[Male] Looking for fun times and awesome writing!
Looking for new writing partners (mxm primarily)
Style: 3rd person
Length: 1-5+ paragraphs
Speed: 1+ a day (depending on mood)
Mediums: Discord, email, gdocs, hangouts


All characters must be 18+ as that's the legal age in my country.
I don't care if you're male or female and I don't really get why that's a thing but whatever. Don't make it one but for the record, I'm a Female.
Quality over Quantity. I don't care if you match my posts as long as you give me something fun and intriguing to work with. (But on that note at least be able to give me one well-written paragraph.)
I do roleplays that are smut filled and ones that aren't. Depends on the fandom/subject matter.
I do pwp from time to time but I prefer long term roleplays. 
It's cool if you lose interest in a thread, I've done five or six different stories with the same partner before.
Just don't ghost on me, that's not cool.
Pairings are mxm, mxf and fxf in that order. 
I prefer to double do you'll have a pairing and I'll have a pairing. My pairing will ALWAYS be m/m, so you must be ok with that.
When it comes to Fandoms, Crossovers, AUs and OCs are welcome.
And when it comes to OCs I'll allow just about everyone but no character that would derail the cannon of a canon character. (IE: Missing sibling to this character, ect)

For a list of yes and nos, here is my list https://www.f-list.net/c/listlist157/

Settings and Add-ons
Vampire AU
Fantasy creature AU
Alien AU
Modern AU
Spy AU
ABO verse (love this by the way)
Soulmate AU (Also love this one)
Monster AU
Slice of Life AU
Royalty AU
Pop Idol AU
Mafia AU
Gang AU
Harem/Reverse Harem
(none of these are NECESSARY they are ADD ONS)

Fandoms I write with go as follows:
Persona 3, 4 and 5
Shin Megami Tensei Series
Kingdom Hearts 
Dragon Age
Final Fantasy XV
Junjou Romantica
Marvel (picky about this)
DC (picky about this)
Legend of Zelda (will only do if I write as Link)
Fire Emblem (Fates preferably) 
Smash Brothers
Rise of the Guardians (have an OC for this)
Monster Prom

For a simplified list of stuff I like, here's an f-list: https://www.f-list.net/c/listlist157

There's plenty more but this is a simplified version of everything I do. If you want to talk more you can PM me for further details and contact information. I look forward to hearing and writing with all of you!

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