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Hello everyone.

**I have added some pot ideas at the bottom**

My name is Amante. I've been roleplaying longer than I want to admit (I blame my older brother and his old D&D red box that he left to me when he moved on to bigger and better things.) I was just a youngster then, but I have basically grown up with tabletop rpgs, then moved into video and computer gaming. I love the immersive worlds of video games, but my favorite was always online, text or forum-based roleplaying. I love the freedom to create anything we as writing partners want to create, the complete lack of limitation, and the challenge and imaginative creativity one can find in writing with others.

I like all kinds of stories. Subject, setting, and theme are all pretty wide open for me, as long as there's something interesting that catches my imagination. Sometimes the idea of a certain type of character in a certain setting feels original to me. Sometimes a single idea in a post can spark a whole world in my mind. I write everything from G-rated stories suitable for my niece and nephew to the hardest core XXX smutfest from which even porn connoisseurs would shy away. I have written in genres including fantasy, romance, sci-fi, steampunk, contemporary fiction, western, horror, and more. I write characters across the spectrum from innocent and gullible to steely-eyed veterans, from halo-wearing winged angels to horned, spike-tailed demons, and really anything in between. 

That being said, sometimes something fails to interest me. Maybe the idea just seems too ordinary (although even plain, ordinary characters can be endlessly entertaining), or I've done it before, or it contains some subject that I find uninteresting. It's hard for me to tell you what is or isn't writable. I always said that incest in any form was a hard no, but then someone proposed the idea of step siblings who had been dating before their parents married, and suddenly found themselves living in the same house. Something in that idea struck me as cool, and I found a character in Claire that clicked. We wrote about her and her boyfriend/step brother for over a year before their story ended.

So if you have an idea, let me know. I'll edit this shortly to add a few of my own ideas, and some characters I have created that are ready to play in certain settings. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling thoughts. I hope to hear from you soon!

Random List of plot, character, setting and various ideas (by no means am I limited to this list - if you have an idea, try me)

Pairings: alien x human, supernatural entity x human
Scenarios: best friends turned lovers, innocence seduced, super hero hookup (or hero/villain one night stand), the last fling before the wedding

Character/Scenario Idea: Miss USA

A former Miss Teen Pick-a-State whose parents were her managers. They divorced, her father ran off with one of her competitors in the Miss Teen competition and her mother developed an alcohol problem. She tried for Miss Teen USA, then Miss USA once she turned 18, but didn't win either time. Now 19, modeling gigs have become increasingly slim due to her terrible manager, and money's tight. When her mother checks into a court-ordered rehab, the young model is left on her own and makes some bad choices, investing poorly, loosing almost all her money, and ending up on the casting couch of a porn director, her need for cash outweighing her morals as she is convinced to perform increasingly lewd and degrading acts on tape. The story would start on the casting couch, the young girl expecting a standard modeling gig, but letting her guard down and eventually her panties. How far will she go in this new profession? 

Character/Scenario Idea: The Ice Queen

Elizabeth is a beautiful, blonde, executive in her early 30s. She is an efficiency expert, brought on to a company as CEO to cut expenses (i.e.: jobs) and make the organization profitable, all while making a healthy salary for herself. She has been nicknamed "The Ice Queen" due to her seeming lack of empathy towards the working class as she slashes jobs and fills unemployment lines, and her cold-hearted shut down of any man who attempts to win her heart. In her most recent position, she has eliminated over 300 jobs. Countless appeals by the men and women losing jobs have fallen on deaf ears. Since they can't seem to melt her frozen heart, some newly laid off workers decide to warm her body instead.

This idea could be anything from a nc gangbang in a parking garage to an extensively planned scenario where Elizabeth is cornered in the executive conference room and forced to satisfy every laid off worker, paraded from one department to another, used first by the executives, then the middle managers, then the office workers, the assembly line workers, the janitorial staff, the loading dock workers, delivery drivers, etc. until everyone has had some form of compensation.

Scenario Idea: Fall of an Empire

Empress Elena Sophia happens to have ascended to the Imperial throne at the worst possible time in the history of the Empire. Having expanded exponentially during the reign of her grandfather, the Empire experienced growing pains and began to lose its wars of expansion near the end of his rule. Rebellion and war with neighboring kingdoms caused the Empire to shrink during the reign of her father, who was assassinated when she was 14. With little practical knowledge, but the certainty that her bloodline made her infallible, the young Empress made countless tactical errors, losing more and more men and lands. It has been three years, and between rebellions, invading kingdoms, and the frustration of her own generals, advisors, and nobility, the young Empress' rule is at an end. The ememy is at the gates, the rebels call for her abdication, and the nobles, generals and advisors want to seize power for themselves. What chance does a 18-year-old Empress have against so many formidable men?

I can see this going many ways. Perhaps her generals, advisors and the nobility wish to marry the young Empress and breed her, mixing their own blood with that of the Imperial line and cementing a position of power. Perhaps the rebels want her dethroned and want to treat her to the life she has left so many of their own women, the life of a harlot, surviving by her ability to please men. Perhaps the invading armies will take her as a prize, passing her around to their generals and heroes. Perhaps a combination of these factors, or something entirely new will happen. 

Character/Scenario Idea: Acting Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister Alina Loveless never expected her predecessor and friend, Prime Minister Martin Toliver to be assassinated. She was certain the popular leader would be reelected to serve at least two if not three terms before she would ever have a hope of running for the position herself. But now she finds herself sworn into office as the new Prime Minister, and the political mechanations whirling around her have her head spinning. Someone wanted her friend dead, and that same someone has uncovered Alina's darkest secret, the one thing she knows will destroy her political career forever: her uncontrollable sex addiction and hunger for multiple partners at the same time. Although she hasn't indulged her cravings since her divorce, they're still there, and now someone is blackmailing her to live out those fantasies for their own reasons.

Scenario Idea: Her Last Command

A fifth generation biod (bio-engineered human), Katherine Montgomery's genetic code has been engineered and refined to the point that she is the epitome of human intelligence, agility, strength, endurance, and beauty. At 35, she is the youngest woman ever to attain the rank of Admiral in the Imperial Navy. She has proven herself countless times, in combat, rescue operations, negotiations with hostile aliens, diplomatic missions, exploration of new systems and discovery of untapped resources. Promoted to a position that is associated with a desk job and remote command, Admiral Montgomery demanded that she remain in the field where she can be most useful. Now she leads a taskforce of seventeen warships from her command cruiser, HIHS Invincible, on a mission to squash a growing rebellion in an outlying sector. But elements within the Empire want to wrest control from the biods and return engineered humans to their previous status as second-class citizens without rights. Little does the Admiral know that her mission is a setup. Taking out the hero of the Empire has become a priority for the dissidents, and Admiral Montgomery has just been sent into a confrontation that she cannot win, a battle against superior forces armed with the codes to disable the weapons and defenses of her entire fleet. Even if she manages to escape, the location of her rally point has been leaked to pirates and slavers.

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