Roleplay Terminology
An index of common roleplay terms
This is a work in progress. Please check back later.

Mary Sue/Gary Stu
a character that is inherently perfect or lacking in flaws. Typically, this is a character that is also going to be the main focus of the roleplay and is written to be nothing more than a projection of what the writer wishes to be. They are typically looked down upon in the roleplay world for lacking definition.

God-mod / God-mode
another form of "perfect" characters. These characters know all, can do all, and can apparently read your character's mind from how they act. They block every hit, land every strike, and have never lost a battle. This is why they're called "god" mods.


to write the other writer's character actions for them without permission. powerplay means that you control the characters that are not yours without permission or consulting the other writer. It is something that should not be done without permission.


a term to describe a writer that adheres to grammar and writing syntax as well as produces greater than 3 paragraphs of content per post.


a term to describe a writer that adheres mostly to grammar and writing syntax and produces less than 3 paragraphs of content per post

Cold Call
A "cold call" is a PM that has been sent to a user without having seen their request thread. It is typically done by offering only your own plot ideas and is something that can be considered rude.
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