[TW] Brothers Charm, sisters love.
Hellish / daedric prince
The night was cold. Colder then usual seeing how the nip of fall started to grace the landscape of Virginias vast openness of farmlands and remote towns. Hell, the frost kissed everything it touched and threatened to make everything brittle with it's touch. But nothing was colder then the dregs that resided in the quaint town of Rocks End, a Virginia town where a lot of secrets were kept and one of them was a family of killers that seemed to take peoples lives with ease.

One of the family members was a man names Timothy Reinhart. The man stood at 6'3, cheerful around others and even in his earlier years gave people a smile unlike his family. Where everyone thought he was the odd one out with his family, his mom and dad found him to be the black sheep and proceeded to break him mentally with verbal abuse and physical torture to the point where his father told him that if he wanted to smile so much, he would help him and proceeded to carve a smile into his face saying he was a disgrace to the family.

This was about the time he started to feel the urge. To kill and yet he kept remembering the smiles everyone gave him and how they seemed to call him a good kid out of the five siblings he had and couldn't begin to fathom killing the nice people. So he decided to kill the worse of the worse, bad guys to get his anger out and grabbed a burlap sac, a black trench coat and shirt with some black jeans and steel toed black boots. He put this stuff on after cutting holes in the sack and grabbed an Machete and Butcher knife before going out for some midnight hunting.

His first victim was a man tearing at a womans shirt an getting ready to rape her before Timothy Came up from behind and stabbed the man with the butchers knife, yanking it up as the look of fear in the womans eyes heightened as the man gagged and whimpered before he dropped to the ground. The woman screamed, his hands going up trying to calm her until she finally just ran away as if he was going to stab the woman for screaming. this made Tim scream and go home, through the clothes into the water and taking a shower as his urge seemed to not be sated in the least. But how, how was he suppose to find out how to sate it without help from someone that might rib him for not either telling them or because he finally was the boy that the family had wanted him to be. 

Timothy sighed with defeat, stepping out of the shower and feeling a quick grace of cool air before drying up and getting dressed before heading to his sisters bedroom and hesitantly knocking." Sister.... I did something bad and need to talk." The man said in a broken manner, waiting for the woman to answer the door as his deep southern accent rang through the halls." I.... I killed someone and can't get the urge to kill to go away. I need advice."
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"Sister.... I did something bad and need to talk."

Her brother's voice filtered through the door to find her half-awake and still drowsy, her eyelids fluttering as she rolled over slowly in her bed, hand wiping at her face tenderly. Something bad. Ah, that was always quite a joke considering their family's history and what they did. It was amusing to know that he was the only one that had as of yet to feel any of the urges that ran strong through their lineage. It was even more of a joke that she was the one he'd turned to. She'd been a horrid child since she was young, though her parents had praised her for her cool demeanor and utter lack of remorse.

The Golden Child.

Amelia had always been what they had wanted. She'd been obedient to her parents wishes if not enjoying them, though she'd remained still mostly innocent as she'd aged. While Timothy's hands hadn't seen blood due to his own innocent nature, hers had simply been her age. She was younger than him by a year and a half, her face angelic despite the rotting carcass that was her mind. "Come in." She murmured to him softly as she pushed herself up in bed, her blankets a mess around her as she fought against the urge to fall back asleep. Though they were vastly different, she had always felt pity for the boy. He was a kind enough sibling but he was not like the rest of them. She envied him, almost, to live a life without the pressure and push from inside to destroy.

It was one of the things that had always made him stand out.

"So," Her grey eyes leveled at him, hypnotic even in her drowsy state, "You've finally become one of us." She motioned to the foot of the bed, "Sit. Tell me about it. Don't leave out the details." She spoke of murder as if it were nothing more than a simple dinner date her brother was returning from, but he had her full attention now. Even if she had never turned her urges upon a person, she envied those that had been given the chance. Instead, her monsters lie in waiting.
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Timothy wondered if she even believed him as he heard her stir to the knocks and request that he made. After all he was always the one that kept his mouth shut and yet didn't approve of his families mischief. Was it really that wrong that he killed this man, the guy was obviously scum and yet for some reason he had felt a rush as the mans life slowly faded from existence. But he needed to tell someone and see how they reacted before going to mother and father about being a monster that now followed in their golden childs footsteps. Did he do this just to be loved? No, he wanted to be a monster, to finally join the ranks and prove that he wasn't a black sheep while keeping his morals in tact.

But as he entered the room at her request, he held onto the knife while it stayed wrapped in a old dirty rage that he had in his room. He seemed to tower over his sister, even if they stood next to each other he would still do so and as he sat down, his toned arms seemed to tense up, visible to his sister since he was wearing a black wife beater with a pair of black jeans to compliment them. Though his emotions were hidden, it could be told he took great joy in killing this man." I found him trying to rape a woman. I felt anger and saw red as he played with her and finally.. the urge." His voice kind of broke, not knowing if this was right or not and yet it felt right in that particular moment." I stabbed him from behind, twisting the knife and working it in deeper and deeper before I finally yanked up and let the man fall. But it.... it felt amazing, the womans screams were sending chills and yet I felt like sex."

He couldn't believe he said that to his sister, yet remembering the kill made his body heat up and almost made him moan in Ecstasy. His eyes rolled to the back of his head just thinking about it and yet he felt also a sense of shame. But why, Why should he feel shame for killing scum. After a moment of getting back down from cloud nine, he slowly handed her the knife, the rag wet with the blood of a rapist and proof of his misdeeds." A gift for you, the first to be told that your brother is just as fucked up as the rest of the family." He blushed as he said this, as if there was more to the gesture then just that he wanted to gift it to her. But that he also dreamt about taking his sister for the last month over and over again in his sleep, even by force if she said no to him as if he was just as much of a monster as the man he killed.
Amelia was rapt as she paid attention to the story, trying to picture it all in her mind's eye and let it play out before her, her fingers twitching as she imagined the knife in her own hand, plunging it into someone. She enjoyed the sensation of a blade as it broke skin, the warmth of blood fresh from a body, and the gurgling bubbling choking sound of someone's ending breath. Everything about murder had become a romance to her, the emotions much the same in her mind. Her eyes closed as if she too felt every bit of it, a shiver running through her spine as her lips melted towards a smile.

Her hands wrapped around the dirty rags as he handed her the knife, pulling the cloth slowly away from the weapon. "Why now?" She asked after a moment as her finger ran over the dried blood still on the blade, tempted almost to lick it and taste the bitter copper. She didn't know if the man he'd killed was diseased, so she held back on her own strange urges. Instead, she set the blade aside and placed a hand tenderly on Timothy's shoulder. "You've been the one that has held out the longest. You can't blame yourself. It's in our nature." She murmured, almost as if she were comforting him, but her eyes were different from that.

There was fire there, a heat that couldn't be denied between her legs. Her family had been immoral from the start, it wasn't such a hard thing to imagine there were... Other urges that passed through them as well. "Why did you bring the gift to me?" She purred, her fingers sliding through his hair slowly, "You could have just as easily given it to our mother... But you chose... Me. Are there other things we perhaps need to bring out into the open?"
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Timothy was hot, he wanted to confess to Amelia right then and there that he was madly smitten by his own goddamn sister. But the thought made the man tense up, almost as if he was to expect a tirade of teasing should he even speak of them. Though just seeing her smile towards his story made him seem to ease up a little, almost to the point to where he was comfortable with what he did. Only criminals yes, but he still killed and he seemed to make his sister happy." Because the urge was too much and I finally felt the urge to purge a life. I felt pure fucking ecstasy from doing it to that fucking animal." His eyes rolled at the release that he felt, how killing the dirt bag had made him feel fulfilled and hungry for more." Just sinking the blade in was exciting, the woman's screams exhilarating. I wanted to be feared!"

He seemed manic and sadistic, but Timothy spoke the truth. For once he wanted to be feared, not in fear. Just watching Amelia run her finger over the blood made him feel like he did something right, he could tell his sister actually approved of his actions. He had finally made one family member happy. Though feeling her touch on his shoulder made him shiver, leaning into it and giving the woman her answer about why he didn't go to his mother first." Because..... Because...." He couldn't get it out, he felt so ashamed and his mind screamed that it was wrong and yet he said two words before kissing her deeply on the lips " Fuck it." Timothies kiss was passionate and loving her hand in his hair making him moan against her lips hoping that she was satisfied with his answer. Under his shirt was a tattoo on his back. it was of him holding her from behind with Amilia's lips parted seductively. under it it said, Daddy will keep you safe. As Timothy pulled away, he made the woman straddle him." Because I want to be your daddy, I want you to submit to me and let me be your lover."

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