[Female] the walking dead. (sadistic males or females wanted.)

hi, i’m looking for a sadistic male or female.

i prefer third person, and my idea will include rape, and torture, and will definitely not have a happy ending, i have somewhat of a dark mind.

so, preferably, sadistics only. you can be Male or female playing as a Male, mainly because my idea revolves around BxG, not because i’m against girls!

anyways, onto the idea!


for this you will have to play the role of carl grimes from the walking dead.

only i want this roleplay to be brutal so maybe carl is the bad guy, to her at least. he takes her back to alexandria playing the hero to everyone inside the safe place, but is a monster behind closed doors, threatening her so she keeps her mouth closed.

(this one will contain: torture, physical and mental abuse, and rape, and an extremely stubborn yet badass girl!)

carl will be nineteen, and my character eighteen. i do have a starter already that i can send when and if you want it!

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