[Male] Lighthearted Peril, and Playful Damsel-in-Distress Roleplay (M x anyone playing F)
All characters must be written/played as 21 years old if they aren't already older.

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I'm seeking some largely smutty lines involving comedic peril/damsel-in-distress kink, light bondage and pretty campy superheroics/noblebright high fantasy. Think lines with highspirited adventure, over-the-top-action, plenty of banter, our characters being able to crack a fucking smile and honestly enjoying--or at least tolerating--each other's company (be they friends, partners, rivals, frenemies-with-benefits, whatever).
  • Let's keep things generally lighthearted in tone (not interested in "dark" lines or humorless self-seriousness). Copious humor and comedy, where our characters are able to laugh and crack a fucking smile, and can poke fun at things with wit and snarky banter. Exploring and/or subverting classic tropes and ideas. Capable, confident, self-assured females who boldly take initiative and are comfortable in their sexuality. Sappy/fluffy romance where the relationship isn't the main source of conflict and couples that sincerely trust each other while having their differences and busting each others' chops. (Yeah, I'm a sap; what of it? :p)
  • Consent ain't just sexy, it's required. Feigned resistance (our characters roleplaying a scenario where one just pretends to resist the other, with the lady just really hamming up her role) is wonderful. The bound lady/heroine constantly snarking about the situation, giving her would-be kidnapper/abductor/frenemy savior plenty of lip in the process, is cool. I'm just not interested in impaired/predatory coercion, genuinely "rapey" encounters, or one character abusing and "breaking" another. (Not trying to kink-shame; it's just not my personal taste.)
  • I do wish to involve clean footplay (YC being the recipient). I just find something oddly erotic and delightful about giving attention upon a female's bare or nylon/stocking-covered legs and feet: Licking, suckling, tickling, nibbling, massaging, footjobs, etc. I'm wanting this to be purely mutual pleasure shamelessly enjoyed on both ends: Foreplay in fully appreciating the female body, an extension of body worship, something both parties are just into from the outset, etc. I just wouldn't be interested in "gross/dirty" footplay or using it to humiliate or degrade.

The Essentials
1. Gender and Gender Pairings: I'm male (for those who deem their partner's RL gender a potential dealbreaker). For the record, your RL gender doesn't matter to me; your enjoying yourself and being good at what you do is much more important. Smile Presently, I'm looking for male x female and male x futanari lines.

2. RP Length and Mediums: One-shots, short-term lines and long-term epics are all equally doable. I'll chat and plot over Private Messages, but I'm only looking to do lines offsite via E-mail.

3. On PBs/Faceclaims: 2D, art or anime faceclaims only, please. I'm not comfortable using, or playing opposite, real-life/celeb PBs and faceclaims.

4. Post Style: I only write in the 3rd-person POV and typically do 1-4 paragraphs per post, and ask partners be able to do the same.

5. On "Literacy": Honestly, I find the term relative. Do you take pride in, and put solid detail/effort into, your writing? Then you're literate as far as I'm concerned. I'm not demanding endless reams of literary perfection, and I'm cool with any OOC linguistic quirks and idiosyncrasies you have. Just avoid consistently bad spelling and grammar, one-liners and painfully lazy/sloppy/error-riddled posts, and we'll be cool. Reasonable, right?

6. Chattering: I enjoy spazzing with partners over RP and OOC stuff. Chunnering on about headcanons, sharing character-reflective music and whatnot, building some sort of rapport, and shooting the breeze in general. Please be open to doing the same. Big Grin

7. Post Frequency: "Laidback" is my motto. I'm fine with replies every 1-4 days or so; we all have lives and other obligations, after all. If we need to pause the line for whatever reason (work/personal life getting cranked up, lack of inspiration, sudden unexpected or unpleasant life event) or you just want to end it, let me know. If nine days pass without any reply or note from you, I'll assume we're done.

8. F-List and Particular Yays/Nays: My full kink list--and some writing samples--are on this this F-list. Seductive erotica, playful/loving kink, and passionate sensuality are my main foci here. There's plenty of room for humor and banter, everyone retains their basic dignity, and the pursuit of consent is delightful foreplay in itself (which hardly precludes hotblooded raunchy fucking agin the nearest wall, kinky funtimes or room-trashing Destructo-Nookie). So let me say set-in-stone sub/dom dynamics are a flat "Nope".

Things I'm Particularly Keen On...

No-Goes and Dealbreakers...

So if this appeals to you, send me a PM! But please don't send some "Wanna RP?/I'm interested" one-liner or vague indicator of interest; I'll assume you're interested since you PMed me in the first place. :p Tell me the following (you know, something we can use as a foundation to set something up):
  • What from this ad specifically interests you
  • What mutually-shared kinks we share and your smutty turn-offs (if you have an F-list, please feel free to share the link)
  • Any turn-offs and RP pet peeves/dealbreakers you have (so we don't step on each other's toes)
  • A writing sample (to see if we mesh, as well as it just showing your confidence; if you don't provide one, I'll likely pass)
But if you aren't interested, then I hope you have a lovely day and thank you for reading through this ad anyway! Smile

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