[Any] Rai's Request for lots of RP
Many ideas can be found here, but please feel free to DM if you are interested in RPing with me at all.
Howdy, the name's Rai. I'm not good at small talk, but I love to write and role play. I seek to kick my muse back into overdrive again and thus I've organized (and will update as and when I obtain new ideas or thoughts) the google folder linked here. Feel free to have a look at both the worlds and ideas I have, and muses I have written up over the years. Something catches your mind feel free to check it out!

All text in Blue, are in fact links, check em out!

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Edit: I’ve added some more solid ideas I have down at the bottom, take a look!

The following are themed little broad ideas, some have a document tied to them, most don’t.
TV show Themed
  • Power Rangers (My favorite is G1/2, SPD, and honestly loooots others)
Anime Themed
  • Sailor Moon-ish (can follow canon or not, I'm down for either. I can easily make OCs)
  • MLP: (Yes I have 3 pony OCs)
    • Student of Discord [Night Star (F), Star nebula cutie mark]
    • Restless Star [Star Stride (M), Open book with black wings, lightning bolts either side cutie mark]
    • The Fallen King [Syris (M)/Vera (F), Book and Quill cutie mark]
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise [Mostly G1/G2 but will run with anything]
  • Pokemon (Firion is my character for Pokemon, find him under the other
  • Digimon
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Inuyasha
  • Yu Yu hakusho
Fantasy Themed
  • Angels and Demons
  • Dragons
  • Dungeons and Dragons!
Video Game Themed
  • Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Rune Factory
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Diablo 3
  • Minecraft
  • Silent Hill (Defiantly want this and feel free to not go by canon, as it's the theming of the thing I love)
Undertale Themed
  • Undertale/Delta Rune: (Really choose an alternate universe ya like, or choose one of my Undertale/Delta Rune muses in the archive)
  • Horror themed AUs
Bionicle Themed (Yes I still like this, and yes I have sort of started writing stories for these, I just wish for a co-writer and co-storyteller.)
  • Bionicle: Tales of Time.
  • Bionicle: The Hero from Another World.

The following are Ideas tied specifically to documents.

  1. A Strange new world - In This, My character is born when the Wither and Ender Dragon’s powers collided at the same time upon an egg of the Ender Dragon, giving birth to my character. The Dragon manages to banish the Wither from their dimension, but in the banishing, a blast of energy happens to knock the newly hatched character down to the Overworld, where said character falls and makes a crater, where upon they are found by another character (this can be your own Standing for the player characters Steve/Alex) My Character has no memory of who they are, where they’ve come from or anything of the sort. They possess powers similar to the Ender creatures and Nether creatures. [As far as a plot goes it’s broad, we can add creatures from other mods from Minecraft as you like and brainstorm of all sorts of things that can happen to this character (and the player character if you so choose to play one)]
  2. Diablo 3 - More I would like to focus on the Angelic and Demonic wars, the Document only outlines who the characters are from the Wiki, but for Setting we can really use all three Diablo games as you like (I just think 3 has more story to mess with) The character I’d be using is thus: Lariel, The Eternal Judge . She has thus far been absent from the chaos, but something causes her to be knocked down to the Mortal realm in form of human (or perhaps someone locks her there?) I’d be down for brainstorming a more solid idea.
  3. Little Cafe Tale - The idea of this is kind of based off Little Dragons Cafe.. But I ended up combining it with Undertale aspects to form a world all it’s own. The Trio here would be played by Myself, and either 1 or 2 others, the other characters played by whoever takes over as main narrator. I saw this going that the trio of siblings were important to the main villain who I never outlined in the document. So more brainstorming would be needed there.
  4. Phantom Spirit: Legacy of the Gods - Oh boy this one. So the document I link here is just the outline of characters, important locations, etc of the land of Oracia, a land where Balance is in flux. It has its own creation mythos with the twin dragons Caias and Ceulios. But since I can’t make my brain think in an evil light I haven’t been able to flush it out. I’d need a narrator to help with this for sure, one who can play villains. I would be playing DElphina Eulias, a young seer with severe confidence issues. (unbeknownst to her, she is in fact the aspect of Light hidden away in mortal body). The other two characters are Valdorean, a master dark/fire mage and hidden aspect of Darkness, and Luthien, a Mortal paladin who worships Syanas and Alverdine.
  5. The Underwater Planet of Ki'Railain - This is a fun little world I made that takes a lot of cues from Subnautica. It mirrors the sexism here on earth, but this time around It’s women being sexist (oh joy.) The story would take place about 3 generations after the “Mandatory Battle mage” law was put into effect by the late High Queen. What this law was, was that anyone, male or female, who showed signs of magic during their time at the boarding school every child goes to, would  be given a choice, either go willingly into Battle Magi service and keep your rank and be rewarded, or don’t and have everythign stirpped away and be forced to do so anyway. Of course not everything is as peachy as they appear on the surface of things, My character is one whose magic is being hidden constantly. The only survivor of a leviathan (one that goes off the scales as far as the inhabitants have started classifying them) attack on an outlying colony near the “Drop Off” (this being a sheer cliff face where all you can see if black ocean of nothingness for miles and miles. I would like to explore the Leviathans themselves, having N’kari have to go past the Drop Off, finding more about herself and these creatures with whom she has night terrors of regularly. And many many more ideas.
  6. Delver's Dale and the Lafaunte Family - So this one I’ll say right off I never had a solid idea of what to do with this town and family. The Patriarch and Matriarch of the family are corrupt, taking bribes and the like. The Eldest son in line to follow his father, but the oldest daughter, Aster (My character here) wants nothing to do with any of it, and refuses outright to submit to an arranged marriage between herself and the head of what is essentially the mafia in this world. So of course, late in the night, she takes off in a covered wagon and a horse and now tries to stay under the radar, traveling and hiding her identity. Right off the bat you’ll notice ASter’s a Skeleton. This really did start as an Undertale-ish thing, but it doesn’t have to be. I can easily slot this into any fantasy world I like.
  7. Queen Or Lady Astera Laroux - I have two versions of essentially the same character. Astera Laroux is a Queen, or consort in a court. She is a fierce woman who holds a court that commands fearsome men that, while not “explicitly” doing her bidding, she manages to talk them into quite a lot of things. She uses her resources well and effectively runs the kingdom.
  8. Sidhe court - I'd love to explore my Fae boy Tarine's backstory, as a former member of the Sidhe courts. I'd love to discuss plots and such please!
  9. Made a couple of new characters. First is Jack, as in Handsome Jack from Borderlands. That there being my own take on the character while keeping at least true to most of the canon lore.

    the second is my male Siren from Borderlands, named Carrus. He comes with his own lore in an alternate universe of Borderlands' universe lore.
    I'd definitely be wanting to RP with others in the universe, canon or otherwise.

    For Jack I'd either be able to have him somehow fall into another universe with a Jack that took a far darker path for some Jack on Jack fun, or otherwise play out his fall.

    For Carrus I'd love someone that can play Jack, that might help me make this alternate universe more fleshed out. In it Jack is indeed the Anti-Hero turning into a villain, but beleives he's far better than the Vault hunters and Pandorans are.
  10. A third character I've made for Borderlands is Serafine, another male siren who is jack's second born, born after angel dies. He is actually a clone that's been told he's Jack's son. plot wise we can do a lot with it, an alternate universe, serafinecould be attempting a phase shift and it goes wrong, sending him into another universe. Lots can be done here with a character I haven't fully nailed down.
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