[Male] A rather gay search
Looking for a MxM roleplay
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☆。 *。 ☆。 ★。 。★ 
Let's keep things simple, shall we?

The name's Killian. I'm looking for a roleplay

that meets my needs. I've been roleplaying 

for some years now, i can't exactly say i'm the

'best' roleplayer. But i do consider myself a 

decent writer. I'm interested in more 

NSFW/Lewd roleplays, that's why i joined this

website! Of course i do love a good story as well, 

so if we could combine that with smut it should

all be good.

☆。 *。 ☆。 ★。 。★ 

About me?

Well, i write a minimum of 2 paragraphs. It depends 
on the situation. I can't exactly put a maximum of 

how many paragraphs i write since this really 

depends on my mood and the story line. I write in 

third parson, in the past tense. I'm used to writing 

in that tense so i'm not really into roleplaying in the 

present tense. I don't mind grammar mistakes, as

long as i'm able to read what you're writing it should 

be good. I'm only interested in roleplaying as a 

submissive character. I don't enjoy roleplaying as

a dominant or switch. This is simply my personal 

preference. I love getting to know my roleplay

partners so i'd love to talk OOC! My friends tell me 

i'm a good listener so hunny if you have any 

problems i'm here.

Here's also my f-list!

☆。 *。 ☆。 ★。 。★ 

My current interests
- Any kind of incest
- Abusive things?
- Some kind of fantasy plot

(Keep in mind, this will chance overtime)

☆。 *。 ☆。 ★。 。★ 


MC = My character YC= Your character


☆。 *。 ☆。 ★。 。★

The roles that are underlined are the ones 
i want to play


- Harry Potter
- Overwatch (preferable McHanzo or Reaper76)

Fairy x human
( the fairy will be the size of an index 

finger, however it can grow )

Neko x human

- General/Servant x Prince
Prince x King ( could be incest)

- Robot x human
- Wounded alien x astronaut

slice of life
Client x bodyguard
- Rebellious student x Teacher
- Lawyer x Criminal
- Pornstar x Camera man
College boy x Divorced father

if you have a different pairing,

feel free to suggest it!

Thank you for reading this post, feel free to PM me! 
                                                                                                  ☆。 *。 ☆。
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