[Any] Want Something Fun To Do?
I'm a roleplayer looking to branch out to some new partners!
Hello! I am a roleplayer with lots of experience who is looking to branch out with some new roleplay partners! I've been lucky to have a nice group of people to roleplay with through the years, but many of those partnerships have come to an end and my old haunts are no longer active! So here I am, an experienced roleplayer wandering into uncharted territory in the need for a good roleplay.

Here's what I can offer you! 
  1. Committment. I work a Monday-Friday job with children and so I can't really be on my phone all hours of the day, but I can promise regular updates; a few a day depending on how our schedules align. But I won't be someone who will leave you hanging more than a day! Of course, I don't think it needs to be said that I would like the same in return.
  2. Quality posts. I believe in quality over quantity and, while I can very much write walls of text, I don't necessarily believe that that is what makes a good post. The content has to be there instead of just shoving filler in there to pad your post and make it look bigger. So, what am I saying? I won't always do many, many paragraphs. However, you can guarantee a quality post in which I, like you, will continue to drive our plot forward and do so eloquently, with good grammar, sentence structure and spelling. I expect the same in return.
  3. I have many deeply developed characters with worlds that have been built and developed over time. I am very happy to use any of my characters and can promise that they won't be a shallow reflection of a person. They have strengths and flaws and personalities and personality faults. If you don't like my characters, I am happy to build a new character to fit our RP, though they may not be quite so developed until we really start to test them out.
  4. I like lots of drama in my roleplays. I like dark plots with angst, heartbreak, violence, dysfunctional relationships and sadness. But, of course, there will be happy times too! I don't necessarily have to do just sad, depressing roleplays or messed up murderous ones. If you want something, just ask for it. I can probably do it.
  5. Pairings: I can do MxM, MxF, FxF. All of my characters are capable of being the more dominant one of the more submissive one. I am happy to play either role, though I do prefer to play a more dominant role with the ability to switch it up and let my character be more vulnerable.
I have a lot of ideas that are just waiting to be played; all I need is the right RP partner! Please feel free to message me if you would like to exchange ideas and set something up!

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