[Female] Discord's Desires- Seeking Wonderful Wordsmith
Wordy girl seeks wordy boy
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Ⅰ. Introductions
Ⅱ. Samples
III. Plots
Ⅳ. Inspiration
Ⅴ. Misc


Firstly, hello~

I thought it high time that I took this opportunity to make this thread and also, to formally introduce myself. For all intent and purpose, I am Discordia. You may call me Wretched or if that does not suit your fancy, then find a nickname that we will both enjoy (if you'd like the conversation to continue without animosity don't call me 'babe', 'baby', 'hun', or 'honey', you've been warned). Either way, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I’m sure as you read, you’ll learn more and more about this reclusive little doll.

Let’s begin with: I'm sure that the majority of you that stumbled upon my humble request forum were intrigued by the title. Which is exactly what I had hoped for. In a world filled to the brim with shiny, new requests populating the Female Request forum, hourly, if not by the minute, I needed something to set myself apart and entice you, dear reader. So, you have the aforementioned title.
The title, while acting as clickbait, was also meant to give you an inkling as to what it is I'm searching for- a literary genius who can construct sumptuous verbal masterpieces that leave me begging for more.

I certainly don't think that this is too outlandish of a request, do you? If you answered yes, then kindly see yourself out as I have no time to waste on explaining my desires. After all- this is my request forum and you clicked on my ad~
In that same vein, do not expect a kind response should you take a glimpse at my provoking title and send me a message that suggests that I look at your profile. This isn’t how this works. If you’d like to start something with me- write a title that captures my attention and innately makes me go “Ooh, what have we here?” In short: if you don’t take the time to write me a thought out request, whether that be a basic plot idea or something I’ve already offered, how can I expect you to spend time on your replies? I can’t, simple as that.

But enough of my drivel, let's get down to brass tacks. As the title clearly states I am looking for someone who, in lame man's terms, is literate if not a little wordy. I fashion myself as someone who can write and write at least, well. That being said, I am certainly no avatar of perfection but I expect my partner to proofread and use the tools at your fingertips to edit posts as needed. I won’t fault you for small grammatical errors as I’m sure that avid writers here have already seen numerous mistakes throughout this entry. I am no grammar or spelling nazi but a well thought out, structured post is a must. Of course, having a voluminous vocabulary at your disposal will certainly have me swooning. Yes dear reader, woo me with your words!

So, there is at least one of my demands but there is a second and perhaps even a third- have I lost you yet? No? Oh good and here I was starting to worry. 

My next request, followed shortly behind the ‘must be able a writing genius", is that the story we endeavor upon be majority plot. Before you jump ship, please, read on- there will be smut. If I didn't want smut, I’d be writing this rather lengthy request in the PG-13 section. I am by all rights, a pervert and I enjoy sex as much as the next woman. Our story will have sex, rest assured but I do not want sex to linger on for an innumerable amount of days. I enjoy my plot and it will get me far more excited than writing endless amounts of finger banging or oral ever could (although both are very nice). 
If I were to give this a number, a ratio to be exact, I would request that the ratio (plot to smut) would be somewhere around 80/20 or 75/25. If a scene calls for a roll in the hay, by all means, let’s strip ourselves and be those hormonal youths that can’t get naked quick enough. However, if it’s forced, I won’t be enjoying myself. 

Alright, so we’ve got the literacy, the plot to smut ratio, what else am I forgetting. Only about a million and two things. So, let’s go into the frequency in which you receive responses. and where I prefer to write. 

I am a very busy woman. I’ve got priorities outside of my Internet life and I love breaking this to you but they hold precedence over our writing. That being said, I will try my damnest to let you know when or if I will be away from my keyboard for an extended period of time or if I just need to recharge my brain for a few days. Please understand that like any artist, I have bouts of dry spells in which anything I write looks like a steaming pile of trash. Be patient with me but by the same token don’t pester me for a response because then our writings will become a chore and I’ll lose interest- quickly. 

And speaking of losing interest; if I happen to no longer find our story appealing- I will tell you. I don’t make a habit of simply disappearing on my partners. I find it very rude. If I’m no longer feeling that chemistry then I will terminate our play. This won’t be done out of spite or even hatred but more out of a lack of interest. If this should happen, perhaps we can start something new? Don’t be afraid to ask! 

Presently, my preferred (and presently only) method of roleplaying is that of, you guessed it, private messages. Yes, it is wonderful to have samples of past writings so that others might easily find you but therein lies the problem for me- being found. I love receiving warm messages that state how much an onlooker or follower of my thread, is enjoying the story but I've my own personal reasons why I prefer to stay out of the limelight.

Which leads me to an extremely sensitive subject: my privacy. 

If any of you have read my journal or even my post in the welcoming thread, you’ll know that I was very reluctant to post anything out in the public eye because of past negative experiences. So, because of this scare, I will not tolerate any sort of talk that provokes me into talking elsewhere- this includes but is not limited to Skype, Facebook, Kakao, Whisper, Snapchat, Omegle, Texting, or any other form of social media platform your brain can conjure. I am here to write. I’m not here to sate your need to find a bitch or even a dirty little whore. In fact, I am neither of those to you. We are writing partners. That. Is. IT
My personal information is precisely that- personal. If you want to see the greatest disappearing act in all of history, ask me something personal and you’ll witness it first hand. You will be blocked without warning and I will not hesitate to take our conversations to a Moderator should I feel you didn’t take the hint. 

Harsh? Yes but it ensures I don’t have another nasty run in as I have before.

Perhaps last and finally: how prolific I am as a writer. I consider myself at the very most, decent. I am no Anne Rice or J. R. R Tolkien but I strive to offer my partner as much detail as they can handle. Can I go a little overboard describing the surrounds? Perhaps? Can you fault me for desiring to write for you, my beloved partner(s), the absolute best piece of fiction I can muster? Of course, you can but will you? Now that is the pressing question. 
This brings us to the amount I will respond with. Under normal circumstances, when I am not called to arms to write an opening post (far wordier than most of my posts at eight thousand words almost nine thousand), I have been known to write upwards of two thousand to five thousand words- depending on my enjoyment and time given to write. This is, of course, to say, that if my partner responds with something as hideous as a measly two hundred words, glossing over major plot points that I've written specifically to have noticed, I won't be happy. 
Do I expect you to write me small novellas? No, but I do enjoy walls of text and while I love wordy walls, I much prefer quality works. Basically- the more you write the more I return. 

So, this should conclude the finite details of my grand introduction. If you've stuck with me through my inane ramblings, dear reader, I applaud you and hope you've gotten a firmer grasp on what it is that I enjoy, what I expect and what I will not tolerate. If you do have any questions that I've not answered, please feel free to ask them in a private message. Contrary to the prickly exterior that I've fashioned for myself, I am a fairly loveable jerk and have been described as a marshmallow by a dear friend. 

In summary

✥ My personal information is STRICTLY off limits! Don't Ask! 
✥ I will not go offsite with you to talk about anything. We will stay, right here, on Redlight
✥ Put some effort into your message 
✥ If I suspect you're attempting to find out my information, you're gone 
✥ Read. My. Request. Forum! 
✥ Don't call me pet names
✥ My responses will be slow. Do not rush me for a response
✥ I only roleplay through PM. No exception 

+The following section is filled with snippets of literary works that I've done over the last several months. Some are snippets of stories that I have written with others, while others are part of my free writings. Please enjoy them at your leisure if you choose. 

~This section is entirely optional for reading~

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