[TW] Misplaced Soul
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The Misplaced Soul

Name: Ashlan Thompson,  "Ash"
Age:  24
Gender:  Female
Species:  Human
Height:  5'3"
Weight:  128
Body Type:  Athletic,  on the thinner side
Hair color:  Blond
Eye color:  Blue/Green
Occupation:  Secretary
History:   Speak No Evil  Nope!

[Image: jW6OfAt.png]

Before the world had understood science, it understood magic. And from the very beginning, magic had been what ruled the world. It brought rain to the deserts and influenced kings and servants alike. Magic brought great kingdoms to rise and fall, and influenced great political decisions. With the rise of science, magic was temporarily forgotten, pushed to the sidelines as man learned in leaps and bounds. They conquered the land and soon took to the seas, the last great venture being to conquer the skies. It wasn’t until science started to reveal its shortcomings that magic started to resurface.

It didn’t take long for magic’s hold to swiftly regain its footing from all the lost years, turning into a trade that was just as profitable as any. But with its great resurgence came grave consequences to ignoring it for so many years. It was so much easier for a man to learn his trade in dark magic, as it was much easier to learn to enchant things poorly than to take the long way around. White magic, with all of the good it could do the world, was practiced by so few.

And it was because of that fact that so few trusted the magic dealers, though their spells and enchantments were things to be in awe of. They sold rings that could accurately predict your death and scrolls that could summon and demoness for a night, and even sold the occasional crystal ball to accurately predict a small amount of your (possible) future for up to a fortnight. They were miracles of modern magic, while cars were miracles of modern science, and people were just as in awe of them as they were when magic ruled supreme.

It was the promise of all that magic could do that made the young woman find herself in the small shop of wonders, her eyes large as she took in all of the oddities that surrounded her. For a good majority of her life, she had played everything safe. Her parents had laid out strict rules for her and had guided her to believe that magic was a thing of evil, and would curse her for all of eternity. They had raised her in the world of science and had encouraged her to find happiness in the mechanics of the world, to learn and study all that it had for her.

But mechanics didn’t fill her empty bed and mechanics didn’t stir her emotions in the way that all of the dealers promised they would. The shop had a small array of love spells and potions against the back wall that was decorated with enough frills and lace to make one sick. The salesman looked to be an honest man, his hair combed neatly against his head and his eyes a clear blue, a smile forever plastered on his lips. He watched her from afar as she perused the small selection, feigning interest in something across the aisle as she eyed a small potion.

He approached as she hesitantly moved towards the potion, pulling her hand back at the last second. “Oh, don’t worry. I can assure you that we hold our customer’s privacy before all else. I can… Explain these all to you, if you’d like?” He motioned towards the love potions and spells, and of course the rings that would find true love. She was hesitant, but she offered him a shy smile, her eyes moving towards the floor. “I, uh,” She played with her hands in front of her body and then her hair, not sure of how to explain herself to this stranger, “I would like that.”

She didn’t need to explain herself to him. He didn’t have to know the ins and outs of her failed love life. It had been a messy affair, from blind dates arranged by her friends to online dating that had ended in only disaster. She had ‘played the field’ since she was a young teen, but it seemed that love wasn’t in the cards for her. And she wanted it so desperately, dreamed of the fantasy life that she could have with a husband to love and a man that wanted nothing more than to live his life with her. Just them for ever and ever, amen.

Ash pressed her lips together as the man explained the bits and pieces to her with the most gentle of tones, picking up several of the items to show them how they worked. He was an honest enough seeming man, though she could tell that he was well practiced in the art of the trade. As they came to the rings, he offered one out, a simple ring that was cut princess-style and set in white gold. The stone in it was a soft pink in color - a true pink diamond, he assured - and was as clear as the sky outside. Her fingers moved over the smooth metal softly, entranced by the beauty of the craftsmanship.

It was such a lovely piece, and if it truly worked it would be the perfect thing for her. It didn’t generate false love like potions, it merely led you to the situation in which true love could be formed. The salesman smiled as he took her hand in his own, his tanned skin so deep in contrast to her porcelain flesh. He slid it onto her finger slowly, admiring the way the jewelry looked on her finger. “It suits you, if I may be so bold.” He said, running his thumb over her knuckles slowly. She felt her cheeks grow hot as he lifted her hand up, motioning towards a small dark pink piece that rose from the stone. It was a heart, the point at the end swirling slowly until it came to be fixed on one particular direction.

“That heart tells you the direction you need to head. The larger it becomes, the closer you are to your true love… And I will not lie, that is the… Largest I have ever seen it before. You must be so close to love. So close you can almost taste it, can’t you?” Her eyes were transfixed on the small heart, feeling her own heart racing in her chest. Even though he was practiced in his words, she could feel them ring so true in her chest. “You’re right. I am so close.” She closed her hand around his, feeling a small weight in her belly. “I want to… To buy it.”

The purchase was made in a matter of minutes, the girl signing away all of her life savings in such a short amount of time. But it would be worth it, she was sure, so very worth it to have love at last. She could win her money back, but there was no better time for her to find her love.

She set out immediately on her quest, letting it take her down roads that she didn’t know and up alleyways that were full of strangers. She watched with excitement as the heart grew larger, starting to throb slowly as she grew ever closer. Just another alleyway and she would find him, she was sure. As she turned the corner, she felt something - a punch to the chest that made her breath exhale and her eyes go wide. Without understanding, she found herself falling down to her knees, then down onto her side.

Her eyesight was fading as she found herself gasping for air, not comprehending. She heard him then, a deep voice from down the road - “Oh my god! Someone, call the cops. This girl has been shot!” He called out to the crowd that was staring at her, watching as she bled out in the streets. Out of all the onlookers, he was the only one that stopped to help her, getting on his knees by her head. He cupped her head in his hands, running his fingers through her hair. “Shh, you’re going to be okay. We have an ambulance coming. everything is going to be…” She couldn’t catch his last word, her eyes were too heavy.

And even as it stopped beating, her heart felt so full of him.

The girl’s eyes opened once again in a new place, the world full of light and people. They were staring at her, a council of men and women alike. Their faces were neutral but their lips grim. Before her, sat a set of scales, one side quite heavier than the other. “We regret to inform you,” The leader of them spoke, his voice gravely and monotone, “That your sins outweigh your deeds. Your soul is heavy with black magic. You will begin your descent. Farewell, Ashlan Thompson. May Satan have mercy.”

And again, the world was black.

When the world swirled back to her the first thing she was aware of was heat. It was awful, scorching, breath-sucking heat that made her lungs heave for oxygen and eyes squeeze shut. It was nearly unbearable, like a thick wet blanket that had been set on fire. She forced her eyes open.

“Oh… Oh god.” She couldn't say anything else to the scene before her of a vast and desolate wasteland before her, wind blowing grit and ash into her face and stinging her eyes. God… what had she done?
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(My OC, story starts next post)

Name: Thomas Beckland
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'
Weight: 220
Body Type: Muscular, but well proportioned
Hair Color: Brown 
Eye Color:  Brown
Occupation:  Bartender

History: Thomas, Tom to just about anyone who knew him, was a bartender at an Irish bar in New York City. It was a front for the Irish mob, but Tom was not a member, heling give legitimacy to the business. He was a very confident man, easily having good luck with the ladies, but was not tied down to any. He lead an exciting life, but not one where he seemed to take advantage of anyone else. One night, a rival gang attacked the bar and Tom was mistakenly shot and killed. He now finds himself in Hell, where he doesn't really belong.

[Image: tumblr_pehajrEGXr1sx622wo1_640.jpg]

Across the expanse of the wasteland, there were murmurs as a soul showed up on the edge, newly dumped there from the 'exalted ones' in purgatory. This is where they often showed up. The area was there to soften up the new arrivals, help break their spirit and drive. Then, usually some demon or devil showed up eventually to either impart the bad news and leave them to their own devices or scoop them up for some nefarious scheme.

The mood changed though, as news swept through that the soul didn't belong. It didn't belong! The hordes began to assemble at the edges of the giant wasteland as they prepared to fight over who would recover such a rare item. But before anyone could begin the onslaught against each other, a hush began to fall as messengers flitted between the different factions. Someone else has laid claim to the lost soul. Even with all the power behind these devils, they refused to move once they heard the news. They simply sat back and watched, eager to see what would become of this diamond in the rough.
Weak and trembling from the heat already, her hands found purchase in the crumbling ground to find hot stone beneath it, pushing herself slowly out of the dirt and into the air that whipped around her. Though her stomach rolled with uncertainty there was nothing that would be worse than laying here and accepting her face, nothing worse than rolling over and letting the undeworld have at her. Except, perhaps, to be killed like the piece of prey she could be viewed as. The voice in her head was cynical of her small piece of hope blossoming in her chest, her arms wrapping around herself as she tried her best to make sense out of the world that seemingly nothing but sand and heat. There was no true sun above her, but merely a world in which the sky was an endless and dinghy orange, making her think of a world in which a nuclear war had struck.

She spat grit from her mouth and forced herself to move forward, hanging on the precipice of a decision. Which way would suit her best? Her eyes scanned the distance and she could see immense shadowed figured that moved in the wreckage, her spine shivering involuntarily despite the heat. Not that way. Instead, she turned towards seemingly nothing. Then back. The path of least resistance was too easy to lure her away, her hands wringing her hair nervously as she started her path of uncertainty towards where the beasts lurked in waiting, hopefully unaware of her presence.
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[Image: FbuCdrz.png]
A small dust cloud rose from the edge of the wreckage in the distance. With no sun, there was no glinting, but there was a slight metallic shimmer from the front of it. It began to grow as it approached her, with a second, larger cloud following the first. The immense heat caused anomalies that made it hard to gage the distances of the clouds from her.

Then she heard it. Faint at first, but as it grew louder it was more recognizable. The sound of a motor. One not in the best shape, but one nonetheless. It was carried by the wind as the cloud approached. Then she could see it. A figure on a motorcycle, racing straight for her. As it approached, the other cloud gained features as well. A swarm of figures, maybe running, or galloping. It was hard to tell.

The motorcycle finally got close enough to see it and the driver clearly. It was a cruiser, very old and banged up, the motor occasionally backfiring. A tall man rode it, dressed in a very dusty black leather jacket, black shirt and jeans. A large pair of googles were over his eyes and his brown hair whipped in the wind. He slowed down, turning in front of her and stopping.

He looked back quickly at the other approaching cloud, then back to her. He held out his hand. "Quick! Get on! Unless you want to become their new plaything!" His head jerked back at the approaching horde and waved his outstretched hand, beckoning her.
There wasn't time for thoughts or careful debate as the stranger pulled up and offered her an escape, his hair wind tossed and body language hard to read in such a landscape. But even still she hesitated, taking another glance at the creatures seemed to loom ever nearer, her teeth biting her lip as she fought with the idea of jumping on a motorcycle, which she hadn't even ridden in life. He looked everything like what her parents had told her would bring trouble but... How much more trouble could she be in if she were in Hell already?

Her hand took his nervously and there was no more time for hesitation, her body sliding behind his as she slid onto the bike, her arms wrapping hesitantly around his waist. Fear was a beast that had coiled in her stomach and now rose into her throat, pulling away her words as she pressed her face silently in between his shoulders and held onto him. In her mind she could picture a thousand horrors that could happen to them if she had waited too long, of everything that could go wrong.

But for this very moment, she was safe.
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[Image: FbuCdrz.png]
As he pulled up and spoke to her to get on, he couldn't help but notice her beauty. Such a rare thing here. An innocent beauty. No wonder the hordes were after her. He hoped that she was not too out of sorts to realize the dire strait that she was in. As she got on the bike and wrapped her arms around him, he breathed a sigh of relief and was also strangely comforted for just a moment. The touch of another human, it was a welcome thing. How long had it been? He shook the thought off, needing to concentrate on the task at hand.

Just as he put the cruiser in gear, the engine sputtered and died. "Shit!" He checked the gauges and the cables he could reach. He also opened the fuel intake and then tried to start it, slamming down on the kick starter hard. "Damnit! No no no! Not now!" The cruiser was something he had found and managed to repair in secret, but he knew it was not the most reliable. He looked back at the horde, which was flowing ever so closer to them. Beasts and devils could now be seen in the front, galloping and running toward them, their maniacal screams and hoots carrying on the wind toward them.

He desperately opened the throttle all the way and slammed down on the kick starter over and over. The cruiser sputtered once, than again, then caught on the third try, roaring to life. He did not let up, allowing the machine to leap away. He steered them toward the far side of the wreckage seen on the horizon, opposite from where he had come.
Just as she thought they would be safe the motorcycle sputtered and her heart fell, her arms grasping tight around him. Her heart rose again to reside in her chest as she glanced behind them spotting the creatures so close to grabbing them and making them victim of whatever tortures had been stewing in their terrible minds. "No no no no!" She held onto him as he frantically tried to get it working again, her anxiety rising to a new level as he struggled and fought.

Ash's hands gripped his jacket tight as he slammed the kickstarter repeatedly, letting out a sharp scream as it roared back to life, jerking her body just a half second after her arms had closed around him once again. Her body trembled and her face buried again between his shoulders to stop the grit from hurting her face, and though she was terrified... She was smiling, laughing nearly frantically as she clung to a man she didn't even know on a bike she wouldn't have dared to ride in her life.

As her courage slowly returned, her head picked up from his spine and she cried out over the wind, "That was amazing!"
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[Image: FbuCdrz.png]
He didn't realize until much too late that he had almost lost her. And to think, he risked himself to only have it fail at the very end? He was lucky and that didn't happen often around her, not at all. She laughed as he drove them at top speed away from the horde, to a place he thought they could hid. He frowned a bit. He hoped that she wasn't already loosing it. It would be very hard to keep her safe if she started breaking down already.

When she picked her head up and yelled to him, he looked back at her momentarily. Her face was quite lovely. Most people turned to look more like their inner selves here and since this was Hell, that usually wasn't pretty. She, on the other hand, might as well have been an angel. He turned back to watch his driving as he thought about her statement. Truth be told, it was one of the most exciting things he has done in some time.

"Yeah, after the terror has worn off, that was pretty cool!" He yelled back to her. "Look, we are going to find a place to hide and then I can tell you more. For now. just hold on!" He gunned the cruiser again, getting a little more speed out of it as they neared the wreckage, which looked like the remains of a small town.
For now, he wanted her to hold on. And hold she did, her arms around his chest tight as her cheek lay in the soft spot between his shoulder blades. The helllscape passed by them in nearly a blur for her, eyes half shut as she watched the scenery change and morph until she didn't want to see anymore. If she closed her eyes she could almost lie to herself about where she was and pretend that she was somewhere safer, having a glorious blind date with a handsome stranger and going through the most exciting adventure of her life.

But this was Hell, and try as she might to not see the world for what it was, even above the whipping of the wind around them she could hear the desperate wails for help and the screams of agony as other souls were tortured, torn apart, or laying in endless suffering. She forced her eyes open and peered over his shoulder, looking at the quickly approaching town on the horizon. "Is that where we're going?" She called out over the wind, trying her best to make sense and plan through this insanity she'd been dumped unceremoniously into.
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[Image: FbuCdrz.png]
As they rode on he did his best to avoid some of the more terrible aspects around them. Souls left in the wasteland, no longer of use, their wailing and endless assault on the ears. The piles of demon corpses, sacrificed or just discarded out her. He tried his best to give a wide berth to all of it, he found it bad enough, but to a newcomer it was probably terrifying. No, he thought, it was terrifying. He should know, he was a newcomer once.

He looked back for a moment at her question, then back ahead of them. "Yes," he called back to her. "It's an old demon town that has been abandoned. We can hide there for now. Something about it keeps many of the demons away. I haven't figured out what yet." They rode on a bit longer in silence. "It's where I found this and was able to fix it up." The cruiser continued to roar across the landscape as the got near the edge of the town.
Ash watched the approaching town in a mix of horror and benign curiosity, the old buildings looking like skeletons of what had been here before. The landscape of Hell was nothing quite like what she’d imagined it would be. She had always pictured screaming bodies and brimstone, broiling fires and nothing but agony endless. This place resembled earth in so many ways but was still drastically different. Without sunlight there was an endless sky and everything smelled of… Death. Yes, that she was sure was what hung in the air, tickling her nostrils.

“Are you sure it’s safe?” She asked over the wind, her hands giving him a gentle squeeze. She couldn’t even truly be sure if he was safe, though she had no option but to trust him. He was the only thing in this chaos that made any sense. Of course someone would come and save a young woman in distress, even in a world of nonsense that was perfectly logical.
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