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BB coding? Hidden BB coding? 

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Well, I am fairly knowledge on a good amount of the BB codes, but not sure what are all the ones this site may allow as I believe admins can control what users can typically use. Example spoiler one, that I didn't see in the default 'use me' coding(unless I am blind) supplied when writing this message(but preview wise it shows.) Sure some may know what I am relating to.

Any who, with random testing and prodding aside.

Presently just dropping in to gloss over things(well besides notable rules which I read prior and not skimmed.) Also I wish there was a 'varies' selection for the writing length as I was unsure whether to select novella or multi as I do tend to do both depending on partner. Actually, mirror poster would be a nice option too; but, you know, 1k+ word posts do get to me and those I like to avoid as I feel writing should be more hobby these days and not feel like a job in itself. Plus those types of large posts are bit muse draining.

Regardless, I had been writing and RPing for roughly two decades on and off. I shared my times of hiatuses as I am sure others may have depending how long or experienced they may be.  Other than that I am mostly chilled and relaxed individual. 

Yea, guess that is bout it, for now. Intros not my cup of tea without some default questioner that some sites tend to use when doing them.
Welcome on RLD Tazreale,

I hope you´ll find some partners to write on the site. Sadly I can´t help you with the stuff you´ve tested above, as I can use the BBC Codes but I´m not an informacal geek who knows what is programmed here. But I´ve seen nonetheless that you´ve found our request section and that you´ve made an appereance there. So I wish yxou much luck with your search. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Thank you, thank you.

Hmmmmm.... I see. Guess I'll just play around with some commands to see. Only a very few codes I am generally interested in that aren't listed in the default cheatsheet thing of writing posts. (Ah, float commands don't work nor do acronym commands or general img insertion command.) 

Actually the img can be inserted by the cheat coding but I can't code it in as the coding keeps breaking with the [*img ratio=] url[*/img] as with non ratio part as well. Every time I do it it gives me a bunch of random other coding thrown into the command; thus breaking it.

Beyond that I already have a few musings so thanks.

The editor should provide a list of icons at the top of the textbox. I don't recommend using other code other than those icons, since the editor is designed to interpret the buttons as code and print out the output automatically in formatted form. If you're having trouble with the editor, I recommend viewing the site in Google Chrome.

What you seem to be discussing aren't BBCode but rather HTML. BBCode does not have a "float" option, as it is specifically designed for posting into a thread form. If you would like to insert an image, I would recommend using the icon at the top that looks like a Polaroid image.

If you have further issues, you are welcome to reach out to me here or on Discord.
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Well, BB code is fully coordinated with the brackets in their commands where html is.. Not sure what they are called exactly. The '< >' symbols. BB code has a wide variety that also consists of float commands, glow commands, img insertion commands, link insertions with name alternations, spoilers, all sorts of font extensions and so on.   I have been on sites where the [floatleft] and [floatright] were things with the aftermath of the /floatleft or right to them within thread RPs.

It may also be the general host(webpage provider) as I do not know the full extent of what certain sites/communities allow as far as freedom of commands that may follow with them as the make-out of things on here is much different to what I am accustomed to.

Example being the integrated coding one can use through the basic reply option. Though I still unsure what hidden codes(such as the spoiler) options there are that do not follow the default posting options.

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