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Just an introduction
Hello I am both new and not new. I had an account a while back but things happened in personal life that caused me to walk away from rp for a bit.  I've changed quite a bit since I walked away.  I was originally on Black Dahlia Roleplaying. I have been role playing for 17 years. I can be hard to roleplay with and my tastes have changed quite a bit.  I have changed quite a bit.  I hope that won't be a problem.  I love dark romances. I love anything to do with blood and dark things like black magic. The Occult. I love things around the Occult or dark fantasy. I only rp male x Female and my tastes in men are....unconventional. I love sex in stories and I love rping stories of eternal love. Past lives things like that. I love blood play too. It's sexy if it's done right. But I do like fandom too. I can rp within fandom. I used to want rps with fandom guys. But now I don't. I am more than happy to play within the stories of fandom. I am more than happy to double pairings if you have a certain character you want. But....I only ask for one guy. I do give fair warning though I will only rp with a certain type of male character. He has to fit personality and looks of what I'm looking for. I know many people like making their own characters. I do too. I respect everyone's freedom to create their own characters and works of art. It is nothing personal against them. It's a me thing. I only wish to be devoted to the man in my life. This is my way of doing so within Rp. If that is ok with you I am down for most anything. I have very few limits when it comes to sex. I am looking for a guy who can play a switch though. 
Welcome back to the site!
"You're here, that's all I need to know.
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And you will keep me close.
And rain... Will make the flowers grow"
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