[Male] Headmaster seeking female student
You get caught smoking weed and risk suspension
i am the headmaster and you are the A grade student. One day you get convinced by one of your friends to come with them and they start smoking weed. You are caught by a teacher and sent to my office.

I tell you that I will have to suspend you for this and it will go on your permenant record unless you play by my rules. I hand over to you £100 and tell you to come in to my office tomorrow morning in some sexy lingerie and stockings under your school uniform and report to my office at 8am tomorrow. You don’t have to say anything now. If you don’t come to my office tomorrow morning I will assume you want to be suspended, if you do decide to turn up be prepared do work your hardest to convince me not to suspend you.

Now leave my office.

What do you do next? Want you to tell through that evening, going to the shop to buy your first lingerie set. What is going through your mind as you do this. What is going through your mind when lying in bed that night and right upto walking into the office the next day. I can take over from there or you can continue further if you wish

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