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About Me

Hiya! I'm Plinky, a 21 year old woman living on the East Coast of the US. I have a weird schedule due to my job where Sunday-Wednesdays tend to the best for me, since Thursdays-Saturdays are my main working days. I work late shifts, so expect me to be around in the early afternoon, then around midnight and beyond.

I've been roleplaying for nearly a decade even though I was outright awful wasn't very good for the first six or so years. The past four or so, I've done it in video games (FFXIV: ARR, WoW, GW2, a couple more), through discord, and a couple of forum roleplays, but most of them have been in groups so I apologize if it takes me a while to shift into 1x1 formats!

OOC Roleplay Information

The character I main in every  roleplay will be female, but I could try playing male side characters even though they're not really my cup of tea. My post length usually depends on my partner, but I'd really appreciate at least two paragraphs so that I have something to work with. I really enjoy it when there's a back and forth between my partner and I, but obviously I understand that life comes first, as do other RP partners who have been waiting for you to respond. I will appreciate at least 1 post a day if not more, and I'd really appreciate it if you let me know you're not going to be around for more than a day.

In real life I'm gay and my in-character relationships tend to reflect that, but if you're a man with a plot that I really like I'll consider roleplaying with you. That being said, not all of my roleplays need to be completely based around smut (though I'd like to include it in virtually every case, unless it's a group roleplay). There is nothing more satisfying to me than a great story and I tend to balance 40/60 smut and story (respectively), usually with smut pushing the plot forward.

My preference for correspondence is Discord ( @Plinky#3372 in the server) because I'm on it all the time. Chat message limits are kind of annoying when it comes to longer posts, but it's what I've used for the longest time. I'm open to using the forums as well.

IC/Plot Information

Fantasy, please! I can't get enough of it!! I love Western medieval roleplay, but I've done a lot of them and would like to spread into other territories, like Eastern fantasy, tribal fantasy, steampunk with fantasy elements, and other unique locations.

I'll do modern roleplays, Cyberpunk, virtual reality, and things of that nature, but the only setting that I dislike and probably won't do is Sci-Fi, especially if it involves aliens. I'm just not into it, sorry.

I always have ideas floating around in my head for new characters that I want to play or stories I want to write out, but if you have plots of your own that you want to share I can almost always make a character that fits.

I'll keep this section updated with plots of my own, but I really want to just get this thread up for now. Thank you for reading and send me a private message here or on Discord if you'd like to set something up, chat, or whatever!

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