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Happy Times
Hi I am new at this so hopefully I don’t mess this up.

I am looking for equal amount of smut and storyline and I would like to get to know the person before we jump in or maybe get to know you through the story. I have a story in mind or if you would like something different I am up.

The story I have in mind is I am werewolf that his pack has been kicked off and he is looking for  his next mate so he can start his pack pack. 

I know very vague but I am up for suggestions for almost anything.

My kinks are bdsm, vanilla, anal, and cum play. I have other ones but I don’t want to mention them here. If you want to know them please feel free and message me.

My limits are scat, vomit, and toilet play.

Again if you any suggestions on how to improve this or anything else I am an open book

Another I post almost everyday

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