[Male] Warriors Plots

This is a little place for a handful of my plots I have in mind at the moment.

-What to expect-

I tend to write paragraphs. A lot of description can be found in a lot of my pieces. I will have a sample opening post in here just to give an idea. Often times I love to work with partners in plot ideas and twists. All of my plots are flexible.

p.s. All my plots are named after songs that inspired the plot XD


Roots by In This Moment
C1 is part of the royal family, he is the second prince. His father the King is a hedonistic man who has slowly run the kingdom down, pursuing his pleasures with little care for actual work to care for the kingdom. The king leaves it to his advisers to do that, some corrupt some not. The crown prince is a lot like his father so when an adviser needs something done they go to C1. Righteous and driven he learns forbidden arts of magic to summon a power to help destroy his father and brother so he might take over and bring his kingdom to its rightful power.

C2 is a powerful demon, a lord among devils really. Over the thousands years he has lived he has contracted with many powerful people to sway the course of history. Though its been a few hundred years since he was last summoned with religion firmly in place and magic thought unreal. Once summoned he makes a deal and binds with C1 but what C1 fails to realize is that his particular Demon Lord is a Incubus hybrid who thrives in the hedonistic ways of the court. Thats not to say he isn't bound magically to obey his new princely master though, he just is going to have fun while doing it. Though he really wants to get under C1's skin.

What ever will happen?

Issues by Julia Michaels
Mc was born in a family of status and power, both politically and magically. He has always been in the thick of everything and anything at court. The very face of nobility. When his father passed turning all titles to him there was a turn in his life. More was expected of him. So when the king gave him a job he never expected it to be so outside of his norm....

Mc is sent to Yc's country to breed good will while talks are made for a royal wedding. Yc's king has a sick wife and Mc is known for being a talented healer with his magic. So sent with just a personal guard he has only Yc to learn to navigate a kingdom he has never been to. Difficult for one who seems to stiff and formal when he isn't healing. More difficult still, Yc's is charged with convincing Mc to stay because YC's king wants Mc's magic for his kingdom.....

What will happen?

Hallowed Ground
Hallowed Ground By Bishop Brigg
MC was raised from early on as a Vessel for his Goddess. Once he reached age he became the high Priest of the order of his Goddess. Though rare that the Vessel is male he was accepted for he simply seemed perfect for the role he was born into. Now he performs perfectly his roles.

YC is visiting dignitary who meets MC at a function where he performs a rite and traditional dance for the Court at the Emperors request. YC is curious and seeks more time with MC, even if he is on a mission to scout the country and its vulnerabilities. After a chance to see more YC leaves and later returns as an invasive force, starting with the temples, making a point to take MC's temple as his personal head quarters.

Brand New Moves
Brand New Moves by Hey Violet
Mc and Yc knew each other in high school. Had been the best of friends despite everything going on around them and how different they were. It just worked somehow. But After Senior year they both went different paths and despite promises to keep in touch they never did.

Now both in different life styles they meet again as Mc moves back to their hometown. He is completely different. Confident and in control. Long gone is the shy kid that used to be bullied. And crazier still he is very openly gay. He just easily buys up a space and starts a business without hesitation of doubt. Shortly after moving back Mc and Yc run into each other and its not the same as it was, yet they both want to try.

Will it work out? Can they be how they were? Or will it be something completely different?

Take Me To Church
Take Me To Church by Hozier
Mc had been chosen at a young age to serve the Goddess of Love and Beauty. He has been raised to do naught but serve her. When he came to the age 18 he learned of new ways to worship his Goddess even outside of her temple. Mc is renowned for his beauty and his ability to dance and sing. More so he is known by some to be a fair lover for the select few he chooses. But as the chosen of the Goddess none would dare to do him wrong for fear of her wrath. Yc is a nobleman/warrior visiting from a different country and their religion is far different from that of the land of Mc. Yet he is drawn to the exotic ways of the Goddess after seeing Yc at a party where he danced for the guests. And when Mc shows an interest in C2 how will it all play out?


C2 could be a warlord invading the country. Now that he has control of the government he is making his way to destroying the temples, only to be stopped from destroying the Goddess's temple upon seeing the wonder she hold there. C1 among them. Will the threat of her wrath stop him from disobeying C1's will? Or will C1 even have a proposal to sway C2 from destroying his home?

Heaven In Hiding
Heaven in Hiding by Halsey
MC is the lead singer of an up and coming band. He is known for his vocals, the reason the band is as successful as it was. The band is friendly and love their fans, well other than MC. He is rough around the edges. A bit of an ass really in how he treats some people. Sometimes the band itself has a hard time with him, but its hard to see him not in the picture.

Yc is the new band manager sent in since the last one begged to be replaced saying they couldn't handle the outright rejection from Mc to do interviews and other such things. Singing was really the only thing MC will do without a fight, but photo shoots, interviews, and fan related stuff not so much. 

Will Yc have what it takes to get MC in line?

(it doesn't seem it but looking for a pretty kink/bdsm based rp here. A rare moment I'm looking to play a more submissive role. details to be discussed)

Sample Post
Quote:Yet another sigh escaped him and earned a number of unimpressed looks. But really, it had been three hours listening to the council drone on about nothing. Yes, it was about the upcoming celebration of the Mother, an old tradition. It just seemed impossibly pointless to have a 3 hour meeting on how the event should proceed. What in the world did his mother expect him to gleam from this torture?

Another sigh and Elion shifted in his seat once more, not able to sit there straight faced. The chair alone was made of stone! Spirit bless him with patience. However it was a pointless prayer as Lord Doryn stopped his droning in favor of setting the prince with a level glare. "Your Highness, perhaps you have more important things to be doing," it was no doubt an insult on his decorum. Elion took it as an invitation. "Actually, I did have a previous engagement set in motion without the realization of the length such an important meeting would be held. Unfortunately, it is not an engagement I can break," he said getting to his feet, making the horrible ache his stiff body gave. He offered a small bow to the table. "Thank you for your dedication and time. Please continue without me. Sir Chamberlain shall send the report of the choices made to my rooms this evening," he said briskly and turned heading out the meeting hall before anyone could protest his leaving.

The doors closed behind him and Elion breathed a sigh of relief. He rolled his shoulders and tried to twist the kink from his back. There was no point in dwelling on the fact his Mother was going to scold him later for this. She has done it the last few decades, this would be no different. But Elion wasn't lying about having made plans before. Stretching he pushed his loose bright red hair from his face and headed down the hall. The fine polished black boots clicked on the white stone floors of the Council's hall. the pace increased the further he got from the dread of the meeting hall. Eventually he turned a corner at a trot, barely missing a maid he startled. Calling an apology to her he ran off, easily jumping out the opening in the outer hall, that opened to a courtyard. Easily navigating around the garden he jumped into the next hall.

It was moments later that Elion reached the gardens out the back of the Palace, near the stables. He had told Ramil that he would meet him by their usual willow beside the river. He was almost to the stepping stones to cross the lazy river when someone caught his attention. Seeing who it was made him smile. The last month a human had come to stay at the palace with a few others to work out trade agreements with his Mother and the council. This particular human man went by the name of Reed, Reed Marks. He was a horse breeder with fine beasts he wished the strengthen his bloodline with elvish horses. In return for saddles and bridles he made by hand, fine works of leather and metal.

Elion had taken a liking to the man from day one and spent what time he could talking to the man. So he glanced towards the willow and made no sight of his friend near their meeting place so headed to where Reed was sitting on a stump sewing a few bits of leather together. The man looked up from his work and offered a warm smile. "Your Highness, what a pleasure," he greeted warmly setting his work aside to stand and bow. The red haired elf clicked his tongue. "Mr. Reed I'm almost certain I told you to call me Elion. And please there is no need to bow," he said reaching out and touching his shoulder so he straightened. The man gave a sheepish smile. "I'm afraid I find it difficult to be so casual with someone like you," he admitted and Elion could only laugh, a light warm sound. "I really am nothing special. Besides I simply wished to ask if you would join me tonight in the garden? I would love a chance to talk more about your home if you would indulge me," he asked hopeful. Reed smiled warmly. "It would be my pleasure. I could hardly deny the chance to be in your company," he responded eagerly. There was a small bounce to Eli for a moment but he calmed himself. "I will see you after supper then," he said and hurried back to the river, skipping every other stepping stone and he lept over them.

The redhead was still smiling to himself as he rounded the willow where the garden spread out behind it. Green eyes scanning for a sign of his friend. "Rami," he called out. "I'm sorry I was late, those old goats really like to hear themselves talk,"he sighed as he walked the path a few steps.

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