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About Me
Hi, I'm Muse! Thanks for taking the time to peruse my request thread, I hope that we can create something together! I have been roleplaying via tabletop and online for longer than some people on this site have even been alive. I live on the East Coast and am mostly around during the evening through to the early hours of the morning as well as sporadically through the day. I love making friends with my partners or anyone who happens to say hello so feel free to PM me if.

What to Expect From Me
I will always be respectful, polite, and friendly. My feeling is that even if we don't create a story we can and should still be polite, you never know when you will meet a new good friend. In this type of community, it is a must to be open to discussion so keeping things on a positive note is the best way to handle things. I am more than willing to work with other's kinks, even if I may not be as into them as my partner, I will bend some of my dislikes for the right stories. I am a detailed writer and world builder so you can expect a minimum of two paragraphs with no real maximum. My posting speed varies, though I rarely go two days in a row without sending a response. If I expect to be away, I will let my partners know.

What I Expect From You
I expect my partners to be friendly, respectful, and polite. I would like my partner to be able to carry their weight in the story, this is OUR creation so put yourself into it. Have a positive outlook on creating, share your ideas, speak up if there is something you aren't enjoying and would like to change, but don't be rude about it. I do not have a post limit that I require. I only ask that you give enough to keep the plot going and for me to respond. I know everyone out there isn't wanting to write a novel of a post so at least a paragraph will be good. The last two things I ask is that if you are going to be away, please tell me. If you don't want to continue our story let me know.

Character & Theme
I enjoy the darker and grittier type of stories and characters. I am a natural switch/masochist so my characters tend to be submissive, but they are far from doormats. I enjoy men and ladies that are not just physically dominant, but mentally as well. Seduce my character into submitting, take her as your own with force, but expect a challenge. I'm not all that great playing a dominant character, but if the story is calling to me, I will give it a go. My plot to smut ratio depends on the story as a whole. I like a a story with my smut so I guess it would be around 60/40 plot to smut.

I enjoy dark themes such as BDSM, loss of virginity through force or payment, rough treatment and sex, slavery, force, and more, but that is not the only thing I want in my stories. I'm not saying that a slaver falls in love with his slave, more he finds pride in her service, enjoys her company, utilizes all of her skills. There does not have to be an element of romance, but I'm not into having my characters beat and tortured all the time.
I also love vanilla stories, lighter, more fun interactions, romance, quirky characters, nonsexual stories, and even D&D adventures.
I am willing to play in pretty much any setting, my favorites include an element of fantasy, even the most minimal thing to give a little twist. I'm big into world building and development and have a lot of experience as a DM/GM, and group stories set in kingdoms and cities I and my partners created. I have no issue playing without the element of fantasy if that is your cup of tea.
I enjoy doing twisted fairy tales. I adore turning fairy tails into smutty, dark, or just outlandish stories. Anything from Disney to Grimm, Mother Goose to Aesop, Hans Christian Anderson to culture stories, I love it all.
I am more than happy to create characters for stories. My set characters are just there to bring about ideas, though I do love to play them when I can. I am good to play any kind of creature for the most part, but I will only play as a female. All of my characters have a way of communication. Your character might have to learn it or teach mine to speak theirs.
With my incest stories, I lean more towards a loving relationship. I don't enjoy the idea of non-con in that setting, nor do I want to play a spoiled brat that is always in trouble. I do love dark stories, but this is something that calls to my softer side.
I'm not all that into stories that focus on cheating. It can be part of the plot, but not the main focus. I am the same way with poly family life, it just isn't for me.

(Continued in second post to keep things better organized.)

Pairings & Roles

I tend to play more MxF than I do anything else, but that is not to say that I will not play with females, trans, futa, or any other gender or nongender out there. I am open to all ideas with all people! While I do tend to like some form of Dom/sub relationship in my stories it is not a necessity, nor is romance, happily ever after, or good intentions. **The only pairings that I have specific requirements for are my incest pairings. I do not play bad girls that need punishment, nor do I like stories with pervy daddies or brothers. I like the dynamic for its mental and emotional impact. Love is the major factor in those kinds of stories.

My roles will be on the right.

Daddy Dom/Little Girl (No Non-Con)
Intelligent Beast/Woman of any Race
Demon/Woman of any Race
Angel/Woman of any Race
Monster/Woman of any Race
Tattoo Artist/Client
Step-Father/Step-Daughter (No Non-Con, Harsh Behavior)
Brother/Sister (No Non-Con, Harsh Behavior)
Step-Brother/Step-Sister (No Non-Con, Harsh Behavior)
Detective/Mafia Princess

Writing Sample
It had been another one of those days, and it was only 9 am. Colleen was sporting a hangover, but that was nothing new, the black eye, that was fresh, a gift from the man that was leaving the cafe with his tail between his legs. The patrons would have heard the words she had for him when he had entered, she had shamed him to the extreme and was still fuming when she noticed her favorite customer come in and take a seat at his usual table. A slight frown touched her full lips as she brought her right hand up to her eye and winced a bit. She didn't want him to see her in such a state, he always seemed so concerned after she had taken a beating in the pit, but he also took note of her style, and she had great respect for him for not trying to stop her as most men would.

Pulling her long, dark, hair into a tail she smoothed her hands over the off the shoulder black shirt that clung to her ample chest and left her muscled arms exposed and pair of old jeans that were more holy than the pope, her work uniform, and let her smile naturally form as she fixed him his usual herbal tea. Setting the small, black, kettle onto a tray, she added a cup before she handpicked the best leaves and herbs and mixed them into a tea strainer. Taking up a small vase she placed a single rose into it and brought everything to his table. "Good morning, you are here rather early today, you usually come around eleven." A sweet smile was offered, but it hid so much that rumbled inside of her, things that begged to be out in the open, yet she clung to for dear life.

Setting his kettle, cup and the vase down onto his table she tried to calm herself enough to where things weren't bubbling to the surface. "The paper hasn't arrived yet, it should be here any second, but I stopped on my way here and picked one up. Must have known you would be coming in early today." She winked at him, her smile brightening a little more as she set the newspaper down to the side of his kettle. I've already started your breakfast as well. I'm just on the ball it seems." She was on something, but it wasn't the ball, and whatever it was made her jittery and a bit hyper. "I'll have it out for you in just a moment." When she turned to walk away, he would catch the light scent of lilacs wafting from her.

It honestly didn't take that long to prepare the light breakfast he typically ate as it mostly comprised of fresh local fruits, a bit of toast, and some yogurt. Returning to his table, she set his food down and then looked behind her to see if anyone was watching. "This is for later.." Taking something wrapped in a napkin from her apron pocket she passed him a rather large piece of her amazing spice cake that everyone came in for. "Don't go telling people I give it to you free though. You're special." She offered him that sweet smile that she reserved for those she felt a connection to.

(Plots in third post to keep it organized)


The Feral One
  • MC is a wild or feral girl captured, lured in, or YC builds a sort of trust with her. He ends up taking her from the wild to turn her into the perfect slave, the perfect test subject, or any other number of things that we come up with together. This story will have a great deal of training involved, and MC will not be the type that is going to behave on command very easily since she has had no human contact before YC. There is no real period set so this can take place in any number of genera, with or without magic, the sky is the limit.
    Ideas: YC is a soldier or a scientist from a team that is returning to Earth after 100 years in space.
    YC is a soldier or scientist exploring a new planet or crashes land onto an unknown planet and MC saves YC.
    YC rescues MC from a side show/freak show/circus
    YC finds MC in a lab
    Possible Kinks: Training, Master or Mistress/pet or slave, clothing play, bad ending, virginity, corruption, transformations, magic use, caging, nonhuman

The Thief and the Wizard
  • MC is a thief that has heard of a nearby wizard's tower filled with artifacts and treasure, so of course she is going to have to check it out. YC is the wizard and can do any number of things to stop MC. I've had multiple ideas for this. He could turn the tower into a maze with creatures to subdue her in any number of ways. He could torture her, transform her magically, turn her into his slave or pet, anything but death and dismemberment as that would end things rather quickly.
    I am willing to turn the tables and let my partner be the thief!

Dominate the Dominant
  • In this story I am looking to play one of my more dominant characters. I want to use one of my older characters, Deirdre. (You can find her on my character thread listed in my signature) Deirdre is a very dominant, sensual, ancient, sadistic faery known as the Leanan Sidhe, or the fairy muse. A deal with the devil is nothing compared to a deal with D, she doesn't wait until you are dead before taking your soul, she'll take it, but not before she sucks you dry of emotion. What I am lookin for is someone that can dominate her, someone that doesn't belittle her, but seduces her mentally to submit. This man has to be very swave and intelligent, able to not only keep up with Deirdre, but to stay a few steps ahead of her.
Turning the Tables: Primal Urges
  • This story can be worked into any time period with work, but for right now I am going to use a Victorian type of setting.

    Tabitha Clarkson had grown up in high society, her parents rather well to do, she had the best education there was to offer. Manners classes led to a finishing school, before formal education in a women's college where she majored in science with a focus on human biology, and minored in geography and linguistics. Her father was a known explorer and she grew the same passion as it took her all over the world where she could study the different cultures and languages of the lands they visited. Through her studies, Tabitha was shown a darker side of life, the more perverse and sinful world of dominance and submission. A proper lady through and through, she had a strong personality and took to domination easily, the whip and crop even better. Having never submit to anyone, and after going from place to place playing with man after man, Tabitha wanted a toy of her very own.

    Okay, so here is the catch to the story. Tabitha is actually submissive, she just needs to be put into place. What I am seeing with this is that either her father goes on an adventure and returns with a wild man, like Tarzan, and Tabitha begins to teach him to live in polite society, or she finds him on a trip and brings him home with her. Once he has learned enough, he turns the tables and makes her into his little sex toy, and they exchange lives.

    This story can be altered in all sorts of different ways so PM me if you are interested.

Falling from Grace
  • Ava was created from a tear shed by the god of light for the way humanity had forsaken him. Falling upon the earth, she was an angel of sorrow, there to comfort the downtrodden, the forgotten, and grief-stricken who still believed. For centuries she traveled as a child, lived as a child, and remained as innocent as a child. Those who took her in and showed her kindness were greatly rewarded, and those who showed her cruelty were punished, but she never thought twice about it.

    As the child became a young woman she began to take more notice of the world around her and how far from the light of her creator they had become. She also took notice that there was still love; faith, charity, and goodness were still a part of the world through other means. Curiosity took control of the young angel and she became obsessed with the passions and desires of mankind, how pure they seemed to be, and anything pure was a good thing. Soon Ava began longing for the life of a human, to be free to wander the earth, find adventure, passion, love.
    Through fate, or the fact that she was being watched, Ava met a “sympathetic” dark fae that offered her an escape. She could live as a human, eat, sleep, love, and lust as a human, though she had to remain pure and untouched. Ava would be given certain powers, but they would be used as she repaid the fae as her servant. It would be a period of twenty years of service, and in those years Ava would learn every side of humanity so that she could decide if she wished to truly live among them. In her service to the fae she learned to relish in the darker side of the life of a slave. While she was never touched and never touched another, she had other ways to please and be pleasing.

    The twenty years is now up and Ava has a choice to make. Will loving the darker life lead her to temptations she cannot resist? Will she find some dark romance? Will she find herself in the servitude of another?

    I am looking for dark themes in this, meaning that I want her to fall from grace, though I want it to be her choice. I am taking all ideas with this one, romantic, twisted, creature related, my mind is open.


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