[NSFW] Rp With Me
A List of RP im Craving
Blackmailed For Life

The World of lawyers has always been a cut throat one where the savage survive and the rest either serve those on the top or try to make there name else where but once you have a reputation losing it isn't easy. Stella is one of these high powered lawyers but she has always been second best to her boss and co-worker YC. But she has a plan there has been a new date rape drug going around that is top of the line. With the firm handling this highly sensitive case she sees am opportunity to get one up on her rival.

In Blackmailed for like we will play high powered lawyers MC will drug and blackmail YC to get ahead in the firm and maybe a little more. Will YC be able to break free or will they end up falling in love? Only You Can Decide.

Looking for M Character

Angels & Demons

The World has always had a dark side an underbelly hidden away from the world. Charles Arthur Floyd has lived in this world as long as he can remember he is the powerful and elusive leader of the Russian mob. His life was always fairly simple until it wasn't. He was happily married with 3 kids and at the age of 25 one of the youngest mob boss ever. Until his wife was murdered now a rival mob boss has offered his daughters hand in marriage as a way to bring the two families together. Charles reluctantly agreed.

In Angles & Demons you will play the future wife of Charles Arthur Floyd can you live with someone  who is cold and unfeeling or will you find a way to make him fall in love with you? Will you rise to power by his side and take the underworld by storm or will you fade into a distant memory forever in the shadow of his former wife?

Looking for F Character

The Secret Trainer Society

The world of pokemon has always appeared light hearted and safe but the reality of this world is glossed over by professor and the many commercialw that sing its praises. Set off on your pokemon journey and discover the darker side of the pokemon world the side that they all try to hide

M or F Character Needed

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