[TW] Save me brothers, Save a sinner.
Rage, It was all that Thomas Callaway could feel after his battle with brain cancer and the chemo changing him. Hell, the family that adopted him were vampires and the father had seemed to catch on that he had killed plenty of people since the drug finally made him snap mentally. He had approached the Man on his eighteenth birthday and had asked him how many he had killed and Thomas had told him that he had lost count. The part that concerned Raiden was that his son had human meat stuck in his teeth and that he seemed to be eying his two brothers with carnal desire and yet he thanked god that he lusted after the male part of his family.

But the problem with his broken state is it was pissing off the council that he was drawing attention to the neighborhoods that housed a few covens. It was the unwanted attention of the slayers and as Thomas kept his mask on and his look of hate from the doctor, the elderly man spoke to him." How are you feeling Thomas?" The doctor asked, seeing the masked man tense up at the question and growl and noting the mental trauma that came from removing the tumor as he eyed Thomas' hands that were opening and closing, unknowing to the fact that Thomas was considering killing him. He wanted to so badly for making him this way even if the man was trying to help him at first. But after the visit was through, the father lead him to the car after paying extra for the nightly visit and for the doctor to keep his mouth shut that he served vampires." You did good Tommy, I know that was hard to keep your tendencies in control." He patted the giant who slammed a hole into the glove box screaming, letting out the built up rage. Raiden sighed and mumbled that at least the council would be pleased with no death tonight, though he wondered how long that would last.

That's when he came up with an idea through the observations that he made. The way he looked at his sons, how they could take the roughness and the beating more then any human could." I know what I must do." Raiden said with a sigh as he pulled in and first talked to his wife about it. Of coarse she said yes, knowing how much easier it would be on the family while also never faulting the boy for his anger. They were all predators here and the way the council was trying to force a couple of girls on the twins, knowing they were gay may also lead to some bloodied fun from a jealous Tommy. That and a changing in the council once they met a real predator, a monster among men. Raiden went to the boys and sat down on the bed next to the two vampires, running his hands through his hair and giving them an awkward look." I know you don't like the cuts that they are trying to force you to marry and well.... I also know soon they will come here and make you marry them. Or.... or you can take the one man that looks at you with lustful hunger and he will give them a lesson in respecting a mans ownership over another." He eyed Thomas' door as it slammed shut, the man going to clean his chainsaw for the next victim and give his meat hook a shining." Go to him and he will make sure the council respects your sexuality and wishes. I assure you boys. He loves you very much."
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