Is roleplay "taboo"?
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Do you think roleplaying is "taboo"?

Do people in your life know that you roleplay?

As for me, I think it is taboo, but I don't hide that I'm a writer. I don't always talk about the adult nature of my writing, but I do talk about story lines
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I don't think role-playing is taboo per se., maybe. Because I do think of it as trashy and I never use the term "role-play" to describe what I do. Mostly because the impression I think it leaves people with is of something childish or geeky.

I'm a writer and I may still be playing games and all but if I'm talking about it at all, I'd rather others not know I'm wasting time. There's enough expectation as there is of "the book" a writer works on, always talks about, and never seems to go anywhere.

And I'm in the same boat as you, dae. Nobody knows about the smut. It wouldn't be the end of the world but again, let's not paint a picture of exactly what it sounds like I'm doing in my alone time.
I don't hide what I do. I play roles that I write. nor do I hide that I do so with smut. My husband encourages it in fact, as he and I aren't sexually engaged, but that's our business and I don't care what others think about it.

RPing is my way of therapy in a way. I suffer a mild form of PTSD, I am highly anxious, depressed, and autistic. I write to help me cope. It helps me make friends, and lets me just escape when I need to escape and express myself creatively.

If I didn't have this I'd be far more destructive, and likely suicidal still. But as I do have RP to let all this out. I'm perfectly fine.
I wouldn't say that roleplay is taboo, but it's become the disconnection of meaning vs stereotype. What do I mean by that; let's face it, the word 'roleplay' nowadays is commonly associated with one thing: sexual intercourse between partners in the bedroom looking to spice up their life. That itself, has become taboo because a broken marriage is taboo, in the judgmental views of the majority, unfortunately. Ergo, anything associated with a taboo concept, whether it is or not, will automatically become taboo itself by force.

I myself tell no one (except my sisters) I roleplay. It's a secret i've kept with me for a while. First things first, my mom wouldn't understand and she would think it's sexual and then interfere in my life. Second, my friends (the very little that is left) wouldn't understand anyway so they're outta the picture. Unfortunately, I just feel it is VERY EASILY judged by those who don't understand it.

Take for example the US. If out of 325,000,000 people, only 25 million people roleplay, that's only 7% of the country. and let's say that half the remaining 300,000,000 are judgmental about the concept of roleplaying as I explained above, that's still 150,000,000 people and the rest, while not judgmental, just don't understand it.

It's a shame as Roleplaying is such a beautiful thing. Wish it was far more open.

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