Newcomer's Guide
Newcomer's Guide
Welcome to Red Light District Roleplaying.

We are an adult writing community that is comprised of 18+ writers who wish to enjoy 18+ content. We are a new site, which was created in May 2018. We welcome writers of all statuses, whether you're an old salt or if you're just starting out. Come learn about yourself and fulfill your fantasies in the Red Light District.

Regardless of your knowledge of role-playing, your first stop should always be the rules of the site. Please make sure you read them carefully and understand them. If you ever have any questions, our staff is always ready and eager to help anyone on the site. You can also tell us how you found us.

Once you have read all about us, we would love to read all about you. Come and introduce yourself to the rest of the patrons on the site. You don't have to say much, but we would love to learn a bit about you and your interests. It's always a good thing to say what you're looking for in a partner and a little bit about how you found the site, but anything you're willing to post is great!

Please click each of the below spoilers to learn more about the subject!

Please do not PM this account. This is a generic account for administration purposes only. If staff attention is needed, please contact daedric prince or Machiavelli.
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