Newcomer's Guide
Newcomer's Guide
Welcome to Red Light District Roleplaying.

We are an adult writing community that is comprised of 18+ writers who wish to enjoy 18+ content. We are a new site, which was created in May 2018. We welcome writers of all statuses, whether you're an old salt or if you're just starting out. Come learn about yourself and fulfill your fantasies in the Red Light District.

Regardless of your knowledge of role-playing, your first stop should always be the rules of the site. Please make sure you read them carefully and understand them. If you ever have any questions, our staff is always ready and eager to help anyone on the site. You can also tell us how you found us.

Once you have read all about us, we would love to read all about you. Come and introduce yourself to the rest of the patrons on the site. You don't have to say much, but we would love to learn a bit about you and your interests. It's always a good thing to say what you're looking for in a partner and a little bit about how you found the site, but anything you're willing to post is great!

Before hopping into your request thread, we highly suggest you fill out your profile. This will tell us about who you are as a role-player and let us know what you're interested in.

To modify your profile, click on User CP in the top left corner. You should have a sidebar that has the option "Edit Profile".

There are custom items that will help people understand about you as a person and role-player, such as your search status (actively seeking, not seeking, hiatus) and an option to link your f-list.

All of this information will be readily available on both your profile and mini-profile. A mini-profile is what will be shown beneath your avatar in each post. It includes: F-list link, post amount, join date, search status, and online status. You can modify: f-list link, and search status.

All of this can be edited at any time through your profile controls.
To create an f-list account, please go to: 

F-List Tutorial

To create an f-list, you must register an account on

Once you do so, you will create a new character.

[Image: zWVgfCG.png]

After you create a character, the most important thing is to update your kinks. This will tell people what you are and are not interested in role-play wise. You can specify your favorites, ons, maybes, and offs.

[Image: HLNik0J.png]

Request Thread

The request thread is the most important part of your role-play search! We have four sections that you are able to post your request thread in. It is separated by the gender of character you prefer to play.
If you play exclusively male characters, you will post a request thread here.
If you play exclusively female characters, you will post a request thread here.
If you play exclusively non-binary characters, you will post a request thread here.
If you play any gender character, you will post a request thread here.

Please remember that you are only allowed three request threads per section. You can only bump your thread once every 24 hours.
Also remember, if the request thread is not yours, do not post in it. Use our Private Messaging system to reply to request threads.

Curious on what to include in your request thread?
Include information that others should know about role-playing with you. Do you have rules that are more strenuous than the site itself? State them. Do you have any particular things that really tickle your pickle? Talk about it! The request thread is about you. Talk about what you're looking for, what is your ideal partner, and your preferred medium (threads, IMs, e-mail, discord). 


Our role-play area is divided by the amount of players involved. We have: one x one roleplays (for only two players), members only (includes one x one, group, and open, only visible to registered members), and group (for 3 or more role-players).

If you aren't sure of where your role-play belongs, ask a member of the staff! We are more than willing to help you. If it gets kinkier than you anticipated at the start, we can move it to a more appropriate forum.

Members only is the only forum which will allow you to have a password protected forum. In order to get a password protected forum, you must contact a member of the staff to request a forum for you.

Label all roleplay threads with the users that are participating in the roleplay.
Use the topic description portion to tag usernames. It should be done as: Username / Username.

This helps the staff to notice unusual activity and helps us keep track of things.

Tagging System

We use a tagging system here on RLD to make sure that guests and other members have warnings for the contents of your thread. It also helps users to find people with similar interests.

Our tagging system's primary function is to warn possible readers of triggering content. This is done as a courtesy to those who may read your thread. Use the tag function to select the tag "[TW]". Please use this whenever your thread may contain: non-consensual materials, assault, mentions of child abuse, domestic violence, etc.

We also use our tagging system to warn of NSFW images in threads. If your thread contains any images that are NSFW, please use the "[NSFW]" tag.


Discord is our replacement for an on-site chat. Usually that handy widget down at the bottom right would link you to the chat, but the server that hosts the widget is down, so instead, CLICK HERE TO JOIN!
Please do not PM this account. This is a generic account for administration purposes only. If staff attention is needed, please contact daedric prince or Machiavelli.

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