[Male] Looking for Female Blackmailed into BDSM relationship
generally into power relationships, open to suggestions
The role play I have in mind would be that you’re a young woman starting a high powered career such as a lawyer. 

One day in the post you receive an envelope and when you open it, it contains several photos of you naked masterbating with your dildo and other toys. Along side these photos is a note to tell you to go to the Hilton hotel near you at 9pm Thursday night. Wear an elegant dress with slutty underwear and stockings on underneath or these photos will be sent to your family and everyone at your work. If you are even a minute late all the photos will be sent. 

You have no idea what to do but can’t let these photos to go out so you decide to go to the hotel. You get stuck in traffic on the way and start panicking and have to run a red light in order not to be late. You arrive at 8:59 and are extremely anxious as to what is about to happen. I am at the bar by the lobby and see you arrive all flustered. I am very happy with what you have picked to wear and can’t wait to inspect more. The concierge walks up to you and hands you an envelope. In it is a room key. 

You on the room and enter it. You find the empty. On the bed is another note and a small bag. The note reads. 

“So we both know what a whore you are from the pictures I sent you. If you don’t want these pictures to get out you will do exactly what I say when I say it. In the bag is a blindfold, ball gag and handcuffs. Put on the ball gag and blindfold and handcuff yourself to the bed. Then wait for me. When I arrive I will ask you a question “I am the master, you are the?”, if you don’t want to have anyone see what kind of a whore year are you looking respond “slave” and then you will follow my instructions”

Now, what happens next and describe exactly what you choose to wear tonight, if you want to send pictures that would be fine too. 
Throughout this story you never get to see my face and you will hear the phrase “I am the master,you are the?” At different times and each time you respond slave and must submit to whatever I say no matter the time or the place. I get you to act out kinky things in all sorts of risky scenarios. 
What do you think?

Others I like is student/teacher
Best friends wife
Step sister
Most bdsm
Quite open to fantasy suggestions as well

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