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About me: Male, age 29, I'm a nice guy. I like a good story driven rp, frequent posting, and not the longest post on the planet (prefer 2-3 paragraphs). No real preference towards gender, though I do like neutral/semi-sub characters a true dom isn't out of the question. Right now I'm really needing a weekend/late night rp buddy.

I am really wanting a Fey/Fae oriented rp right now!

Idea One:
I've dubbed this one Horror Hunters in my little notebook. The idea is that a town becomes the subject of a strange haunting, while a tv ghost hunting team and their crew invade the town a few of its other visitors are investigating it from a different angle (these will be my character(3 in total...technically). Your character can be anyone you want (someone from the town itself or a new member of the smaller team of 'Horror Hunters'. There will be demons, ghosts, ghouls, and all manner of nightmares as this mystery and the mystery of the Horror Hunters begins to unravel.

Idea Two: (Taken)
This is loosely based off of an RP I participated in a little while ago, it came to an end due to differences in style and we talked it over and ended things amicably. No worries.

My character will be a werewolf living with a pack in a small town in the woods. He runs the local bar/ neutral zone. That last part is important because they share the area with whatever you would like your character to be. I am open to almost anything (elves, other werewolves, fey, vampires[not preferred], etc).
The drama comes when the leaders/alphas of both groups are assassinated and the infighting that takes place afterword. The werewolf alpha's son, 'Jake', thinks that he is automatically the new alpha but no one is interested in that and default to my character. He doesn't want this but due to the circumstances, he meets with the new leader/alpha of your character's group (could be your character) to discuss what happened, what they will do about it and the lack of an actual alpha for the werewolves.
Note: if you want to be a werewolf in the original pack that can work too fyi.

If this basic premise interests you lemme know.

Idea Three:
I want an RP that's played inside of a virtual reality game. I've got a lot of it designed but could use a little help too. It can be a fantasy game, a post-apocalyptic world(fallout style or zombie apoc. or the zombie thing can be like a Halloween event), sci-fi, super-powers/mutations, or supernatural (not the show haha). Open to ideas and suggestions. I have 30 races and 30 classes that I'm trying to flesh out as well as a character builder that can be used to create completely random characters. I have some plot specific characters that I can use depending on your preferences so I am quite flexible.
I would prefer to build the world around your character as they push the agreed upon plot forward, my character(s) would not be the main character.

Idea Four:
(Sci-Fi) A spaceship drifts through uncharted space, Life Support and Gravity are functional but most things are on lockdown due to the main power being off. The characters will be of different species (I'm thinking five or six total, I can play as many as needed, would prefer rp partner play a minimum of two though.) They all start in a suspended state, waking up one at a time (two at first). They have to get the ship back online and survive this new universe, and each other, with no knowledge of how they got there. Biological and mechanical enhancements have been implanted into each character. (this is a clever way to 'install' a common language haha and anything that might come in handy too) This is a rough idea but I've been craving something like this. I do have a few species already created if you don't have one in mind, I'm open to discussing your ideas too.

Idea Five: I'm craving a mutant/superpower rp. Preferably where the existence of these 'unique individuals' is just really coming to light and the world is coming to terms with it. A new form of racism rears its ugly head on both sides. But, as always there will be a group that fights back against this. Our characters aren't a member of either side... yet.

Idea Six: The world is divided... in many ways. The world on the west side of the chasm that splits the main continent is violently anti-magic. Killing anyone with magic in their blood on site. Bounty hunters are everywhere. But, in the East, they try to keep the peace. Instead of killing all magic blooded people they simply quarantine them (It looks like a mega block from Dredd but nice...and clean). There are roughly thirty races(they are the same as the ones for one of my ideas above and are listed in my Character Thread) sharing this world as it sits on the brink of war between the West and the East. Their real enemy, a dark cult (they're all dark) threatens to bring one of the ultimate evils into the land. The characters I have in mind are a Hunter, a police officer that specializes in taking magic users into custody(Eastern half), one of the witches he finds, and an assortment of other officers. I am open to any ideas you have for your own character.

Idea Seven:
Humanity has banded together with several other races and together they found what they call 'The Door'. A giant rectangular stone that functions as the entryway to a tunnel leading to another universe. Instead of hundreds or thousands of years, it only takes a few weeks. Settling has begun and a space station has been constructed.
The races are humans, the Vynxaria(a petite feline race who excel at tinkering). 'Elves'(best translation. Tall. Strong and military-minded they have a strong psychic bond with each other and a stronger one with they one the bond with.), the Ni(a fully cyberized race), the Kavvi( a reptilian race.), and the Explorers(beings of pure energy that live in exoskeletons that look like power suits, usually with a clear polymer to show their colors.
I like pretty much any genre, no fandoms though.

Idea Eight:
Mc is a mediocre spell caster in an order of Mages, he is a Scholar. i.e he reads through book, scrolls, and looks over relics as they're brought in. One night while testing out a new spell, for cleaning his tiny apartment, something on the other side of the veil feels this concentration of power and uses it as an escape route. A succubus tumbles forth and lays half conscious and bleeding energy. Dying. The scariest part is that she recognizes mc, the Demonic Lord, who she was bound to, is looking for him. In order to find out more, he gives her enough energy to heal her wound and stabilize her. The Mage Guard storm in and he tells them to back off. She promises information in exchange for her life. The Mark of Binding on her left arm burns off(extremely painful) and another mark spreads across her right arm. She is now his(MC). YC is the young female guard who, due to telling the Captain of the guard off for being a rapey perv, gets stuck with the job of being his personal guard. If she senses any change in MC she is to kill him. Jacque, the captain of the guard, hates my character fyi.
Magic is Dresden Files in nature in this world btw.

I'm really wanting a 'Dresden Files' like rp. If anyone is interested lemme know!

Idea Nine:
Okay so a Witch runs a Other World medical center under a Wizards Office(Doctor? It would be a great cover?)
The W/K gets a hunter on his tail, so he goes to the Witch and the Wizard for help, they hid him and send the 1/2CS to investigate the hunter. Who is the hunter?
So should the first char be a werewolf(or other animal) or a Kitsune? A were beast has to work at controlling their other half(should they have a personality within the character? The Kitsune are a type of Fey that are technically Yokai, Fae of the Orient. They are rare even there, known for their illusions and cunning minds they are not to be trifled with.
A Cait Sidhe is a form a Fae known as the Cat Fey. They take after their namesake. She knows who her father is(The Cait Sidhe, but he wasn't allowed to tell her who or what her mother was do to a blood seal forced on him.
The Witch helps creatures of the other worlds underneath the clinic run by the Wizard who is also a doctor, this works to cover up whats going on in her clinic.
The hunter can't be the only thing moving the story along but its a good place to start. Are they a life long enemy or will they change their ways? Or are they an easy fix? Hmm?
Oh what it the Werewolf/Kitsune was a one night stand that ended badly for the ½ Cait Sidhe?
That would add drama...

This would be a good group rp...

If I have any other ideas I will post them later.
Apparently I can't read replies on this Thread, please PM me, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your time... or the person who posted to this thread later deleted it before I awoke in the morning. Both are valid options.

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