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Hope things are going well for you! The name is Vyce, and the pleasure's mine. As the title of this ad notes, I'm seeking some guilt-free dicking around: Story-driven smut or sex-driven PWP, admittedly sought-after canon x OC (if that's a turn-off or dealbreaker).

I like partners that take some pride in their writing; I'm certainly not flawless and don't demand perfection, but I put clear solid effort in my posts and like to see partners doing the same. (That only applies for the actual RP; OOC, I’m cool with any quirks you have OOC.) One-liners, consistently bad grammar, and painfully sloppy/lazy/error-riddled posts just kill my personal immersion. I also ask partners to be generally friendly, open to OOC chunnering and shooting the breeze. I greatly enjoy spazzing with partners over RPs and chatting on about headcanons, sharing character-reflective music and whatnot, and building some sort of rapport.
  • All characters must be written/played as 21 years old (if they aren’t already older).
  • Equally open to short-term and long-term lines (if we mesh and are both amendable to it, of course)
  • Open to both story-driven smut and shamelessly sex-centric lines fully deserving of this disclaimer
  • E-mail RPs only; will chat/plot over PMs
  • 1-4 paragraphs in the 3rd-person POV (past tense) is my general post average

❶ Some writing samples and my full kink list are viewable on this F-list page. By and large, I'm looking for sexytimes centered around uplifting pleasure and intimacy, where everyone retains their basic dignity and even pursuing consent is delightful foreplay. (This hardly precludes kinky funtimes, up-against-the-wall rough passion, or room-trashing Destructo-Nookie.)
One kink I'm especially looking to involve is clean footplay/foot fetishism: Giving attention upon a female's bare or nylon/stocking-covered legs and feet: Licking, suckling, nibbling, massaging, footjobs, tickling, etc. I usually see this kink being used to degrade, humiliate or debase someone; that ain't what I would be looking for here. I'd want it to be an extension of foreplay, body worship, humor, teasing sensuality in fully savoring the female form, or something done for mutual pleasure.

Noblebright action and "‘Fuck you!’ positivity” are my jam. In general, I prefer largely lighthearted lines heavy with humor and comedy, highspirited action and adventure, moments of deep reflection and quiet character growth, mystery, delving into spirituality, meaningful conflict (no forced/contrived bleakness or angst for the sake of angst), romance, copious smut, fluff, our characters genuinely having fun and enjoying each other's company...that kind of stuff.

❸ I've a shamelessly sappy/fluffy streak with romance, and prefer a relationship not be the line's main source of conflict; I likewise have no interest in romanticizing abuse, fetishizing/eroticizing toxic couples, or injecting constant forced/contrived drama and endless cat-and-mouse blueballing. Give me couples that sincerely respect and trust each other (though still regularly snarking and busting each other's chops), who have their arguments and differences but are still genuinely devoted.

❹ I'm fine with getting/giving a reply every 1-5 days (I won't "poke" you unless I haven't heard from you in a week). If we need to put the line on brief hiatus for whatever reason (professional/personal life getting crazy, not feeling inspired at the moment, etc.), just let me know. That said, if ten days pass without any reply/update/note from you (even a "Life's getting crazy; I'll respond ASAP"), I'll assume the line's done and close up (digital) shop.

❺ Be honest if you want to end the line (you don't think we mesh well, you aren't feeling the line any longer, time is slipping, personal/professional obligations have piled up, the thought of RPing with me any further makes you envy the blind, whatever); it is what it is. And no five-paragraph Dear John letter is needed; "Life is kicking my ass right now; I need to put this on hold" or “I'm not feeling this anymore” will more than suffice.

Setting-wise, I'd be open to any of the following...
⋙ MAGIC-RICH, JRPG/OLD SCHOOL FINAL FANTASY/D&D-ESQUE HIGH ADVENTURE: You got your castles here and there, hills and forests, there are various RPG “classes” as roles, mountains with caves where dragons roam, every lonely mountain peak is prime real estate for an evil wizard, and magic is so common there are several different types of it. Exploring or subverting typical RPG and fantasy tropes is also cool. I'd also love to involve some damsel-in-distress kink roleplay (the classic imperiled princess/priestess, par example) in a humorous/comedic or consensual fashion. No degradation, cruel humiliation, fetishized abuse or anything "rapey" in tone. Instead, as I vaguely remember reading somewhere, the desired endgame is "inflicting" pleasure on the "distressed damsel".

⋙ LIGHTHEARTED/CAMPY SUPERHEROICS: Superhero lines with a generally campy, silly mood that don't take themselves too seriously. (Think Batman: The Brave and the Bold, El Tigre or Kim Possible in tone, not Jessica Jones or 100 Bullets.) Copious humor and comedy, puns, bright codenames, witty/snarky banter, superpowered sex (and using magic/powers during sex), playing with secret identities, plenty of smut (of course), that kind of stuff. Hero x villain dynamics are most appealing to me, but I'm certainly open to hero x hero and villain x villain dynamics too. I'm looking for things to be more "fun/campy evil" than "baby-killing evil evil", if that makes any sense. Not looking for superhero deconstructionism (i.e. vivisecting the unicorn) or dark and gritty superhero "realism" (which I've found usually means something like this).

⋙ POKEMON: Cheerful action and adventure, copious humor and comedy, fluffy romance, and plenty of lighthearted kink/sexy times (nothing dark, abusive or rapey) is what I'm seeking. I especially want to keep the anime's fun and cheery mood, and require partners have fairly up-to-date knowledge on the games/anime (at least Gen 4 or 5) so we aren't significantly restricted regarding location or what Pokemon are involved. Not interested in Pokémon x human sexual encounters, going "darker and edgier", fixating on game mechanics, enforcing the games’ “Four Moves of Doom” limit (let's just say a Pokémon can use—and learn—any of their given moves), or dry/one-sentence "(Name of Pokémon) uses (name of attack)!" battle descriptions (please be willing to describe move and battles much like the anime).
(Note: I'd be open to anyone looking to transplant almost any of the below desired canons into this setting somehow.)

And I'm looking for anyone willing to play one of the below characters opposite one of my OCs...
  • Lois Lane (DC Comics/Superman the Animated Series)
  • Power Girl, Supergirl, Chloe Sullivan, Harley Quinn (DC Comics)
  • Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)
  • Elsa (Frozen)
  • Azula, Katara, Mai, Suki, Ty Lee, Toph (Avatar)
  • Korra, Kuvira, Lin Beifong (Korra)
  • Peach, Daisy, Zelda, Cia (Nintendo)
  • Agrias, Meliadoul, Celia (Final Fantasy Tactics)
  • Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
  • Misty, Jessie, Officer Jenny, Delia Ketchum (Pokemon)
  • Android 18, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Videl (Dragon Ball Z/Super)
  • Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter)

If you're game for this admittedly narrow craving, please don't post directly on this thread; PM me with all of the following:
What specifically drew your interest
Some mutually-favored Fave/Yes kinks you want to involve (if you have an F-list of your own, please include the link)
A small RP writing sample or a link to one (this helps us see if we'd mesh; if you don't provide one, I'll most likely pass)
Any non-kink RP pet peeves and dealbreakers you have (so I don't unintentionally grind your gears)
Anything else you think is relevant or I should know

But if you decide we wouldn't mesh, then I hope you have a wonderful day and, to quote two rather excellent dudes...

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