Smuggler's Run
Nyte & Hakora
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Planet: Raith
Port: Heirloom
Time: 07:38
Target: Flynn Rider

Early morning on Heirloom. A port famed for its central location between star systems and was a major hub for trading, shipping, and criminal activity. The rising sun indicated the opening of the docks and ships that had arrived over night would finally be let in. Smaller cruisers and landing pots were allowed in at any time, but cargo ships, due to atmosphere of the planet at night, were lonely allowed in once the sun had risen over the mountains. As the dock workers and merchants came from their hotels, brothels, or various night time dealings the port quickly became a bustling city-scape full of life. 

As the traders and residents of Heirloom weaved down the streets to their various destinations they were carefully watched by police and security guards that kept a vigilant eye out for anyone partaking in less than reputable activities. Occasionally the authorities were called to break up a trading dispute or sent on the chase to catch a pick-pocket, but Heirloom maintained a rather civilized appearance. Hidden down a darkened alley within the docks two people within the ranks of authorities were sitting in a small control room for normally used for maintenance when air signals malfunctioned on docking sector-C. Today it had been re-purposed to serve as a command center for a couple of detectives who were listening to the air traffic control as ships requested permission to dock and unload their cargo. 

One was a man in his late thirties, salt and pepper hair with the beginnings of age starting to show in is face. He wore standard issued, black uniform with a red jacket over it with his badge displayed clearly on the breast pocket. "So, what was the name of the ship again?" The man asked as he stretched and propped his booted feet up on a nearby console and leaned back in his metal chair. 

"The Leviathan now get your feet off the console. If you damage it the boss is gonna wring both of our necks." The woman who sat in the control room kicked the leg of the chair the man was leaning back on and he lost his balance causing him to topple backward and crash down on the hard metal floor. 

"Owe, god damnit Stiles! That fucking hurt!" The man yelled and glared up at the woman as his hand rubbed the back of his head. Unlike him she had opted for more practical clothing. Simple brown cargo pants, a white tank top and a black vest over it. Her badge hung around her neck on a thin chain and she had a pair of pistols strapped to both of her thighs. The most striking difference though was her stark white hair, tied back in a ponytail, and green eyes that almost seemed to glow. Swirling down her pale skin were intricate patterns like that of vines. She was younger than him, in her mid to late twenties, and returned his glare with one of her own before turning her attention back to the monitor in front of her. 

The pair had been watching the readouts of ships coming into the docks for a couple of days now. It was boring and tedious work but Officer Stiles was very committed to their cause. This was the case that would get her out of the office for good and out into the field. Just as she heard the scraping of the metal chair on the floor as her partner got up she saw the name of ship scroll across her screen. "Leviathan.. he's here!" She stated excitedly and continued to read as the dock number and times were displayed. She had about an hour to make it over where his ship would be pulling in. There was no way she would make it clear across the docks by then but she would be there before he managed to unload whatever goods he was bringing in, or any he was picking up. "I'm heading out. You call it in." She told the man and rose up from her seat, grabbing a pair of sunglasses from next to the terminal and placing them over her sensitive eyes. Her home planet was always dark and so planets with a bright sun always blinded her without the shades. 

"Stiles! Wait!" The man called after her but she ignored him as the door to the small room closed and locked behind her. Today was her day to shine. 

Nearly two hours later she managed to make it to the dock where the smuggler Flynn Rider's ship had made dock. She was hiding behind a stack of crates and watched as a fuel hose was removed from the ship and several workers moved various cargo boxes around the platform and cargo bay. She needed to take the man by surprise. Where was her backup anyway? Looking around she didn't see any law enforcement approaching and she feared they were running out of time. He had been docked for a long while now and someone like him never stayed in one place for long. It's what made tracking him so difficult. 

Deciding not to wait on her supposed backup or partner she slipped from behind the crates and underneath the ramp that lead into the ship's belly. She needed to get onto the ship without being seen. Then she could really catch the man by surprise, arrest him and then bring his ship and cargo to headquarters. It was a perfect plan, and one she couldn't see failing. 

Crawling along the platform in the shadows of the ramp she made her way to the exterior side and peeked out from her hiding spot to check if anyone was looking her way. Everyone seemed distracted by their work as they made the final preparations on their cargo and so she managed to easily climb up the ramp and onto the ship, ducking behind some crates to conceal her from view. The good thing about cargo ships was there were plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in and so hiding was rather easy. The hard part would be identifying her target. In his files there were only blurred images from security footage so identifying him would be a little tricky, but she had confidence she would be able to figure it out. The intel said he was the captain and captains were pretty easy to identify.
"And that is check mate, Captain." Flynn leaned forward in his chair, "What? Where, you're kidding!" "Am not, it as plain as day, right here." "Ah you cheated or something." "Or something, you may be great with a ship, but you are shite at chess." Flynn stood up and clasped hands with the winner, "One of these days I will beat you." The winner was Karlo Shin, Flynn's sharpshooter and all around gunman for 8 years, "Sure, and pigolians can fly." They both had a laugh before it was back to work.

The Leviathan, a ship Flynn had stole from the Federation and completely remade. Well he had help from his ship mechanic, Lily. She was a small, young little thing, but she was a little firecracker and a natural genius with mechanical things. Speaking of his crew, it comprised of 5 members. There was Jessica Stormwerd, his second in command and who he grew up with since his days of being a Federation Initiate. There was Riggs South, a guy who had no actual name and simply picked it because there were some diesel trucks to his South and he heard them referred to as Rigs right before some adult asked for his name. He was a weird guy, but an untouchable pilot. He was at least 50 percent of the reason they were so hard to catch, 30 percent according to Flynn. Lastly, there was Doc, he was a quite sort. He never told people his name and simply went by Doc, and yet he had been there for 4 years now.

Then there was Flynn Rider, Gentleman Smuggler and owner of the fastest ship in the Galactic Core, second in the Galaxy, but he liked to say first. He was wanted for many crimes, all starting with 10 years ago when he was 18 he and Jessica had stole an Elite Galactic starship right from the hanger. This earned him a large bounty on his head as at the time, it was the newest model and only 4 were in existence. After meeting Lily on a near by planet and finding out she was a 7 year old orphan who was an amazing mechanic, he removed the ship tracker, completely changed the look and made the ship a lot faster than it was intended. Since then he picked up more crew members and had been the go to Smuggler when you wanted something done fast and done right.

That was what their next stop was about. The crew of the Leviathan had been hired to deliver medicine, food supplies, and many of the other supplies needed for refuges. These were people who had gone into hiding from the Federation after they had taken control of their planet. Some tried to rebel, but the Federation did not tolerate Rebels and had slaughtered many and the rest had gone into hiding on a nearby moon. There wasn't much money in this, but sometimes Flynn did things that weren't for the money.

The crew were gathered in the mess area, Karlo eating an apple with a dagger that looked far too fancy for a simple apple. "Ok guys, we will be docking in 23 minutes. We need to get the supplies, refuel and get out of there. we have 30 minutes and then we are taking off, any questions?" "Ya, I got one," said Lily, "Will we have time for me to go shopping, I hear they have this laser cutter that just came out that will make repairs go faster." Flynn looked at her, not really wanting to give her the green light, but she was like his daughter. "Find, but take the Android with you." The Android was a female robot that helped run the ship and was tapped int the ship itself. She was like the living version of Leviathan, some called hr Lev because of this.

The Leviathan set down and given the planet's reputation for having many criminals around and basically controlled by them, he saw no reason to hide the ship name. He touched down and almost immediately he and the grew were moving out. Karlos stayed behind to guard the ship and see that things were loaded correctly. Flynn, Jessica, and Riggs went out to gather supplies for the ship from food to ammunition and things to make ship life more enjoyable. Riggs tried to buy a sex android, but Jessica quickly stopped him and chewed him out. It should be noted that Jessica and Riggs were together.

As the end of the 30 minute time limit was coming to a close, everyone returned to the ship; everyone except Lily. They waited 20 minutes, as sometimes Lily would get caught up in the sights, but she never showed up. Flynn got into the ship and grabbed his two pistols. "Riggs, stay on the comm, if I don't check in an hour, take off. This cargo is more important." Flynn darted into the crowd and began his hunt. He knew this wasn't going to be easy as Lily was a very short girl for 17. This proved correct as he had been looking a full 40 minutes and no sight of her. As he was searching, he saw a girl in a white tank top and glowing skin. He smiled at her as her kind was pretty rare in these parts. Then he found laying on the side of a building his Android. He knelt down to her and saw she had been shot and shut off. He powered her on and used some goo to cover the would that served as a temporary fix, "Lev, where is Lilly." "L-lily? Some men took was Markos." A fire burnt wild inside Flynn, Markos was a gangster who had a habit of getting involved in Flynn's operations and trying to kill them and steal his ship. This was the final straw.

Flynn sent his Android back to the ship and he checked his guns, turning the safety off before heading for their base. Flynn was expected and let in. To make things faster, he was taken to Markos and given demands for Lily's life. It only ended with Flynn shooting Markos and taking his men out quickly. He grabbed Lilly and led her back to the ship.

Meanwhile, back at the ship, a law enforcement agent had snuck onto the Leviathan. Not long after, she was followed in by Flynn and Lilly with Flynn sounding very much like an upset adult and Lily acting like the typical teen. Flynn gave the orders and the ship left the hanger and soon after the planet. Before the law enforcement agent could make a move, she would feel a sharp strike to the back of her head from a gun to knock her out. Karlos had saw her on the cameras and had captured her. He binded her and brought her to the mess hall to tie her to a chair where Flynn and the rest of the crew, except Lily and Doc. Flynn splashed some water on her face.

"Well well well, I did think it odd seeing one of your kind on this Planet, far fro home are we? Now, I am not one for torture or anything, but Karlos here, he gets bored when there is no action and he is itching for some fun. So why don't you make this easy and just tell me who you are and why you are on my ship."
The hiding place Rayne had chosen had been a good one. There was a space left between some crates, with another on top of it, that had created a hole just big enough for her to hide in. Miscalculating, she hadn't accounted for the security cameras that would be on board the vessel, and definitely hadn't expected someone to be watching the cameras either. So when she heard someone arguing, a man and a woman as it sounded like, she pulled one of her pistols from the holster on her thigh and went to step out of her hiding place.

The next thing Rayne knew she felt a cold shock and she tried to pull away from the chill as she gasped. She quickly discovered that she could not move her arms or legs pulled against the restraints that held her down as a twinge of panic settled in her gut. It wasn't until she heard a voice talking that she was able to focus and realize her situation. Four individuals stood before her. The one directly in front of her seemed to have been the one talking and also seemed like the still shot footage she had seen from her case files. Though since the details had been so blurry she hadn't known exactly what to expect and found that he man was younger than she had anticipated.

Luckily, Rayne had tucked her badge into her shirt before boarding the ship, to keep it from hitting anything and making noise, and they didn't seem to know who or what she was. Her mind raced to think of something to tell the smuggler. "I.. I jumped on the first ship out of Heirloom I could. I.. needed to get off the planet.." It was a shaky excuse. She had never been very good at lies but she hoped that some of her lingering disorientation helped disguise that fact. She also hadn't worn an officer's uniform so she looked more like a civilian so perhaps he would believe her.
He punched the bridge of his nose. Why people always played things the hard way, he never understood. If he was in her situation he would probably like, but he would do it a lot better. "So you are just a poor  woman just bumming a ride? If you are so poor, why are you so clean?" He stood up and looked her over. "Karlos, did you search her?" "Just for weapons," he replied. 

Flynn began searching her starting at her legs and working up. He did not care for decentcy, checking every spot, including where a man wouldn't touch a lady. He wasn't being sexual, but he knew how people operated. Once he got to her breasts he smirked, "What do we have here? Women are predictable, they expect no one will touch their goods out of taboo. I want information, I don't care where it is." He reached in a little and pulled out her badge. "Officer aye? Interesting situation you find yourself in. So now, Officer, how about you tell the truth before I space you and no one will ever find you or know of your death." He smirked at her. She did have a nice body, would be a shame to waste it.
Rayne didn't flinch when he sighed or began to question why she was so clean. She simply stared up at him unafraid to meet his gaze and it was only when he started to feel her legs, checking for anything incriminating that she tried to pull away from the man. "What are you.. hey don't touch there! Get your hands off of.." When he pulled out her badge from her shirt she quickly silenced herself as her jaw went tight. "Do it." She stated. "Put me in the damn airlock. It'll just add another charge onto your list of offenses." She hissed at him.

Perhaps she had jumped the gun a little bit when she left her partner behind, but at least they had a lead to follow Flynn. Maybe someone would be able to stop their ship and give her some much needed backup before he had the opportunity to eject her.
"Well then, I guess we have nothing to talk about." Karlos came around and unbinded her from the chair, but left her arms bonded behind. He lifted her from the chair and led her behind Flynn. There was no talking, he was going to space her, end of story. Karlos pushed her into the chamber and closed the door leaving only a button left to be pressed. "Well Officer, I would like to say it was a pleasure, but It wasn't. Any final words? Before you think it, this isn't a ploy and no one is coming to save you and your death means nothing to me."
As the man started to untie her from the chair Rayne's confident expression quickly fell away to show a bit of panic as she was lifted up and carried towards the chamber that would send her out into space. Even though she wasn't human she wouldn't last any longer in the void of space, and it was at that moment she realized that she wasn't quite ready to give up her life. "Wait!" She called out to the man who was entirely to close to the ejection button. "Don't push that button. I.. I've been tracking you. I.. I can tell you how to evade the forces tracking program!" She told him without thinking about what she was saying.
"You can tell me how to keep people from tracking me huh?" He motioned for Karlos to lower his hand, but didn't let her out. He began to ponder the idea. He had been promised things before when people thought they were going to die, though he never just killed someone. If she had looked behind her, she would have noticed the door led to an escape pod that would have sent her to the planet below which was a low population planet where odds of her finding a way off was slim.

After a bit, he let her out and cut her free, "Well then, Welcome to the Leviathan. Your old life is done, now you join us. I will show you the ropes, but if you try anything funny, I will kill you so I suggest you just give up and join us instead of serving the Federation. Our first stop, we will show you how evil the Federation really is."
There was a pause as her offer was contemplated and Rayne felt a little sick to her stomach. Had she just really promised him a way to avoid the authorities she had dedicated her life to? That was treason, or at least aiding in abetting. Which she would lose her badge and probably freedom for. As he agreed and the door opened she felt her fate being sealed at the same time. Everything she had worked so hard for had just gone out the airlock even if she had remained on board. the vessel.

"I said I'd help you. You didn't say I had to be happy about it." She told him with a bit of venom in her voice. "Nothing you say or do could sway how I feel about the Federation." She knew there were some questionable things, but she knew there were also a lot of good things. It was those good deeds and programs that she had fought to protect and support.

With her hands cut free she rubbed her wrists idly to work out the soreness that had started to form there. This is self preservation. As soon as we get somewhere I can make a break for it and get back to the force then I will. They'll all be behind bars and I'll be accepting an award from the Commander. She thought to herself which somewhat settled that sinking feeling she had in her gut.
"Come on, I'll let you in on what we are doing." He led her through the ship, as they left the crew gave her dirty looks as none of them trusted her, but they knew standing in the way of the Captain and a woman was dangerous. He led her to his Captain's Quarters and began accessing the files he had. "The Federation are Tyrants hiding behind a humanitarian act." He began accessing some videos and pulling up many different videos on different screens, but they all showed similar things. Different places with Federation troops raiding villages, using terror tactics, and killing innocent people. The videos kept going, painting a darker picture by the seconds.

As they came to an end, Flynn turned to her and smiled. "Just so you know, you were in an escape pod chamber. I wasn't going to kill you, I can tell you are one of the few good ones." He leaned back in his chair as he continued, "I was once a Captain in the Federation, a pilot . I served then loyally, that was until I was ordered to bomb a known location of refugees, men, women, children, all innocent, That was when I defected, stole their ship with my Leudentant Jessica and we vowed to do right and fight the Federation." He laughed, "See? Not such a bad guy."
As the crew gave her dirty looks she returned the gesture and added giving them the bird to really let them know how she felt about her predicament. When she recognized that they were heading to the private quarters section of the ship she hesitated a moment before following him passed the threshold. Even when she did enter the room she stood fairly close to the door, as if she really had anywhere to run if he did decide to make a move on her.

When he turned on some video clips of Federation ships and soldiers performing heinous acts against civilians and refugees she wrinkled her nose up in disgust as she dared to take another step closer to him to see the monitor a bit better. "I've read your file, Flynn." She told him. "How do I know you didn't splice those images together? You could have tricked everyone on this ship into believing that you are 'one of the good guys' so you can smuggle stolen supplies, medicine and other goods from one set of hands to the other while accruing a large profit for yourself." Her glare turned from the monitors and onto him. "Don't assume to know anything about me either. You have no idea what I am or am not capable of."

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