[Male] Hello looking for long-term partners
Looking for rp partners
Hello there! Before we get into this I know I have changed in the last two months. A lot of personal things have happened and if you knew me and rped with me on Black Dahlia I am not that same woman.  I know I can be hard to role-play with because I want specific things.  I don't mean to infringe on anyone's creativity.  I respect everyone's creativity and freedom.  This is just a me thing.  I am looking for a certain image and personality of someone that is very important to me.  

With that being said I do have some original stories. I started in fandom and I can do fandom still.  I role play redhead females.  I also am looking for a large age difference.  The woman I will play will be 35 and the male 23. 

What I am looking for in a male character:

-Brunette.  His hair can be longer or shorter but no buzz cuts please

-Blueish/green eyes

-Pale with some freckles

-A bit on the shorter side.  Between 5'5 and 5'7

-Very lithe and thin.  Not sickly thin.  But definitely gives the impression he's a twig lol.  

-Stronger than he looks

-His personality is refined but complex.  He's funny and likes to joke around.  But he hides his pain behind masks and fake smiles.  He's caring and he does care about other people. But he's guarded and doesn't want to be hurt. He is committed in his relationships.  He may be young but he is looking for serious relationships. Tends to move fast and wears his heart on his sleeve. Loves with all his heart. Sensitive where it counts and sensitive to other people's feelings.  Can be soft spoken around certain people but loud and obnoxious around others.  Likes to get under people's skin.  His way of flirting is....a bit obscure. Example would be:

Male:"I don't remember anyone's names."

Female: "Do you remember mine?"

Male:*waits until she gets distracted and says something*Did you hear what I just said?

Female:*confused*no what did you say?

Male: "Ok good don't worry about it."

That sort of flirting.  

Storylines I do have some original storylines if you might be interested. 

Plot 1: Dark fantasy/witches/occult/black magic  This takes place in a historical era maybe in the 1100s doesn't have to be historically accurate.  It can be just the basis of the time period.  The plotline is a powerful witch finds a young man and takes him in as her student.  She teaches him all she knows and love develops between the two of them. Very dark stuff in this one blood magic, sex magic.  Details can be discussed.  

Plot 2: Federal Agents NCIS sort of plot.  Our characters are Federal Agents and it can be a fantasized government or anything.  But basically kind of like the show NCIS where they solve different crimes. They are partners and they cross that line from partners to lovers.  Very heavy and dark themes in this one too. Both plots have romance.  Must have romance in them.  But dark romance is just fine by me lol. 

I am also open to any plots you might have if you think we are a good fit for each other.  Thank you for taking the time to read my request thread.

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