Confesion of the Devil
Nyte & BronzMamba Crime, Romance and a dash of mystery.
Dinner went well. Marco drank the coffee she made even if he didnt seem exactly pleased. He never offered instruction so she didnt know was she did wrong except she didnt move with as much confidence as he did when making it. She told him she did know how to cook when he asked. She helped her mother all the time or simply took over the duties if her mother was ill. Afterward Shelly bathed and dressed for bed and listened to the sound of the music flowing throughout the house. It was a beautiful sound and she found it oddly relaxing as she listened from her room until he went to bed. 

The following morning she wont up early, though not as early as Marco, and dressed herself in a soft white cotton dress with red trim and her usual soft white gloves. As she looked down at her gloved hands she sighed. She wouldn't be able to ever roam the house without them. The risk of touching Marco on accident was to high and her mother had always warned her against telling anyone about her strange power. Though if she were bold enough she would love to grab Marco and make him tell her a few of his secrets. It was only a passing thought though as she pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear and left to join him downstairs. 

The morning was quiet, and she cleaned the kitchen after their morning meal while Marco entertained himself. When the knock on the door came Shelly actually jumped. She hadn't been expecting anyone to come out this far. When she answered the door the man standing in front of her took her breath away. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen and as he introduced himself and kissed her hand she found herself blushing. 

Once he delivered the package and Shelly followed him out to the car, climbing in the passenger side, she folded her hands in her lap and looked out the windshield. Though she occasionally stole glances at him out of the corner of her eye. "Um, how long have you worked for Marco?" She asked to start a conversation topic. She didnt really know what else to ask since she was nervous once more in his presence. Though it was a giddy nervous rather than a terrified one like with Marco.
He flashed her a light-hearted smile even though the topic was not of such matter. "Straight to the business huh? Beautiful and curious, that's a very dangerous combination. No wonder Marc wants to keep ya close."

He pulled this pouting face for a moment looking like he was thinking about it. "So... Marc would really hate it if I told you. I think... it's really hard to figure him out. But your pretty lucky because I wanna fall in your favor much more than his." He gave her another glance his eyes shiny and naughty just like a boys his age looking like he should. How brave or stupid really was this boy? Seemed like he did not have a shred of fear when it came to Marco. Or showing his interest for Shelly when his hand landed on her dress right above her knee. "Soo, Marc has been around more or less as long as I can remember. He just returned home from the war one day. And with him, there was nine coffins... his crew. One of those nine was my dad. Mother said she had known Marco from before the war too. He had lived in a cabin in the woods with his dad. So it was to a great surprise when he came back he promised to look after my mom and me. And all the other wives and family of his crew. I started helping out when I was like twelve. My mom asked for that. She says I need a man's influence in my life or something of looney thing like that. But I am not complaining I get to take this sweet baby for a spin from time to time. And I have a motorbike too. Talking about that we should go somewhere together. You know like to the beach, or let me take you for a dinner." The thumb of the hand that was still sitting right above her knee started to move a little brushing the cloth of her dress against her leg. His hand moved up her leg a bit. Still somewhat decent but on it's a way to the opposite. Was he just crazy for the young girl? Or did he do this to every dress he was around?

"Okay, you asked your question now I get to ask mine. Do you have a boyfriend?" Just like Shelly before he got to the case right away as well.
Shelly listened to him talk about how his family knew Marco, and she was similar in the fact that she had known the man for as long as she could remember. As he spoke though he rested his hand above her knee. Her heart quickened as she felt the weight of it on her leg. When he slid her hand up her leg she rested her hand ontop of his. She didnt move his hand away but she prevented it from sliding any higher. 

"A boyfriend?" She reiterated when he asked. "Um, no not currently." She had been absorbed in her family concerns to really consider dating anyone. Though with the way he spoke she wanted to consider it. Going to dinner and riding around with him sounded fun. Plus since she wasnt living at home her mother couldnt scrutinize him which she guessed was a benefit. Obviously Marco trusted the man as well. 

"Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked him just to make sure she wasnt getting her hopes up needlessly.

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