Don't Mind Me
(for lack of a better subject...)
The name's Wormy, taken from an old comic strip and polished off a bit. Not the best of names, but I've always been horrible at coming up with new ones. If I think of something better, I might ask to change it. Got a few decades of RP experience of all sorts, been here and there over the years, nothing much worth talking about. To my credit, never got kicked out of a site or asked to leave. Take that for what you will. Was in the market for someplace new, and this popped up on my feed one day, so... ta-dah.

Right now? Just going to lurk a bit, get the lay of the land you might say. Sometimes I enjoy reading other people's stories (including non-adult) more than writing my own; if nothing else, it's a good learning experience seeing how other folks do stuff. As time goes by, I might start filling in more details on my profile and putting up a signature and all of that. I can be a bit shy in coming forward at times. We'll see. Not sure what I'm looking for, really, but something-something-is half the fun, I suppose.

For the record, I'm a firm believer in personal privacy. I won't ask anyone for personal details or pics or anything like that, and I'm not going to embarrass myself by sending folks unsolicited crap, either. I'm here for the writing, that's all. Maybe make a few friends along the way. Don't care much what's in your pants or if you don't get your jollies the same way I do. It's a big, wide world, and there's room enough for everyone. You a decent human being? You passionate about your writing and respectful of your RP partners? Good enough for me, thank you.

Send me PM if you get bored, but otherwise I'll be about.

- Wormy
Welcoem to RLD Wormy! Hope you enjoy your time here.

If ya have any questions, we staff are always willing to help as best we can! don't forget to check the Guide and maybe join us on discord if ya haven't already <3

Have fun and welcome once again ^^
Thanks, Beraias. Already been poking through the guide. I'll probably poke some more later. Might not see me much on Discord, I'm afraid, since I'm not much of a chatter. But the invite is appreciated all the same!
Welcome to the site, Wormy! You're welcome to keep your personal information to yourself. I actually encourage people to be very careful about what they share on the internet. Smile

If you have any questions about the site or you just wanna chat my inbox is always open! Heart
"You're here, that's all I need to know.
And you will keep me safe.
And you will keep me close.
And rain... Will make the flowers grow"
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