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Hey there! Hopefully everyone's having a good day/evening/whatever time it is where you live. I don't want to take up too much of your time since I'm sure you all have busy lives, but while you're here I might as well tell you a little bit about myself. 

I am a 21-year-old university student (English Lit and Writing major) from the northern U.S.; I've been writing for as long as I can remember, even though I only discovered online roleplaying about five years ago. Since most of my personal projects have been heavily character-driven, RPing has always been pretty easy for me to slip into, and I've written in a number of different genres, from fantasy to comics-based, to modern slice-of life. I'm usually pretty flexible, and unless I really don't like something I'll try pretty much anything at least once. I appreciate a fair amount of OOC communication, usually over Discord but I can do PMs if that's most convenient for you. Basically I just want to make sure you're alive and still interested in the story. If you're no longer interested for whatever reason, just let me know. I'm fully aware that life happens and sometimes we have to cut out unnecessary claims to our time. 

When it comes to post length, I usually aim for something close to 300-500 words, although if I'm really feeling inspired I'll write more. Although there are plenty of writers who prefer single-paragraph posts, or posts that are only a few sentences long, I am not one of them. The more I have to work with, the better it is for everyone. 

To save you the trouble of reading it all here, you can find my current F-list at this link. And now without further ado, I have a few characters and stories I hope you'll find interesting!


Mutilation/Amputation/Serious bodily injury and death are major no-nos.

Watersports and Scat Play. Most bodily functions, like sweat or grime, go under this category as well. 

Those are the big ones, but I’ll be sure to clarify things if need be!


Pet play/breeding

Stomach play. Belly rubs, kisses, the works. 

A Strong Dom/Sub Dynamic. I'm pretty adaptable when it comes to this one. Master/slave stories are something of a favorite, but as you'll see in a bit I branch out at least once in a while. Just as a heads-up, I almost always write the submissive character in erotic roleplays, simply because it feels more natural and comes easier for me. I can play a Dominant, but I find that doing so gets rather exhausting, creatively speaking, after a little while.

Piercings & tattoos. These aren’t as important, but from an aesthetic standpoint they can really make a character stand out (i.e. tribal tattoos, or navel and nipple piercings. I’m not such a big fan of other piercings, oddly enough). 

Cuddling/Kissing and general affectionate behavior. What can I say, I’m a sucker for displays of affection, public or otherwise. This could also relate to Aftercare in the context of a BDSM plot. 

Some Plots I'd Like to See:

#1. To the Victor...

This story is more fantasy-based. In short, a human male warrior (my character) is captured by a tribe of Orcs, who give him to one of their best female fighters as a trophy, to use and abuse as she wishes. 

As with any other fantasy races, there are a lot of different versions of Orcs and to be perfectly honest not many of them can be considered all that attractive. For the purposes of this story, I’m envisioning a subspecies of Elves that have evolved over time into tall, well-muscled creatures, with physical adaptations that enable them to thrive in even the harshest of environments. For reference, I’m envisioning something a little like THIS, or THIS. Of course there’s plenty of room for diversity within the Orc race, but one thing I’d like to keep constant is the emphasis on strength, both physical and mental. In the story, most Orcs live in scorching deserts, barren mountains, or poisonous jungles–any place that strangers will think twice before entering. Centuries of brutal warfare and exploitation have done unspeakable damage to Orc values and culture, dividing the once-pacifistic Orcs into multiple warring tribes, and creating the incredibly racist stereotype that Orcs are savage, bloodthirsty brutes. 

In reality, the Orcs just want to be left alone, but they are always prepared for a fight if need be. Orc society functions as a meritocracy of sorts where strength and honor are traits highly prized. Weakness is a subject of disdain and ridicule, and those who are unable or unwilling to improve themselves are exiled from the tribe and left to survive on their own. Cowardice is a capital offense, especially in battle. There is a tribal chief, but he (or she) is subject to the same expectations as the rest of the tribe and a chief can be challenged to ritual combat if others believe themselves more worthy to rule. Males and females are treated as equals, although captives from other races are typically not afforded the same courtesy.

Your character would be a female warrior from one of these Orc tribes. I’d really like for her to be a former slave, who was kidnapped by humans and sold into bondage until she eventually found a way to escape and return to her people. As a result of her time in captivity, she understands human language and customs while nursing a serious grudge against mankind for all the abuse she suffered at their hands. Perhaps the tribal elders give the man to her in hopes that sexually dominating this human would be cathartic for her.

I’d love to discuss further details with whoever’s interested. There’s plenty of room to flesh out the world and any in-character interactions we might have, so hit me up with any ideas you’ve got!

#2. Love in Ones and Zeros

In the future, lifelike humanoid robots are no longer the stuff of speculation and science fiction. They work alongside humans, performing tasks that the general populace are unwilling or unable to do. Some even live with humans as companions or personal assistants. And then you have the Eroids. Despite the controversial implications of using such bleeding-edge technology for customers’ sexual gratification, a major tech company has dedicated itself to marrying private fantasy with new, tantalizing reality. Interested parties can specially order their Eroid to satisfy every fetish imaginable, customizing their new toy’s appearance, physical attributes, sexuality, and personality to make even the wildest of dreams come true. 

In this story, my character is a young man who’s attempting to cope with a recent breakup in a rather unconventional way. He orders an Eroid to fill the empty space in his life, but when it arrives at his door, it’s not exactly what he was expecting. The new droid is charming enough, but she quickly takes charge of her human lover in ways that start to make him question just who owns who in this relationship. It’s obvious that someone along the line made a mistake, but as the Eroid slowly conditions her human charge to obey her every whim as a sexual subservient, suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all. 

#3. Open, Please

A sexually-repressed young woman enrolls herself in an experimental lab program geared towards helping her overcome her inhibitions by training her to be the perfect little fuck toy. 

A lot of possibilities with this one, largely up to the discretion of the other writer(s) as long as it doesn’t go too far into Limits territory. The whole idea for this plot is to put this woman into situations that she agreed to take part in, but nevertheless is extremely uncomfortable with. Character’s gender doesn’t matter for this plot; male, female, nonbinary, anyone who’d be interested in taking this sexually frustrated young lady and turning her into a sex fiend is welcome to have a go. Likewise, due to the nature of this story I’m leaving things fairly open when it comes to bondage/S & M themes. You want to tie her to the wall and have your way with her? Sure thing! How about injecting her with a special serum that makes her super horny for a few hours? I thought you’d never ask. Use one hole, use all of her holes, it’s all fine. I’d like to be able to discuss what your character(s) do to her beforehand, just so we’re all on the same page, but for the most part I’m pretty flexible.

#4. Only Yours [Currently taken]

A feisty wood elf is sold to a human princess who wants to add her to the royal harem–but not before she’s been properly humbled. Not a whole lot to say here, except BDSM themes galore! 

This story is the only one I currently have on-hand that’s 100% FxF material. While I don’t usually deal with elements of heteronormativity/homophobia in my erotica, it’s worth noting that the princess in this story is treated as a bit of an oddity, since she has a clear preference for women. Her father indulges her wishes, but the rest of the country looks on her escapades with varying levels of displeasure. Although she comes off at first as an arrogant, dominating personality (which she absolutely is), she’s also very protective and caring towards the women under her care.
Bumping, since it's been a while and I've got new stuff!

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