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(Please Kill Me Before I Make Another Dad Joke. I'm .... Tu-rning Into O-One of Them...)
Hi everyone! I am brand new to the site! I am so excited to meet new people and write with some great partners!

I've been roleplaying for... might be 4 years by now. The first year of roleplaying were far from great reads, but I like to think my writing has evolved by quite a lot. That and my mastery of the English language as well. While English is not my first language, it is definitely the language I speak and write the most and the most fluently. Regardless, mistakes might happen- as they do for any single one of us.

I'm definitely one who enjoys stories. I like my smut based stories and all, but I love a story with a bit of plot in them too. I'm working on getting my F-list, but somehow I ended up breaking something.
Welcome to my life. RIP. But I'll be getting on that ASAP. But I like first person(makes it easier to get into character for me), but that being whispered, I can easily do third person. If that didn't give a hint towards me being really adaptable, then.... I dunno. You're out of luck there.

Hope you've learned a little something new from what little I've disclosed on Discord, and if you think I can meet your roleplay needs, my PM's there are open.

Thanks for having me here!! Can't wait to meet you all!

(daedric prince is already bae)
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What up my dude and welcome to the site.
I'd give you a more in depth greeting but I'm already bae so

"You're here, that's all I need to know.
And you will keep me safe.
And you will keep me close.
And rain... Will make the flowers grow"
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