[Nonbinary] spicy request
Hello! Welcome to my very first 'quick' smut request thread!

So, to start with: I am currently interested in playing AFAB non-binary characters. This means that I want to play a character who was born with a vagina, has likely not had any surgical or hormonal treatment to physically transition from their original sex, and prefers to be referred to by gender neutral 'they/them' pronouns. I have no preference for what gender this character plays against. It is absolutely crucial that my character's gender identity not be treated as a fetish. If you refer to me or my characters as 'cuntboys' or 'trannies', I will immediately cease correspondence. No exceptions.

Now, when it comes to the actual smut, I have a wide variety of fetishes to choose from which can be found on my F-List. I am open to all kinds of things being incorporated from a content perspective, including but not limited to aliens, magic, superpowers, fae and fairies, monsters, etc. It's hard to put me off; I like or am open to most things.

Especially for short-term smut I am a big fan of playing through Discord, but PMs are also great.

Let me know what you think!

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