[Male] Seeking other male.
Role-play discussion.
The name is Joel Cote but Joel will do.

Not sure how long I've been role-playing but I know my way around rping.
My grammar and spelling not be up to par but it's doable if you ask me!
I'm still working on my character's info sheet just got his looks and name down that's all.

As you can see I'm looking for another male to role-play with!
I'm rather open when it comes to ideas if I don't like it I'll let you know.
Vis versa if you don't like let me know.

What I do like is.
Drama. (Within the rp of course.)
Slice of life.
Mystery and Suspense.  

I have a huge liking for aliens!

I can write about para to multi para since I find one-liners a tad boring for me.
Please don't ask for anything higher!
I do have learning disabilities so it's hard to be perfect with my grammar yet I try.
If anyone willing to start a role-play let me know so we can discuss something!

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