Hi Yah!
Newbie intro
Who is N3CJinx?
I am a female, who is within her mid-twenties. You can call me Jinx. Most do. I have a creative mind and I am not afraid to use it. Ideas flow out me like how Unicorns barf up rainbows. I am also highly open minded, the go with the flow sort of girl. There is almost nothing I do not like. Besides... well a few absolute no's! Also, I like trying new things. It helps me gain a multitude of writing experiences. 

Roleplaying is a hobby of mine. Been roleplaying for 14 + years. I had honestly lost count. But it surely has been a while. Looking back at some of my old actually scares me. But I was young and clueless. As time progressed my skills has come a long ways. Even So, I am still learning something new.

I do have a life. Sometimes things are slow going. Sometimes I am as busy as bee. I try to reply once a day. To a few times a day. If I am dealing with a long week then replies will come in a few times a week. If at any time I can't respond for a week or an extended amount of time I will let you know. 

Anyways, hoped you enjoyed my little introdution. I was going to add more. But I didn't want to bore yah. Thank you stopping by.

-- N3CJinx --
Welcome to RLD Jinx! I do hope you can find some nice writing partners here! If ya have any questions, feel free to poke one of the staff and let us know ^^
Thank you for the welcome! I have done some browsing. So far, I like what I see.
Hey there and welcome to the site! I'm around if you ever have any questions or you want to chat. Smile
"You're here, that's all I need to know.
And you will keep me safe.
And you will keep me close.
And rain... Will make the flowers grow"
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