. Open lesbianism instead of keeping it in the closet. Bring it. Kiss me."<br/>
Abigail was now grinning ear to ear watching to see if Tiffany would take Cinderella up on her generous offer, wondering if this wasn't in store for her later.<br/>
Tiffany moved to be in front of Cinderella, looking into her blue eyes, as she put her arms around Cinderella's waist. She smiled, needing to look up just slightly. "I love to show off MY yuri feelings if they ask for it."She smirked.

Cinderella smirked back, arms draped over Tiffany's neck. "Then stop telling me about it, and show me."

Tiffany pressed her lips to Cinderella's, both taking deep breaths, and the older teen girl actually hummed happily.

Abigail was beside herself, confused over the feelings manifesting themselves. She was excited about the kiss in a way that surprised even her, feeling a bit of dampness just by watching. She felt a tinge of disappointment it wasn't HER being kissed like that, and jealousy of both of them. She could tell, by both girls' eyes being closed, and their smiles in the kiss itself, that they were definitely enjoying themselves.

The kiss broke and Abigail hoped it was her imagination that a thin clear trail of saliva connected the two for the briefest of moments.

She grinned as she looked at each of the kissers in turn. "Oh to the em to the gee to the nth power! That. Was. Hot!"

Cinderella actually blushed as she took a seat. "I must say, I've kissed a lot of girls and liked it, but that's the first time in a long while I was sorry when the kiss ended!"

Tiffany slid each an envelope, winking at Abigail. "If you accept this invitation, and RSVP as directed... I can absolutely guarantee you hot ladies a night to remember. As you know, the cheer squad is all girls this year, and the youngest is 16. I am myself, but there are a few a few months younger still. Think of the yuri possibilities... Especially since you won't be the only virgin there Abigail, sweety." She gave another wink before heading for the line to get lunch. "Stay put, I'll get both of you something to eat."

Cinderella tore the top off the envelope as Abigail carefully opened hers. Cinderella was all smiles. "Aw... Hell yeah!" she grinned as Abigail pulled out the flowery designed and elegantly written invitation to a... Yuri style sleepover?

Abigail politely put the card back in the envelope. So... If she RSVPed this... She was guaranteed losing her virginity to a girl. She had to be sure beforehand that these feelings... These desires for girls... Was real, and really what she wanted. She couldn't get her virginity back, after all; it was the only non-returnable gift she had.

When Tiffany returned, showing off her balancing abilities, with holding two trays with both hands, and the third balanced on her head.

"You are well balanced, such poise." Cinderella remarked, rising and taking the tray off the cheercaptain's head.

"Must to be captain." Tiffany grinned.

"I am so coming." Cinderella grinned.

"Verbal instead of text. Sweet." Tiffany nodded, turning her attention to Abigail. "And you, sweety?"

Abigail blushed. "Um. Well... Who all will be there?"

Tiffany shrugged as she blinked. "Those who have already RSVPed are Brittany, Nancy, Jennifer, Olive, Kara, Miranda and Sharon. Plus Cinderella just now."

Abigail nodded. "I... Mmm... Not sure yet. Can we talk more after school?" She looked at Tiffany hopefully.

"Don't see why not. Though Brit and Miranda will most likely be with me. Will that be okay?"

Abigail wasn't seeing that as a problem, as two of Tiffany's trusted friends on the squad (she thought. Brittany was actually a volleyball player) could even be a comfort to her.

Brittany was talking to Denise, who was the star jock who decided being upset with Abigail wasn't worth it. "Look. She's cute. I can see why Tiff wants her. But for someone so smart. She ain't thinkin'. She's got whut we country folk would go so far to say, she's got 'stinkin thinkin'."

"How you figure?" Brittany asked surprised.

"Alla us jocks. Alla them cute gals on the squad? She go after a hound dog? That gal make uh better pet, I guarantee." Denise answered forward. "Doubt it's whut she hinted in History. Think it's more feelin' sorry fer her."

Brittany wore a huge smile as she ribbed Denise. "She's been invited. You know she has. If what Tiffany said is any indication."

Denise smirked. "Okay. I'm officially jealous o' Tiff. I wanna be that li'l nerd's first sexual experience. Why in tarnation should Tiff git alla virgins?"

Brittany giggled. "Denise. RSVP your invite. Then jump Tiffany's claim on that hound dog."

Denise smirked. "Now, that there ain't no stinkin' thinkin'!" She quickly sent the necessary text to Tiffany to RSVP the Yuri Sleepover. Ah am sooo cummin'!

By the time the Friday afternoon of the sleepover had come; everyone, including Abigail, had RSVPed. Abigail herself was apprehensive as she knew what RSVPing meant. Her virginity. It had taken nearly the two weeks before finally sending the text Tuesday. Even that, though, had been on an angry whim after getting into an argument with her older sister, who once again was trying to hook her up with a (yuk) boy. She had even shot as she stormed out the door, "When you're ready to accept I'm a lesbian... Let me know!"

Now, Friday afternoon, Kara, the blonde basketball team captain, who was the star point guard and stood 5-10, a good three to four inches above Abigail, was leaning on her shoulder. "You ready for t'night, shortstop?"

Abigail didn't get the jab at her height, thinking the fact she had signed up to try out for the girls' softball team was the reason. "Not official yet. I might end up the scorekeeper."

"Okay, smart gal." Kara snickered, rolling her eyes. "Still didn't answer my question."

Abigail shrugged. Although 17, and a few months younger than the 18 year old Kara, the nerd still thought she was respectful of Kara's captaincy (and age) by saying, "As ready as ever, I guess, Ms. Kara. I just know I prefer the ladies. This is my first experience as far as the kind of sleepover this is."

"Ooo." Kara smirked. "A nerdy virgin lesbian. Ouch. Want a quick lesson so you don't embarrass yourself?"

Abigail didn't question Kara's sincerity in helping her out... She questioned if Kara had forgotten she was an adult, and Abigail was merely legal consent.

Abigail grimaced as in all actuality, she liked Kara. A lot. She wasn't sure if it was Kara's personality or her own idol worship. She looked up slightly to Kara. "Is this for real?"

The bobbed haired blonde smiled, blue eyes twinkling. "As real as you want it, Abby. I can call you Abby?"

Abigail shrugged in her nod. "I think I want to learn... So... I'm expected to make out with whichever girl asks?"

Kara winced, showing her true feelings, although as a jock, she had neglected her true feelings for nerdy Abigail, as it would jeopardize her status. She owed Abigail for her tutoring to keep her position.

Abigail had all she needed. "Ohmigod. You're seriously into me and I do."

Kara sighed, blushing. "Yeah, it's a yuri sleepover. Or sleep around. Whoever asks gets some. And... Yeah, I wished I'd had the guts to tell you my feelings sooner. Avoid the sleep around part, shortstop."

Abigail seemed to understand the poke on her height this time. And how serious Kara's feelings were. "Then... Please, yes. Show me what I need to know."

As Kara led her to the locker room. "Wanna go steady after the weekend?"

Abigail swallowed her fears, turned to Kara stopping her in her tracks, reached up, caressing her cheek and giving and getting her first kiss. "That's my answer. I really liked you, too."

They went into the locker room, hand in hand. As soon as the door shut, Kara began showing Abigail how much she loved her; Abigail relishing every moment of her lessons, and showing Kara that she herself was a quick study... Abigail was not sorry she lost her virginity to her new girlfriend and lover... But neither her nor Kara were looking forward to the weekend long sleepover.


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