[TW] Breathe Deep;Speed Demon
For request purpose(to be filled)
With a click, the brutal metal closed around her neck, making breathing a bit more difficult, but also securing her tightly. Not that she could move much anyway, she lay upside down on a racing bike, a custom model, so her black latex form vanished into the dark metal. Formfitted to her sizes, if one wasn't looking for it, no one would even notice that a human was strapped to the 'Black Thunder'. The only thing visible was her pink slit and her waiting open mouth, her face completely blacked out, blindfold and earphones to make her nothing more than an accessoire, one that was silently moaning. Loud screams of her own pleasure rolling directly into her head from all the video tapes they had created, the extreme clarity of the sound turning her on so much as if she was right there. The slaping sounds of spanks making her quiver every time. Remembering each and every single one of them vividly. Making her shiver, her body feeling hot just thinking that she would be on national television, showing off her body, even if they had taken some precautions. 

Still tasting the cum of her Masters racing team and smelling the heavy taste as another ring was added, keeping her mouth wide open. A steel ringgag cruelly harsh inserted and pushing her jaw apart and another one made from rubber so His cock would not chafe. It had been a bit difficult to bring up what they had planned at first, but now the whole racing team was on board. After a little intimidation and persuasion of her tall Master, and him offering her mouth for free to the team, that was. As for the pink slit, small globs of white were still visible from how they had 'paid' the inspector. A mere blowjob had not worked. But now they even had some material on him, so next time should be easier, if her Master cared for it. He sometimes liked to watch her squirm when someone else than Him took her, making her annoyed at how small anyone else was, even if he made sure to remind her, who she belonged to after each of these little adventures. Long and extensive, rough and pleasurefu... painful. A song came to mind 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me'.

Just remembering it made her squirm or trying to, a long pink tongue running around the metal edges of the gag, as if inviting Him to finally sit down. Her legs had been tightly restrained to the side and painfully tied back at the knee, her arms tied back at the elbow and restrained just the same, adding to the 'driver seat' that was her face, so there was very little movement she could do. Her plump tits corseted to become flat and nice to feel fleshy sidebumps for her Masters legs. The thick studs in her nipples having been taken out for this occasion only to make it an even better experience for HIM and making her feel kind of empty, but at the same time excited. It was a different feeling. How long had it been since she had gotten them anyway? Most likely on the first few days after they met each other. How time flew. The anxiety and nervousity made her move a little and she felt how the ring in her clit was stretching, two wires tied to the handles, so she would feel it hard. Every time her Master revved the machine, not only would she get an electrical shock, but also delectable pain from the gold metal pulling on her sensitive flesh. Everything was ready. And then she felt something, a finger, touching her tongue. Like a thirsty bitch, she started to sensually lick it. Knowing it was her Masters thick and calloused finger from the very first moment.

Was it time?

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