Hi everyone! I am brand new to the site! I took a little break from RP but I am back and so excited to meet new people and write with some great partners!

My style is typically vanilla type love scenes and the sweet and sensitive kind but I am willing to experiment and try different types as well! I usually write in third person but first person is always great as well. The great part of my style is that I am always listening to my partner and if they like something to be changed then I go for it. Plus my charm is amazing as I have been told lol!

On the Male Characters forum I posted some story ideas that I would love someone to message me if they are interested. I can’t wait to start writing with some of you and I always encourage you alll to message me because my inbox is always open!  I promise to always reply within 24 hours and I promise you will not be disappointed. Hope to hear from you all soon!
Hello and welcome to the Red Light District!

I'm the owner, Dae. If you have questions you can always reach me by PM!
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