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searching for some good stories
Hi there and welcome to my search thread!

I am seeking to write with people who enjoy character building and world building. I enjoy writing immensely and like to challenge myself when it comes to writing. I am a multi-paragraph writer and can write anywhere from three paragraphs to five or six depending on what is going on in the story as well as the reactions from my character. I am pretty open to new plot ideas, pairings and anything else so don't be afraid to ask me. I do plan to list pairings I do like and a few plots I have lying about in case anyone is interested in that. 

Colored ones are ones I am interested playing as.

Bad Boy/ Good Girl
Best Friend/ Best Friend
Alpha Wolf/ New Wolf {Shapeshifting}
Vampire/ Wolf Shifter
Vampire/ Half-breed
Your Ideas


Wolf Shifter Plot
This is based in a world where humans know the existence of wolf shifters and have found ways to get control of them and enslave them into pets. MC is the daughter to alphas of her pack, but they get attacked by humans with wolf shifters in their control. The humans are after an alpha to lead the other enslaved wolves to make a pack humans can control and use to their advantage. MC escapes and runs to the nearest pack she knows of to warn them of what happened to her pack so they can have a heads up of how close the humans are getting. YC is the alpha of this pack and either he helps her and makes her indebted to him or takes pity on her to bring her into his pack. Though the rest of his pack is against this, but can't do much against YC.

That's all I had for that idea and it's a rough one. 

Best Friend Plot
YC and MC were childhood friends but YC moved away. Years pass and they eventually meet again whether at school or meeting back in their hometown where YC has a secret.

The secret for this can be he is a shifter, vampire or really whatever you can imagine.

Prince & Commoner Plot
YC gets everything he wants and anyone he desires, that is the best part of being the first prince. MC is a commoner with drawing skills and tends to find interesting places to sketch. While at one of these interesting places she runs into YC and clearly shows no interest in him like all the other women and this intrigues him. It can go from there and leave a lot of opportunity for plots, etc.

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