[Male] Cyberpunk Roleplay
“What kind of name is ‘The Steelwinds’? Like....Really? What year is it, 2044?” 

Jack heard the voice voice of the Irish Twink Frankie in his ear. 

“I agree but they’re all dead now so it really doesn’t matter.”

Jack replied.

He’d infiltrated the gang a few weeks back, tried his luck at their initiations and easily passed any test they could give him. He had an entire fake cyber profile set up with a fake name, which was ‘X’, fake criminal record and everything. His real records were inaccessible to most people, even government officials. Currently he sat at one of the several nondescript safe houses he’d gotten since arriving in Night City a few weeks back. An apartment across the street from a little diner. Jack purposely checked the place for bugs and secret cameras when he got it, so him talking to his hacker so freely wasn’t a big deal. Personally, Jack thought the leader of the gang was a walking talking gimmick. 

“Those stupid shotgun shells could’ve sliced through bread with all that edge.”

His hacker said through the earpiece. The leader of the gang was some dopehead names Slick Ricky Vick, a moron who thought that he was gonna take the city and become a rockerboy King. The gang had had a growing operation but it all came crashing down when it started to fall apart from within.

None of them suspecting it was ‘X’ the whole time.

He’d taken thar gang down operation by operation from within.

He’d become close to the leader and became one of their most trusted allies.....And he struck them when he had the chance. 

He had easily marched in guns blazing and took out the main operation since there was only a few dozen of them around the warehouse building.

It was all too easy.

He’d sneaked out the night before, none of them noticing before he returned a few hours later dressed in his full ‘Patriot’ garb and slaughtered them all.

When the police would find them, they’d find Slick Ricky with a flagpole sticking out of his forehead, The Stars and Stripes waving proudly and a spray-paint tag of a bald eagle with the red white and blue colors of the flag.

He was The Patriot......And he’s make sure that scum like them would never tread on anyone.

He put on his usual attire whilst he was using this alias.

Black Engineer Boots, Black Jeans, black leather belt with Silver Great White Shark Tooth Buckle, White t shirt with Templar Cross on it, black tactical gloves, and gray denim vest. He grabbed his akimbo leg holsters and put his two .460 S&W Magnum Revolvers, each having a small Grenade launcher attached under the barrel, into said holsters. He then took his motorcycle helmet with him and left the safe house before climbing on the back of his 2078 Honda CB4 Interceptor, Honda’s newest Superbike, before he put on his helmet and turns on the bike, roaring off down the street.

He left the downtown and headed towards the outskirts of Night City to a small diner, his favorite little place to go and be alone with his thoughts.

He parked his bike outside the place before he went inside, sat down at a booth and ordered a cup of tea.

(Looking for someone who has decent to extensive knowledge of the Cyberpunk genre. I have based this starter on the up and coming CD Projekt Red video game Cyberpunk 2077 which is based on Mike Pondsmith’s Tabletop RPG Cyberpunk 2020. I haven’t played that tabletop but if you have that’s awesome, we also don’t have to strictly stick to the lore of this universe, we can do our own thing. Please hit me up if you’re interested.)

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