[TW] The Message
Winter had finally released its hold on the parts of Massachusets that held one of, if not the most prestigious colleges in all of the United States.

Boston had been hit by a terrible winter storm making not only transit difficult, but for some even the notion of venturing outside was far from their mind, instead using the climactic impasse thrust upon them to get their heads stuck into books, and the fires going in the many fireplaces of the dormitories and frat houses of the campus of Harvard Univesity.

There were a battery of tests and essays, reports and presentations due, and how someone managed to find room to even breathe in a setting such as this, others again excelled and thrived in this high-pressure cooker, seemingly finding time for both pushing the boundaries of perfect attendance as well as perfect results on tests while at the same time managing their free time in such a way that they always had time for friendly chats, a series of games in the common rooms, or even occasionally a tumble in the sheets to unwind and take minds and bodies off the stress of their circumstances.

Besides the rich and developed atmosphere and opportunities on campus, the capital of Boston was not too distant and students periodically made forays into the city for shopping, meetings, and lunches with friends, networks and prospective employers once their tenure as students had passed.

This life was not for everyone, but most managed to get by, and even fewer shone like a bright evening star as they passed through the years of higher education that was Harvard Univesity.
And Violett, or Vy or V, depending how good one knew her, was thriving. The blonde, 5'4" campus wide known sporty sexy woman, who could not do anything in her life ever again and still have money to spare was driven anyway. Just... that it was all a bit too easy for her. Handling studying, cheerleading and sociaizing with her ever growing clique. And others.

Studying had never been difficult for her. Sure, she was no 250 iq genius, but with a tiny bit of effort, she could stand on the same level with most of the brainiacs in the college. Her body was what one could call a perfect tone. Not too muscled to deform anything, but even from just looking at her, one could see that she was bursting with energy. The perfect amount of harmonious training fit with a perfect schedule and diet.

"Nothing again." She said into the room, a small round box coming to live and answered in a machine voice. "Understood, Miss V. Too bad." Then went through her schedule for today and tomorrow. Planned to the t. And filled with all her dark secrets. Even the list of her ever growing amount of lovers. Disappointing.

Usually one would think that such a privileged brat like her had nothing missing in her life. Born to rich parents, enrolled in one of the most prestigious colleges there was and having hundreds of friends and lackeys. But there was one thing she could not have apparently. Someone to make her cum her brains out. And doing it herself always felt only half as good. Something was missing. At least in the way she was doing it right now.

Dropping her bag on top of her bed, she kicked her desk and saw the wireless mouse fly up and land perfectly, just enough to undo the screensaver and let her see her desktop. Stretching her arms to the sky, she took the small victory and pushed off her skirt. Still smelling of geek and football team. She had burned her other skirt after she had tried some weird shit with one of the geek squads. What was it called? Bukkake? They had needed 20 people to even cover her face. So pathetic, but she had not reached bliss there, or as she was double teamed by two brutes of the football team. She had led them on long enough that they had took her 'unwillingly' and tried to destroy her holes. After 10 minutes it had been over and she had gone to shower herself and then go home.

Sitting down on her big chair in front of her desktop, she pulled her legs on top of the chair and slowly started to remove her socks as she read through news scrolling over one side of the three screens. Nothing interesting. Frowning, she leaned back and pulled her arms around her legs. Wondering what she had done to deserve this.
The house Vy was living in was one of several on campus, and it held communal areas as well as private spaces, although for the most part even the sleeping rooms were set up to contain two or more beds, making the most of space as well as pushing the spirit of cooperation and fraternizing.

It was only a select few people that had the option of securing a private room, whether by luck or design it happened to befall those who came from families that supported the work of the University through undisclosed donations in furtherance of educational projects, or erecting new buildings or facilitating the hiring of more staff, some of which were the leading voices in their field.

The screen flashed a small card from the system tray; a new messenger message had reached Vy's computer. Opening it revealed the ever so handsome face of Josh, one year Vy's senior, and someone she had met several times, at first innocuous, but lately there had been more overt advances, including one particular session of intense finger-banging which had left Vy somewhat intrigued and hopeful, yet that inkling was soon dashed by the words that seemed to echo words and voices from her recent past.

"Hey, Violett. I'm gonna go ahead and say it, I don't think we should see each other. It's nothing to do with you, you're a wonderful woman, but I just don't think we are on the same wavelength. Wish you the best and see you around. J"

Maybe it was his skills with both tongue and digits or the impressive size of his member that had blinded her, but she would eventually come to realize that Josh simply fell in line with several previous attempts. They were keen at first, what with her stunning looks as well as her natural charm and charisma. But sooner rather than later that eventual intimidation kicked in. She outshone almost everyone, and that light tended to reveal the minuscule cracks of self-doubt in others which grew to drown them in terror of not living up to her ideal.
Reading the message, she sighed, feeling slightly sad and disappointed, not that she could ever get used to it. it was always like that, even if she found someone slightly interesting, soon enough they would distance themselves. If it was her looks or what she was expecting or how frustrated she seemed, who knew?

Not her definitely, or she would have played her part better. "Z, put Josh into the coward table. Seems like he got too small a dick." Giggling silently, she heard the beep that her command had been accepted. Nodding, she went over the other stuff. Deleting her mom´s repeated calls for her to come home at least once in a blue moon, her dads demand she at least go to some mixers and that she would end up a lonely old hag this way and those of her friends.

Filtering the messages down slowly. It was cathartic to delete people´s words. It made her feel like she had power over them.

Moving around on her swivel chair, she slowly turned around picking out message after message, keeping an eye on the second screen. Watching a porno half heartedly of two girls going hard on each other. A slight pang of jealousy rushing through her. Not that she had not tried girls, trans and anything else already, but even there... Something was lacking.

Moving her free hand through her blonde hair, she tilted her head and cracked it before pulling off her shirt, sitting there in her black lace underwear. Wearing cute looking bunny headphones with some pink fluff on it. Something she just had to buy back then.
Darkness stole away the light of the spring day, and by late afternoon it was already difficult to discern much outside the windows of her quiet room. Vy's current train of thought was broken by a buzz from the desk that held her work and er computer screens. It was an unfamiliar sound, not in the sense that Vy didn't know what caused it, but rather because it happened so infrequently.

Almost all of her communications passed through electronic channels, chiefly messenger apps, and email. This was an old-fashioned text message that had found its way to her phone. It could be the odd spam message not caught by her sophisticated filtering, or some other arcane user of technology, but even her mother had discovered Snap a long time ago.

The text message was as cryptic and slightly disturbing as it was short and to the point.

"Walk over to the window and close the blinds."

No mention of who sent it, the number revealing nothing when traced on the net, whether by cleverly routing, or the services of some scrambling function.
Wow, this was all the way sketchy. Last time she had gotten a non machine made text, it had been her grandma trying out that system. Looking at her messenger, she did not see that it would show up anywhere but her phone. Leaning forward, her bust roiled along the desk as she stretched over it. Holding the phone as if it had become a bomb, she poked it.

No explosion. She laughed, thinking herself very clever and funny. Just to let her brow wrinkle and her laugh freeze on her lips. What the fuck was this? Looking around the room, she saw that it had grown dark. And even if she did not want to, she definitely had to close the blinds. And for some reason, she was excited.

Not scared or thinking she was caught in a horror movie and going by the white girl trope. Well, at least she would not have to worry too much about that. Taking the baseball bat as security anyway as she walked over to the blinds. She could have closed them remotely, but she felt like taking a look outside.

But it was too dark to see much anyway. Closing the blinds now, she looked back into her room, now it seemed too empty, too big. Rushing back to her chair, she picked up her phone. Not sure if she should answer. If no other message came, she would just send a '?' a minute or so later. She enjoyed games, maybe someone wanted to surprise her in some way?

Since no name stood by the number, there was no need to look it up. It would not tell her anything even if she found whom it belonged to.
A pause filled the tense situation, long enough to tease Vy, but short enough to keep her attention riveted on the phone, awaiting a clue as to motive or meaning behind the secret and rather strange interaction.

Another buzz made Vy's hand tingle, and for whatever reason, the tingle planted itself in her brain as something totally different than a normal sensation. Perhaps it was the unique situation, an after-effect of watching the two women appear on screen or a heightened level of excitement, she couldn't say.

"Turn your desk lamp toward the window and stand in front of it in profile."
Just before she was ready to send her message, her phone buzzed again, a new order. It made her heart leap as she read it over and over.

Seems like it was not just machine generated. It reacted. Her heart beat dizzyingly fast as she turned on her desk lamp. It felt so weird, but the chill she felt run down her spine was real and it made her feel... things. Adventurous and nervous, she stood up, adjusting her strong desk lamp toward the window. It was not like anything would be gotten from this. Barely anyone looked here anyways and seeing her with only a bra or a silhouette of hers with a lover was not much of a new thing.

But doing this still excited her, her skin prickling and her mouth dry. Just standing before the curtains and letting her profile appear on them. Maybe she would just indulge whoever this was a little bit. It could not hurt and maybe she would find out why her palms were so sweaty and she could not help but stare at her phone.
Moments later, but after giving Vy ample time to show off her impressive profile ina shadow play on her blinds, the phone once again lit up, and the message was perhaps as unsatisfactory as it was tantalizing in its promise.

"Thank you, Violett, you have been excellent in following my instructions. You are free now, but keep following my commands, and there will be rewards for you along the way."

As suddenly as it appeared, the new and exciting rendezvous retreated and left Vy to ponder what had happened. Nothing overtly and nothing demeaning, for what reason had she been commanded?
What was even going on, having become bored and doing some yoga poses and posing in a way to make it a feast to watch, even if it was just her profile, she finally heard the buzz again.

Rewards? And he did not even give her any kind of hint who he was. This was more than mysterious. It was delicious. "Z, save 'questionmark' in a new folder, name it 'intriguing'." She said in a mysterious voice, already walking back to her computer to...

She did not even know, maybe she should just go sleep and think about this as a weird dream. Not like she was looking forward to the next set of commands. After all, she was supposed to be the one giving commands. Not someone she did not even know.

Who knew who it was, some ugly guy, a jealous lover... But did it really matter? Her heart had not fluttered like this in ages. And deep down, she was looking forward to the next text. Smiling, she decided for an early sleep.
As thoughts swirled in Vy's head while settling in for a night of rest, a keen and subconscious process of elimination occurs. Most of her previous acquaintances could be discarded by the fact that the message hadn't directed her towards doing lewd acts in plain view. There was a bizarre sophistication in this approach. While it assumed control, it let her keep a modicum of modesty.

The restraint, patience, spoke of age, or experience or perhaps both. The thought that a staff member, maybe a professor had dared her to reveal herself like this was a new string of inquiring opening up. While affirming all of them for their intellectual prowess as well as their ability to form arguments and bring logic to bear in their reasoning, some of the teachers were also incredibly hot. She had yet to summon the courage to approach one with this darker intent, knowing the University had a strict policy that would jeopardize that staff member's position and possibly her own as well.

She hadn't been blind to the fact that some of them had given her looks when they didn't think anyone observed. This opened up new possibilities.
It was really quite an interesting proposal that an older man could have taken interest. Certainly, there were quite some handsome people under the professors, but there were also less savory ones. There was also enough janitors and staff other than professors that were quite a bit older.

But if it was a professor... She had never tried to undo a marriage before, at least not knowingly, a ring usually a huge turn off for someone like her that disliked binding herself to any one person. But maybe it was just that she had not found that one person who could make her swoon and fall for them.

But in the end, there was just too little evidence of anything. The sentences had been quite basic and yet, she felt as if whoever wrote those had either experience in doing stuff like this, or had made a very stringent plan, a schedule that could rival her own.

It would be interesting to slowly unravel this mystery step by step.
The next day passed without any messages, but the brief exchange from the night before had put some wheels in motion, albeit in a small way. Suddenly the people surrounding her took on a new and undiscovered dimension. Who was the mysterious author, could he be watching her right now? Was it the guy who held the door for her as she hurried to class, could it be the professor, was he casting sidelong glances, or was it only a figment of her imagination?

There was an undeniable thrill to this new situation, someone was observing her, and had a weird interest in her, but for whatever reason, they kept hidden, a game with low stakes, for now.
For some reason over the time that passed since the last message, she could barely concentrate. Often times pushing her phone out of her pocket just to see if she had gotten any new mysterious message. She was starting to like this game, hoping it would continue. The thrill of not knowing when the next message would come by. It even haunted her in her usual activities. Distractedly letting a cheerleader eat her out, while Vy was blindfolded and bound to a pole. Trying to guess who it was.

The day passed ever so slowly and she had slowly begun to focus on other things again. Wondering if it had just been a prank after all. It was weird to think about it like that, but it would not be unprecedented. Being popular came with it´s own set of tribulations.

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