[Female] Don't Mind Some Fur
I'm just going to start by saying that I'm primarily looking to play an anthro/furry character opposite a human/human-like character.  Though you're free to mix and match, I would prefer to stick to my guns for mine.  In any case, I only use art based references, so please do not ask me to use a real life face claim.  

-I use third person pov almost exclusively.  If you REALLY want me to use first person, I may be willing to comply, depending on the situation.
-I always post at least one paragraph, but I'm known to ramble on sometimes.  Hopefully it won't be too much of an issue, but I ask that you give me enough to work with.  I've tried to put effort in even when my partner hasn't, and I end up getting bored or frustrated.  
-I tend to have a couple hours most nights to post, so I'll probably be on daily.  Sometimes more, sometimes less, but that's about my schedule.  As for my partner, I don't want to force anything but in the event that you can only post once or twice a week, I'll probably end up looking for a second or third rp to play alongside.  Hope this isn't offensive to you, and I'll still respond to you!
-I have several plots down below I wish to do, in order from most wanted to least wanted.  That said, I'm not married (in any sense of the word lol) so I'm open to discussion.  My rps tend to be mood heavy and dark, but I'm totally up for something lighter if that's what you'd like!  
-Story is very important to me, and I'd want it to be the basis for any rp I do.  I would like at least a 50% ratio of story, if not more, but definitely not less.


1. I Don't Feel Very Welcome...
This story is very loosely inspired by this cute but very sad comic.
The world is one dominated by humans, with the furry population being oppressed and considered of a lower class.  Recently, efforts have been made to lessen the divide; as a result, MC, an 18 year old furry girl, is being transferred to an all human school.  Yet she will find that it will be a very uphill battle, as all she will find is racism, bullying, and abuse.  YC is just another of these humans in her class, though he might just decide to go against it all and be the only one nice to her.  Maybe even be her friend.
Whether his intentions are genuine and the story turns into a romantic tale of two lovers from worlds apart, or just that he has certain fetishes that others don't and coerces her into being little more than his personal pet to do with as he pleases, that would be up to you!

2. Through the Furhole
This story is based on dimensional travel as seen in... well, literally everything.  So we'll call it original hehe.
What would happen when YC is walking through the park, and the next thing he knows, he falls through a wormhole and wakes up in the same park?  Except apparently it's not the same... since all around him, he sees... furry people instead of regular people!  And of course, how would they react to seeing a furless creature like him?
We can make this a sort of comedic adventure or a more serious one.  I'm sure the government would love to get its hands on him for experimenting.  

3. The Blob, But Not As You Know It
This story is loosely inspired by the latter half of this very kinky comic (NSFW).
A scientist works day and night to create the perfect being.  Mixing and matching all sorts of DNA, she is very close to a breakthrough.  Yet her mad science ends up creating a sentient blob that can morph itself into anything and anyone it chooses, though it requires a host to feed upon daily to keep up its strength.  And what does this blob feed upon?  We'll just say it's NSFW!

4. The Empress
This is pretty much an original story based in a made up fantasy realm.  The title character I drew inspiration based on this image.
The lands of a fantastical empire are ruled by a singular entity.  Her excessive magical abilities have kept her in power, and subsequently, in the prime of her life, for thousands of years.  Yet she rules over a number of different races and lesser kingdoms, and more and more, turmoil grips the land.  Whether unable or unwilling to use her vast magic to quell the constant uprisings, utterly annihilate a rebellion lord's castle, or any other number of instances, this has allowed the empire to start to crumble.  
Your character can be any number of personages:
-a scheming lord who plans to steal the title of Emperor for himself, though of course with her as his personal prize
-a downtrodden fighter who takes up his father's magic sword with the intention of freeing his people from the rule of the empress once and for all
-her closest advisor, who has been manipulating her and is the cause for the downfall of the empire, and of course a forced lover
-a mere servant who has enough with being whipped, and dares his way into her chambers; if he's going to die, he's going to get something he's always wanted, though he might be surprised by her reaction...
-a primitive yet ambitious barbarian chieftain who plunders his way to her palace and intends to take her as his personal trophy
-a dark warlock who calls on forbidden magicks and creatures and plans to steal her away for his own nefarious deeds
-her long lost younger brother, who has been trapped in a time portal leading an ancient army, and seeing the chaos in the lands, decides he needs to take her title for himself
-a demon lord summoned into the realm by a desperate, corrupt, and stupid lord; when he defeats her in magical combat, he will be sure to use her as his puppet, in more ways than one...
Thought I'd add another story I thought might be cool, and give a fantasy try this time.  Please note that I want to specifically play an equine character for this story!

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